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FAC972-Rick and Rollo

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With Jonnyslist, Ab, Beevie, Anounceofsaltperday, Critical Syncer

Usually upbeat Frank is feeling discouraged – can Rollo lift him up? Continue reading

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FAC965-Mega Rick no Rollo

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Huge show – Rollo was ill (not covaids).

Featuring Ab, Benoit, Beautifuldudemissile, Unreal, Linda Curtis, Alto, Videre,, Beevie, Lostspiderphallus, Ded Kelly, Critical Syncer, Anounceofsaltperday, Farcevalue, Watermanchris, Dr. Fustercluck,…

smj — Today at 9:45 AM
Beevie needs to go get the quaxx and report back.

beevie — Today at 10:01 AM
big time

John le Bon — Today at 10:03 AM
It has kinda gone all over the shop over the past six hours but I think this will go down as an epic rick and rollo

smj — Today at 10:08 AM
The official number is 1 out of 100 if the pill is taken as directed.

beevie — Today at 10:11 AM
ah yes smj that means the pill is good
[10:11 AM]
vaxx bad pill good

smj — Today at 10:11 AM
The pill is not good.

beevie — Today at 10:11 AM
totally illogical
[10:11 AM]

smj — Today at 10:12 AM
Do you reckon the parents that claim that their children’s development changed right after a jab are liars?

beevie — Today at 10:13 AM
no dif subject

smj — Today at 10:14 AM
Same subject. It’s the jab and autism subject.
[10:15 AM]

beevie — Today at 10:16 AM
no dif subject learn to discern

smj — Today at 10:17 AM
Ok. I shall. You need to learn to drink and still make sense though.

Why oh why…

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FAC963-Rick and Rollo.mp3

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Ab, Anounceofsalt

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FAC960-Rick and Rollo

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With Ab, Jonnyslist, Farcevalue, Anounceofsalt, Watermanchris

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FAC957-Rick and Rollo

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with Anounceofsalt, Velocet, Farcevalue, Waterman Chris,

Fakeologist — Today at 4:09 AM
Hey Canada: Covid hell is coming very soon and it looks like this
I’d say by next summer this will be Canada. Letter from Lithuania. I want to share the situation which my family and I are now facing because of Covid Pass restrictions. We live in the small …

purplePlay — Today at 4:21 AM
Happy Birthday Rick!:birthday: @esoterick
Aka klaus:rofl:
purplePlay — Today at 4:33 AM
A heretic
jan erik — Today at 5:58 AM

Portuguese Judge puts the police in their place
Mirror. Source
Portuguese Judge Puts The Police In Their Place…

Quote: “(None)”

Newsbreak 133 | Breaking: Dr. Young reveals Graphene, Aluminium, LNP capsids, parasite…

anounceofsaltperday — Today at 6:57 AM

Tony Heller
FDA Vaccine Hearing

Fakeologist — Today at 7:36 AM…

anounceofsaltperday — Today at 8:40 AM


Deena Hinshaw

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FAC956-Rick and Rollo and Velocet

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Big call, including Ab, Sarahhhha, Jon le Bon, Jonnycomelately, Farcevalue, Critical Syncer, Lost Spider Phallus, Typoerror, Linda Curtis, Ophallus, Misom, Ded Kelly

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FAC952-Rick and Rollo

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Big show with Ab, Anounceofsalt, Benoit, Rachel, Ded Kelly returns, Linda Curtis, Velocet, Alto, Misom

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FAC947-Rick and Rollo

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A long one, with Ab, Anounceofsalt, Watermanchris, Wheyfarer, Farcevalue, Benoit, Critical Syncer, Brokenlockes, Jan Erik

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FAC943-Rick and Rollo

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With Ab, Johnnyslist, Anounceofsalt, Alto, Critical Syncer, Josh, Benoit

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FAC939-Rick and Rollo

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With Johnnyslist, Ab, Jan Erik, Lostspiderphallus, Anounceofsaltperday, Critical Syncer, Rezmuttjeff

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