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Reading the meta script

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  • George Floyd psyop court date 9/11
  • Russian vax named after Sputnik
  • Vax and Hiroshima 75 years ago
  • BLM 1312 stands for all cops are bad

8 – 13 – 2020 METASCRIPT ANALYSIS With JORDAN MAXWELL, Infinite Plane Radio

2020-08-13 by Tim Ozman

Web player:…

8 – 13 – 2020 METASCRIPT ANALYSIS With JORDAN MAXWELL, Infinite Plane Radio

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The real enemy then is humanity itself

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The Club of Rome is another think tank that is clearly responsible, in part, for this Coronavirushoax revolution.

Feel free to read their penultimate piece called The First Global Revolution.

Is there any doubt we’re in it now? Could the end game be clearer to you now?

pdf of The First Global Revolution

NWO website

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Dept of Health under President Cuomo

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Riffing today on FAC667, I thought of an endgame for this massive psyOp.

I think the Coronavirushoax is aimed squarely at the USA. After all, they likely wrote it.

Including the whole world was just a lead up to the big show, the USA Coronathon. It will unseat Trump and will rebuild American health care into the biggest corporation in the history of the world. It will take years.

I’ve modeled this idea on 9/11, the former biggest psyOp of our time.

After 9/11, one of the biggest aftermaths was the creation of the Dept of Homeland Security. It did not exist pre-9/11, and was birthed in 2002.

According to wiki, it now consumes almost 50 billion/year for its 240,000 employees.

This was made to win the war on terror – and by common perception, it worked. Using this template, it’s now repeating.

In this post, I described how the USA is a patchwork hodgepodge of health care, with almost every jurisdiction having a different way to provide and fund healthcare. This is due to the US’ decentralized approach to its republic. Here’s an excellent primer on the history of US health care, from This American Life, and how it to where it is now. This hodepodge makes rules and regulations difficult, from funding to enforcement.

Healthcare is a big burden for business. Most pay it as a benefit, and it consumes large percentages of the top line. In a world economy,  most countries pay for health care via taxes, and this makes US corporations uncompetitive. In 2007, at 3:00 and 7:50, Lee Iaccocca explains how health care is an albatross on American companies, making it impossible to compete.

In 2020, the controlled demolition of the American economy will leave a large percentage of Americans without health care since the companies will be bankrupted. With the corona myth, the business of businesses will be rebuilt including every wish list any CEO ever wanted. If the lower half of the businesses are burnt to the ground, then they can be rebuilt any way the Governors want. Removing health care from their balance sheets will go a long way to do so.

This is where universal health care comes in. Pre-Corona, it was impossible to rearrange the business of health care with everyone’s agreement. If they blow everything up, they can rebuild it using the unlimited money they’ve legislated against the unlimited enemy.

Clearly, it doesn’t matter how much money or how long it will take. Since this is now Bill Gate’s War on Germs, like all US wars, it can be endless. Americans are used to it after 200 years.

Coronavirushoax also looks like it will be a checkmate against Trump. No one now can beat him, but Corona can. No matter which war the War on Germs goes, Trump can be framed out of the picture. Whoever emerges as the best General in the war will likely lead, and Gov. Cuomo from NY looks like he’s emerging now. He doesn’t have the charisma of his father, but Americans will be ok with a stern administrator to dispense with the beatings.

Expect the Corona numbers in the USA to be larger than any other country. Expect this endless war to go in waves, with ups and downs as new phony viruses are created to extract more concessions. As long as the world doesn’t look into the germ theory and the virus myth, the quarantines and all the rituals will continue, with each bizarre request outdoing the other.

Once Americans are down and begging to be picked up off the canvas, they’ll submit to any new monstrous federal Dept of Health, with President Cuomo leading the charge.

Misom tells me that the WHO gets its funding from the Gates foundation, making it effectively private. I doubt anyone knows this. Watch this video. The man whose company controls most computers is literally steering the world into a dystopian, centralized brick wall, while everyone is hiding under their beds. How long can this go on before people wake up?


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Activating the zombies early

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Chris and Markus think agenda 2030 came early because the world is waking up to the Nutwork’s lies.

The control grid had to come early to clamp down on dissent before too many became too smart. Activating the drones/zombies early to use their powers of social coercion and social proof (otherwise known as bullying) will help isolate and quarantine the deniers. Sorry to use a virus analogy but it was most a propos.

The only wildcard is armed America. Did they kick over an ant hill or are the ants too doped put to bite back?

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Covid targets celebs actors and politicians

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Since celebutards and politicians are getting COVID at an exponential rate compared to the regular riff raff, I ask the question, How can this be a bad thing?

Whatever they have, even if it is fictitious, to take out these deceivers — let’s make more of it!

After I write this, I see one of the top Youtubers and shameless shills (who makes top videos) is busy shilling for the governors.

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Thoughtful piece on conspiracy theorists

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I have long been intrigued by the power of the term “conspiracy theory,” but not because it contains any useful information. It does not. It is a blunt weapon used to beat people into quiet submission even as they hold views of the world around them at variance with their peers and colleagues. It is a powerful thought control device. Its true content is this:…

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Taking our eye off the ball

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Are psyops and endless inflammation of differences being used to distract from the employment elephant in the room? 

Here are an interesting two posts on the worst forum ever to read. 

Fill your trolley full of shopping, then walk out the shop. The machinery as you walk out will scan your ID and credit card and you’ll pay automatically. No remembering PIN numbers or queueing at the checkout. We already have self-checkout where we do that job ourselves.
No pickers and packers in warehouse distribution online shops. All automated. Just have a techy on hand to sort out any problems.
No break times. No getting to work late due to traffic congestion or too much beer the night before. No toilet breaks. No wages. No holidays. No illness albeit the occasional breakdown or service. No wage rises. No union walk outs. No workplace bullying or sexual harassment. No workplace injury or death compensation pay-outs.
Much higher production rates. No human error.

AI isn’t going to be needed….just automation, with very little pre-programmed control.
What will we all do then? Will we all live on welfare payments and just sit in the sun all day twiddling our thumbs.

Comment on Current Events Discussion Thread by Russell Taylor…


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NASA thought gatekeepers

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NASA’s biggest role is to gatekeep the wrong belief about the earth, space, and the stars, and to imprint this wrong theory in every child ever born.

I don’t know if Simon’s Tychos model is correct, but at least he has an alternative to the visual evidence we can all observe.

An interesting post on Hubble and Rhodes. I like the part about “recovering the United States.” Was it ever really lost?

“In the 21st century it is high time that independent thinkers break all ties to academia and begin forming our own parallel system of scientific development and achievement.”

The TYCHOS model • Re: Testing TYCHOS: PVP Parallax Experiments….

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Why the smart are more deceived

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I’m going to have a stab at this one.

Smart people are enmeshed more than the average man with wild expectations foisted upon them from the cradle. To what financial or social benefit would be calling out lies and deceit serve? Adults already know in their deep subconscious that they are ruled by forces they cannot name or even point to. What parent would encourage their child to pursue truth over financial security, independence and acceptance?

THE LIVING ROOM • Re: Why are smart people fooled….

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