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Hacking the human brain

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Jason breaks down the word pre-scrip-tion.

Podcast #123 – Making The Public Believe Lies – This Is How They Do It

2021-10-02 by Jason Christoff

Web player:…

Mercury fillings are designed to make you sick –…

Mind Control Documentaries –…

We’re in a mass psychosis –

Attorney Thomas Renz reviews the lawsuit proving that medicare and medicad have recorded 48,000 US citizens have died within 72 hours of their COVID shot and if you can believe, the story only gets worse from there –…

This researcher pegs the death numbers in the US, from the fake COVID vaccine, as much higher than 48,000. And given medicad and medicare only covers 18% of Americans and given that 48,000 reported deaths are the deaths reported within the first 72 hours……….there’s lots more vaccine induced deaths being hidden from the public –

Virus movies over the past couple of decades – priming our brains with bullshit repetitive content, so we believe the media bullshit today – this is called priming in mind control –

They’ve been priming our minds for years regarding injectable poison being good for us, so we could mind control our own children with the lies of the cabal – repetition being used to hack the subconscious and make us believe “the majority” is injecting the poison…… we follow right along –…

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Admitted fakery

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Another dilution of the word “fake”.

President Biden is being widely mocked on social media for running a “Truman Show presidency” after he was pictured speaking from a fake White House set that features a digital view of the Rose Garden in full bloom from a fake window behind him.…

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Rhetoric – which is designed to emotionally manipulate – is not dialectic

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Don’t you wish everyone was taught the trivium, so they could realize how they are being manipulated?

Never confuse rhetoric – which is designed to emotionally manipulate – with dialectic. Both the mainstream news and government statements are not dialectic, but rather rhetoric disguised as pseudo-dialectic. And remember that there is neither truth nor falsehood in rhetoric, there is no meaningful information content whatsoever. It may point toward the truth, it may point away from the truth, but it cannot be the truth.

Source: Programming is not Communication – Vox Popoli

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No wonder we’re not taught rhetoric

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Rhetoric has almost nothing to do with rhetorical. Only the elites are taught it and now you know why.

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Why the intelligence agencies recruit homosexuals

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[Our Interesting Times] Episode 66: Adam Smith on Making Sense of our Insane World #ourInterestingTimes… via @PodcastAddict

Start at 51:00.

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Watch your mouth

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Great post by Vox.

This is precisely why I don’t permit negative “jokes” or “warnings” or “fears” or “worries” to be posted here in the comments. Words not only describe reality, they shape reality by influencing thoughts.

Always watch your tongue…

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QAnon is a psyop to…

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Blackwash legitimate exposers (like this site) of conspiracy by creating ridiculous or extreme turds do discredit the entire concept.

Psyops and psywars are the most complex and layered form of war.

They really attack what you can know and not know.

For the average man or woman, this concept is overwhelming and avoided.

It’s why it’s hard to get through to the “dead” around us.

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Would this NLP work on you?

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I’ve seen many of these type of videos and I’m almost positive they wouldn’t work on me. I think NLP is real but its effects are far more subtle and long-term.

I don’t agree that Bill Gates has any of these powers but he may have been trained in its use. I think he’s lousy at it, similar to his buggy software.

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