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Cowan and Kaufman and Dr Sam?

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THE NEW DECEPTION – A LESSON IN Betrayal (click to open pdf)

Is it time to stop listening to these two terrain theory warriors?

The most successful of these tricksters are the ones that show us a lot of truth
and the ones that align with our personality types. What might be obvious to you,
may not be so obvious to me. Knowing this, the power structure has placed all
different types of swindlers on the mountain. The best deceivers are the ones
that gain our trust by aligning with our personal biases and current understanding of “how things are.”


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Is Mr. O’Looney the funeral director a crisis actor?

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ADV checks it out.

YumNaturals Emporium Amandha Vollmer, [22.09.21 13:57]
Why I Think the Funeral Director Video May Be Targeting the Truth Community and is Not Honest.

We must be aware, as a community, that we are targeted and steered. Controlled opposition is a real problem as we know the enemy plays both sides. However, we are keen and intelligent so they must find ways to out maneuver us.

Over the years I have gotten more refined and aware of how sensationalism is used to pull us into stories and how they work to steer our emotions and beliefs about what is really going on. They mine our desires to use us as their loosh, their fuel, to divide us, confuse us and make us look insane or wrong. This is simply my and my partners’ analysis of this video and the signs that we see that raised red flags inside of our gut that something was not quite right. Take it or leave it, as you wish. We could be incorrect in this case but we have learned over time to trust our intuition and not ignore when our gut says “no”.

Firstly, this video is far too scripted. Max Igan barely asks a question. Mr. O’Looney (they love to disclose to us through the use of ridiculous names as well, which jumped out at me immediately) dodges Max Igan’s question about “what are you seeing now, brother?” a couple of times to tell the whole story because he needs to lay the foundation of truth for us.

Then in the middle of the interview he starts predicting the future. So many details – far too many to list, i.e. Injection causing sterility and it will be 10 years before anyone really knows. He doesn’t sound like someone who has just woken up since the pandemic started. This gentleman speaks like someone who is as awake as it gets.

The BBC would never be bothered with a small time funeral director. This is a little three person operation. The BBC would use someone with far more reach like a large funeral chain.

He flashes the Baphomet hands three or four times so as to give disclosure. Who do you know that does “air quotes” like that? I tried to do it and it felt very unnatural to me. That “devil’s horns” sign is certainly not where my hands would go if I were new to public speaking and trying to make an emphasis. Continue reading

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Our enemies are clear, our allies are not

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Vaccine Choice Canada Lawsuit Fatally Defective, Will Never Make It To Trial

This article concerns a lawsuit from July 6, 2020, which had previously been talked about. This is the challenge from Vaccine Choice Canada and several individuals which was supposed to end all regulations and medical martial law in Canada.…

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Scott Gottlieb – more controlled opposition?

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Anyone promoted in the media is, by definition, controlled. The elites own the media – the best way to control the opposition is to lead it. Anyone else is ignored.


Both of these demons sit on the Board of Directors at Pfizer.
James Smith has spent the bulk of his career as President and CEO of
Reuters. He is currently Chairman of the Board.
Scott Gottlieb is the former FDA Commissioner from 2017-2019 (Appointed
by Trump). Scott Gottlieb is also on the board of a company called

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Why I Believe Rocco Galati Is Controlled Opposition – Canuck Law

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Over the last 20 years or so, Rocco Galati has tried to project himself as a constitutional lawyer, fighting for the interests of Canadians, and humanity as a whole. However, looking more into it, I’ve come to believe that this image and persona are entirely artificial. I think he’s actively working against Canadians.…

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