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Ticket punched

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Operation Chaos’ Untalented Celebrity Program (UCP).

This is how the entertainment world actually works, for the most part. Those who are truly talented, but are unwilling to sell their souls are overlooked, bypassed, blocked, and stripmined while the lesser talents who will pay any price for a few decades of fame are relentlessly pushed on the unsuspecting public by Satan’s little servants.

How Zimmerman Sold His Soul…

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Time to get away from Covaids to look at the CIA entertainment family of Mr. Mariah Carey – as told by BAM!


The fake, made up parents:

Pat” and “Alfred“.

Our whole world of influencers and stars are contrived androgynes, with phony backgrounds and backstories.

If you’re at this site because you think somethings wrong with the world because of covaids, you have so much research.

Only a castrato could hit the notes Mariah “Mike” could.

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The real enemy then is humanity itself

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The Club of Rome is another think tank that is clearly responsible, in part, for this Coronavirushoax revolution.

Feel free to read their penultimate piece called The First Global Revolution.

Is there any doubt we’re in it now? Could the end game be clearer to you now?

pdf of The First Global Revolution

NWO website

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Markus Allen on Chris Kendall’s death

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One eye symbolism with raised eyebrow?

Markus and Chris were a legendary duo – and now Markus comments on the Chris Kendall death with some shocking info.

Last night, I read the news that Chris Kendall was murdered. Yep… murdered (more on this below). I knew something was wrong, because the last time Chris did his show, I was on it. And once again, it did not end well. (This was a recurring theme with Chris.) And since that show, he (once again) disappeared. Now: What I am about to say might surprise you… even anger you. Some are going to get triggered who are saddened by Chris’ sudden death. But it is my truth. And I never hold back.

Source: Chris Kendall Hoaxbusterscall

Incidentally, I tried to donate to Chris’ gofundme – but both of my credit cards didn’t go through. Anyone else try?

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You want this guy leading the NWO eco religion?

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The Pope is fully on board to lead whatever eco religion the world’s being pushed to, with Gaia as the new God and Covid as the new devil.

The coordination is staggering.

Pope Francis says coronavirus could be ‘nature’s response’ to climate change…

That’s essentially the theme of these two banners.

The Pope also calls for a universal/guaranteed basic income.

“This may be the time,” he said, “to consider a universal basic wage.” This points unmistakably to what is usually known as universal basic income—a regular, substantial cash payment to people just for being alive.

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Covid targets celebs actors and politicians

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Since celebutards and politicians are getting COVID at an exponential rate compared to the regular riff raff, I ask the question, How can this be a bad thing?

Whatever they have, even if it is fictitious, to take out these deceivers — let’s make more of it!

After I write this, I see one of the top Youtubers and shameless shills (who makes top videos) is busy shilling for the governors.

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These quitters didn’t want to go down with the torpedoed economy

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CEOs can be canaries in a coal mine. My bet is the resignations over the last year are people who did not want to participate or have their good names trashed in the engineered economic reset known as Corona hoax 2020.

No I don’t think Qanon is anything more than cointel pro.

Since Dec. 26th, 2017 Resignations, Retirements, Firings and Deathcases are tracked!

Total numbers are not that important – but individual cases are! Not everyone on the list is a bad person! RESEARCH!

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Add Corona to your resume

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Does anyone here really think that a perfectly healthy celebutard could go to a hospital and get a fictitious test when they exhibit absolutely no symptoms? The idea is prima fascia absurd.

The only place they could get this done is in a fictitious hospital to get a fictitious test to say they have a fictitious positive.

Celebrities are paid actors to do the elite’s bidding. This is part of their role- reality programming. In exchange they are allowed to be reused and recycled for all the movies you worship them for. It is very transparent if you allow yourself to sit back away from your celebrity idol and see that the emperor has no clothes.

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Similar – but not Bill Hicks IS NOT Alex Jones

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Alex Jones is not Bill Hicks. Similar look, maybe same producer/Kevin, but the two men are not the same person.

I agree with Miles Mathis on this one, and not sure why almost every truther promotes that the two are the same person.

Through the Somersets, we can link the McKennas to the Hamilton and Hicks-Beach families. Think David Icke and “comedian” Bill Hicks. You didn’t think Hicks got famous for being funny, did you? No, because he wasn’t. He was just obnoxious. He was tapped to control the opposition, like McKenna and now Carrey. Remember, for some reason never explained, Bill Hicks first got famous in England. Britain’s Channel 4 currently ranks him #4 of the 100 greatest stand-up comics. Hmmm. I guess now you know why. Hicks was sold as the new Lenny Bruce, which is apropos since I have previously outed Bruce in the same way. The Hicks-Beach family goes back to the Baronets Hicks of Beverston Castle. The 1st Baronet married a Paget, daughter of Lettice Knollys. We have seen that last name many times in my papers, always linking us to the Riches.
That’s Bill Hicks on Letterman in 1993. If you watch that, not only will it help you see who Hicks really was—apasty upper-class asshole with no timing—but also you will never think he is Alex Jones again. As I have said before, they may be related through the Jones-Hicks families of the peerage, but they aren’t the same person. Not even close.
Oh, and of course Hicks faked his death. He had to because his project wasn’t going anywhere. He is actually more promotable now he is dead, since he is easier to edit. Alive, it was too obvious he wasn’t funny and wasn’t who he was sold as.


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The Bill Cosby Accusations – Piece of Mindful

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The entire Bill Cosby affair is likely a high profile psyOp. Well documented by Mark here. I coined these psyOps Villain Celebrity Program or VCP.

Rape is a serious crime. Drugging someone without their knowledge is considered assault. Drugging someone to have sex is considered both aggravated assault and rape, and should result in a serious prison sentence, as much as thirty years plus ten, or forty per offense.

Source: The Bill Cosby Accusations – Piece of Mindful

Why did he agree to do it? Why do all these high profile actors do it? It’s part of the package, part of the deal to be (and remain) rich, or at least well compensated. Mark even speculates Cosby is old and ill, and may not know what is happening. This seems unlikely to me, especially if his immediately family might not consent for him.

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