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CGI Norm Macdonald

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Some bad fakery here.

Did anyone here think Norm was funny?

More Operation Chaos to me, selling bad or mediocre art as good, causing severe cognitive dissonance.

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Bill Cosby psyOp over?

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Doubtful this actor ever went to jail – since the whole show trial was likely just part of Operation Chaos, and no more real than the OJ trial.…

The PA Supreme Court, wouldn’t overturn obvious election fraud, but they didn’t hesitate to overturn a rapist’s conviction and set Bill Cosby free:

Miles Mathis says the whole trial was fake.

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Klaus Schwab presents Superman

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The only remarkable thing about this commercial is that people actually believed that Christopher Reeve fell off a horse and became a quad.


Famous Christopher Reeve Superbowl Commercial – Jan., 2000!!

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Vox Popoli: Bill Gates didn’t kill himself

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There is very little that seems real with Gates and Micro$oft.

From the origin story to the deals along the way, it’s another myth with a rich family’s elite son to try and sell the American anyone-can-be-president or get rich hoax.

I also think Bill and Melinda personas have been switched and are now played by different actors – at least once.

I’ll post some pictures later. Maybe POM can help with this.…

More nonsense about Gates used to misdirect from the fact that he’s another actor like Zucks and Bezos and is the front man for the elite’s computer monopoly.

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The only qualified opinion to comment on the George Floyd psyop trial

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I prefer live actors in my psyops to Sims, don’t you?

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The Newest Member of the Black Eye Club

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This is new to me – more candy or are these people sporting the makeup to show they’ve “taken the ticket?”

Source: The Newest Member of the Black Eye Club

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Time to get away from Covaids to look at the CIA entertainment family of Mr. Mariah Carey – as told by BAM!


The fake, made up parents:

Pat” and “Alfred“.

Our whole world of influencers and stars are contrived androgynes, with phony backgrounds and backstories.

If you’re at this site because you think somethings wrong with the world because of covaids, you have so much research.

Only a castrato could hit the notes Mariah “Mike” could.

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