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Genetic geneology hoovers up Calvin

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Wow, the miracles of a new, magical science cracked a 36 year old cold case in Ontario – almost to the day!

As for how Hoover was identified, Ramer explained that a DNA sample taken from evidence, sent to a lab in the U.S. with a cutting-edge technology not widely available, and eventually produced Hoover’s name through a process involving genetic genealogy.…

Here’s a press conference where we learn absolutely nothing about any aspect of the case.

This case was huuuuge in my area, back when I believed crime stories. It led to a wrongfully convicted Guy Paul Moran, hundreds of TV hours and tons of money for the justice business.

It was likely a completely fabricated story.

The suspect, likely fabricated by the usual storytellers in the USA, has a name that made me look up this story about Calvin Coolidge and the Hoover Dam.

In time, President Calvin Coolidge endorsed legislation authorizing construction of the dam. Before it could take effect, however, Coolidge made way for a new occupant of the Oval Office. On June 25, 1929, President Herbert Hoover signed a proclamation making the Colorado River Compact effective at last.

I only thought of this because of this latest conspiracy idea making another prediction on the demise of the great dam.

This certainly might be the right year to do it, affecting the food production down river in a California.

On a side note, you science believers will be glad when the world serum databank is ready to go, thanks to all your selfless covaids testing. Then any stains left behind will get you rounded up before you can check in to your next doorway!

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Are any of these real court cases?

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I thought cameras were not admissible in courts of the USA.

OJ was definitely a court docu drama.

What about this superclip?

What’s the status of death penalty show trials in the Covaids era?


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Fuzzy photo alert

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Amber/orange/Mason/fuzzy Photoshop/bad fathers memes.

#AMBERAlert @ottawapolice issuing Amber Alert for missing 4 year old boy. Mason Gray, was reported missing at 7:20 this morning and is believed to be with Jonathan Gray, his father. Pictures attached. #ottnews

More low quality psyop stories.

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Local fake stories continue

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So glad to see someone else is awake. I too doubt any extreme story coinciding with a Canada wide campaign starting for just this behaviour. 308(11) and 19 are hoax codes too.

Even if it is capable of those speeds, I doubt the Taurus the police drive can do well in excess of 300 to catch up to make the collar. It’s a fake story. I don’t buy it for a second. Was it’s moving. Probably. But 300+? No way!! That’s a faulty reading.


More coinciding phony corona numbers.

Ontario reported 308 additional cases of COVID-19 on Monday, the third straight day that the growth rate in new cases has been below 2 per cent.

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If you thought the Nova Scotia shooting was fiction…

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… then you were right.

It was.

Episode 11 of FBI: Most Wanted.

Psyops are a mind game where are you are the played.

The sooner you see that there are no coincidences but scripts, the sooner you will be free from the manufactured Terror.

FBI: Most Wanted’ episode days before N.S. shooting rampage features eerie similarities
In the episode, a man named Gabriel goes on a murderous spree while wearing his police uniform. Whether it influenced Gabriel Wortman may be unknowable…

Miles Mathis also agrees this is fake – and good news that the is winding down. Link

The good news is that to me this means the coronahoax is slowly being phased out, to be replaced by the weekly faked shootings again. We haven’t seen any in a long time, which is strange in itself. I guess all the crazy mass murderers were being good citizens for a couple of months, staying home, social distancing, and stocking up on toilet paper. You would have thought the stress of corona would have made more piggy men go postal, but we saw the opposite phenomenon, with no one playing shoot ’em up for many weeks. Why? I’ll tell you why: all the agents were busy on their coronahoax assignments, and none were spared to manufacture these fake shootings.

Update 4/27:

Here’s another video showing how – guess what? – shared crisis actors/LARPers came to Nova Scotia. The live ones participating in these staged events are LARPers – the rest are sims.

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At least COVID-19 dead in Nova Scotia shooting rampage: RCMP

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Nothing signals the end of one psYop season – Covid19 will hopefully fade (and pre-written laws subsequently passed) soon – with another mass shooting!

New details of the violence and chaos of a deadly rampage in Nova Scotia emerged on Monday, as the death toll swelled to at least 19 victims and police worked at 16 crime scenes around the province – while warning the number of victims in Canada’s worst mass shooting is expected to rise further in the days to come.

Source: At least 19 dead in Nova Scotia shooting rampage: RCMP – The Globe and Mail

Jeff C finds the police car digital creation ID with some COVID bioresearch phony research.



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Use your imagination

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In the absence of details, psyops rely on you to fill in the blanks. It makes the story more believable to you.

Notice how the police “force” has been anthropomorphized and does all the speaking.

No point in involving a sim or pr officer if avoidable.

Police say there are multiple victims, but would not say Sunday morning how many people were either injured or killed.…

Even tiny rural NS appears to have a military assault vehicle in its lineup.

No point in wondering how a tiny place can afford such a vehicle now that money has been declared unlimited.

Odd that there were any witnesses since even Nova Scotia needs to cower in place.

Darcy Sack, a Shubenacadie, N.S., resident, said she and her friend came across two burning police vehicles and the silver suspect vehicle while out driving on Sunday morning near Highway 102, one of the province’s main arteries.

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Faking of a murderer

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A made-for-TV murder mystery was likely as fake as the OJ trial.

Mark looks into the case. I briefly posted on it years ago, but many are watching/listening to it for the first time.

This blending of reality entertainment with “reality” over the past decades has made COVID19 so much easier to sell.

As many people are becoming acutely aware, being quarantined is an excellent excuse to watch an obscene number of movies and shows via Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and all the others. I am certainly finding this out. I have watched more movies in the last week than any human being ever should. One thing I specifically watched this week that I had not seen before is the “Making a Murderer” Netflix series. As “awakened” individuals, we can often view these things from a strange perspective. This series is no d

Source: Quarantine Eureka: ‘Making A Murderer’ Victim Halbach is Not Dead – Piece of Mindful

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LARPER Smart isn’t such a smart story

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Oh how I was engrossed in the made-for-TV Larry King live show Elizabeth Smart saga of the 90s.

It was such a perfect crime, with endless, unbelievable twists, that I was totally sucked in.

Never in a million years would I ever suspect it of being fake – but it was!

9/11 has taught me that you can fool the whole world with a movie, with a little cooperation from the MSM and a few LIVE graphics placed on the screen.

A kidnapping LARP event would be a piece of cake.

Here’s Miles to help blow it apart – and another Smart case I’ve not followed.

Today, all of 24 hours later, we find that Elizabeth Smart is also back in the news, again pushing the men-are-pigs project. She is the one allegedly kidnapped and repeatedly raped by fellow Mormons in 2002. She is now claiming some guy groped her on an airplane last summer. So why are we just hearing about it now, some seven months later? We are told she filed a report with the airline at the time, but that is pretty hard to believe. If so, it should have made headlines then. This story, like the older ones, makes no sense.


Insta shooting gets insta results

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Our police force and media are creating, executing, and solving crime in record time now.

Old time police detectives must be in awe of these super sleuths.

There are so many problems with this phony story that I don’t have time to list them.

Toronto police have identified the three men who died after gunfire erupted inside a downtown condo building on Friday night. Police were called to the area of 85 Queens Wharf Rd., located near Lake Shore Boulevard and Bathurst Street, shortly before 10:30 p.m. for a report of gunshots.

Source: Police identify three men killed in shooting at Toronto Airbnb condo | CTV News

Toronto has two issues it says it must deal with: AirBnb taking over all new condo developments, thus inflating housing prices and keeping out first time buyers, and secondly, a “gun” problem, where they want all handguns banned, including legally licensed ones, in the big city.

This psyOp fits both bills.

The city can’t really stop investors from operating AirBnBs (they can pass laws that are fairly hard to enforce), so social pressure by simulated shootings may get condo boards to create their own rules.

Why, not a day later, this board is drawing up plans!

This is Scooby-Doo justice – all done in a quick episode. (h/t IPS)

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