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33-year-old Toronto man charged after allegedly setting woman on fire on city bus

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Since when does a “hate crime” supercede attempted murder?
Hate crime is likely code for more fakery – as if the 33 wasn’t enough.

This drill was “around” 22 division, although since there are 0 details, who knows if anything happened at all.

Toronto police say a 33-year-old man has been charged after allegedly setting a woman on fire on a city bus on Friday in what is now being investigated as a suspected hate crime.

Source: 33-year-old Toronto man charged after allegedly setting woman on fire on city bus

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If this was a real court case…

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Wouldn’t the jury have had to see the videos that seal the case?

Maybe in the real world but not in the world of psyop court cases including the Bernardo one.

It was so good and so detailed you felt as though you had seen those videos.

I love when the media spills the beans for those that have ears to hear.

I don’t know what’s changed over the last 30 years but you’d think there’d be the odd serial killer here and there doing the same old nasty deeds but alas this story has played out perhaps never to return for another generation.

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Gabby is Persephone

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Would-be van-lifer Gabby Petito was murdered and her disappearance was a trending topic by the time her body was discovered. This is just in time for the end of Virgo. By the way, the autopsy was conducted by the same Dr. Baden who examined George Floyd’s corpse. Nothing to see here.
The story of Persephone, Virgo personified, is one of an abducted spring maiden taken to the underworld at the autumn equinox. This is another astrological narrative regarding the changing of the seasons. On 9/22, the path of the sun’s annual journey places it directly over the equator, giving us the equinox (equal-night), and thus begins the period of Libra, symbolized by the scales. So as the year slips into the dark half, or the fall and winter months, the “virgin” of the story goes into Hades.
This “Virgo sacrifice” is revealed in the symbolism. The photograph we have of Gabby includes her with wings, posing like Virgo in the constellation, both winged and with one knee bent. Her age, 22, is constantly emphasized in the narrative. I suspect this is a tie-in to Virgin Galactic’s July 11th launch titled Unity-22.
One of the refrains repeated by law enforcement and media has been “two left” and only “one returned”. The “two becoming one” theme is worth paying attention to. In the Great Rite of witchcraft is the conjoining of the god and goddess, the two becoming one. This is the “Unity” of the Virgin Galactic launch, an obvious fertility rite, venerating the sky goddess. There is an eye painted on the bottom of the space plane which resembles a corona, another symbol of god and goddess conjoined (the sun and moon represent the participants).
Other photos of Gabby connect her with I, Pet Goat II is a 2012 Canadian animated short film that has many “predictive programming” tie-ins to mainstream news events like 9/11/01. Gabrielle Petito, by the way, was reported missing on Sept. 11.


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Time for some “brain washing” and “small talk” to distract from the controlled demolition of the world.

Gabby a smear to….

This missing person story has been hyped all over the US press for the past week or so.… … 410170002/

The names scream pay-op to me:

Gabby Petito = Small Talk

Brian Laundrie = Brain Washing

Is murder mystery “small talk” being used for “brain washing” the general public? What could be the point of this nonsense?

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Why can’t we get updates from ANY major murderer?

like this

I was a capital punishment advocate – I campaigned on the beginning www with repealing faint hope clauses, life means life, no parole – all the tough stuff.

As a fakeologist and older man, I am now softer in my approach – and now that I know the system itself promotes noble lies and psyops, it can never be trusted with any real cases.

Therefore, state sanctioned murder can never be allowed – ever – since the system itself is corrupted by a few high profile lies that it never admits or refutes.

How can we know what judges are real – or are acting out for psyops? How do we know what lawyers are real – or are acting out for psyops? How do we know what police are real – or acting out for psyops?

This is a huge integrity problem for the system, but luckily for the system, few are aware.

That led me to wonder what chance if any the psyop industrial complex would develop a story 35 years later and actually let the public talk to the (new) actor?

Stories of Bernardo being in solitary confinement for 10,000 hours are beyond cruel and unusual punishment. Does the lie system put this story out to test the public on their tolerance for such a ridiculous figure? Do they bring up vicsim stories as paramount to justice, to test whether the public even knows that emotion should have no part in black and white right or wrong justice?

Are these emotional stories just to whitewash the entire case? Are they there to misdirect you from the idea that this story is completely fake, and have you ignore all the inconsistencies that flare up 30 years later – with absolutely no fresh proof that Bernardo exists at all?

I love a good crime story, but without proof, we have had no recent clues that any of this fairy tale is true.


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