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What is controlled opposition?

like this

Not saying Sam is CO, but this is a great comment.

Controlled opposition (and I’m not saying Bailey is) traditionally takes years to identify, with the objective of emerging as a lifeline in censored/restricted world to those ardently seeking guidance/answers. Once a following/loyalty is built, then you find the misdirection, or lunacy creeping in. At such a time many will realise and jump ship to the new “truth speaker”, having now wasted several years of their finite time. I estimate only 4 or 5 controlled opps are needed per generation. I have seen it half a dozen times in my life from people I wasted years with, adamant they were the forces of good.
Here’s what you DON’T know – you are versus a system that is very old, very established, and has at its disposal generations of the finest minds who’ve honed the skill of human manipulation to scientific perfection. There are dozens of think-tanks working continually to this end. The correct starting point is understanding that you don’t know anything.

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This is why they used tons of explosives on 9/11

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Good video illustrating how impossible it would be to knock over a building with a plane.

This wrecking ball looks like it will take weeks.

It also shows why you need the top company, CDI, to do such a large job. They make it look easy, which it is not.

Live view

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Want it done right? Call CDI

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I am sure CDI, with its picture perfect demolitions, did the WTC – although we didn’t get to see the actual video (we saw a Hellywood version).

It appears they didn’t do this Dallas demolition, which I am sure they’d call a failure.

Failed building demolition creates the ‘leaning tower of Dallas’ 300 pounds of dynamite couldn’t topple the concrete and steel core of the former Affiliated Computer Services tower.

Source: Failed building demolition creates the ‘leaning tower of Dallas’

Here’s a compilation of fails that I’m sure CDI had nothing to do with either.

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Looking forward to the video

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When they blow this cluster up. Wonder if they can work a #hrdpar into the narrative?

UN officials on Wednesday called on Israel to halt plans for mass demolitions in Sur Baher neighborhood, east Jerusalem.…

I’m sure CDI will get this contract, like they did on 9/11.

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Hey Judy, where did this tower go?

likes this

Just good ol’ dynamite.

I like the collapse, reformation, and collapse again sequence.

Quite a sad story about the rise and fall of the Bethlehem Steel Co.

Interesting parallels to the WTC twin towers rising and felling.

This tower was supposed to have a twin. Building started in 1969. The company went under in 2001.

They spent time removing the asbestos and stripping it down to the steel and concrete floors when all hope of redevelopment was lost.

Is there any doubt that CDI imploded the WTC? Not for me.

In the last couple years, the owners have removed asbestos from Martin Tower and demolished more than 400,000 square feet of ancillary buildings on the campus. The decision to demolish Martin Tower was announced earlier this year after the interior of the building was gutted to the steel beams and concrete floors.


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