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Rollo and Velocet call John Laws

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Brilliant, respectful calls to the old codger.

Good work mates.

Start at 29:00. Clips coming up.

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FAC492-Radio Rollo

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With New voices Noizlevel, Truth 34

Will you be our next new voice? Log in and try the audio chat today!

Also Rachel, Silverbeam, Anounceofsalt

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FAC485- Radio Rollo drunkcast

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A monster chat, with the return of Typo. How long will Rollo remain coherent? Will you listen to the whole thing?

Velocet drops in and produces.

Typo, Rollo, Yossarian, Corey from Memphis, Tom Dalpra, Kham, Rachel, DaveJ, Napoleon, Silverbeam

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FAC445-Kelito Brigante

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Radio Rollo presents Kelly from Scotland, with a drop in from Ab.

Talking 9/11.

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RR31-Rollo, Typo

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So many discorders, we need some more audio contributors!

The audio even sounds a bit better on this new platform.


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RR30-Hoi, John Lebon, Ab

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Rollo’s back!

What? Where’s Rollo been, EGI, 9/11, we pay some clips, we reconnect. Rollo promises to let us know when he leaves for an extended period of time next time.

When? Thursday, April 13, 2017

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