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They’re all theories

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Has anyone ever isolated, purified, and observed an amino acid, a protein, a nitrogenous base, a nucleotide, a gene, a DNA fragment, or an entire DNA strand? What DIRECT and UNINTERPRETABLE evidence of the existence of submicroscopic particles really exists? Has anyone ever isolated, purified and visualized at least one molecule of something? Did you know that atoms only exist IN THEORY?


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Medical science fiction says Northern Tracey.

His name is Dr Daniel Nagase and he is a fully indoctrinated medical allopath. he also calls himself a ‘science nerd’. He talks about the ‘science’ of genetics like an ‘expert’ but he knows as much about genetics as any layperson who can read knows but he does not understand that he is just spouting genetics industry propaganda as ‘science’.

Source: The Gaslighting of the Jabbed — Blurt

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DNA hoax

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The existence of DNA, its structure and its role are taught to us as facts; recognized and approved by all scientific establishments. But what if I told you that DNA started as a concept. Not DNA itself, but scientists’ need to find the secret of life within our tissue, within the cells, and that the first DNA extraction became the perfect basis for the development of all sorts of theories, concepts, models and tools e.g. chromosomes, genes, RNA, PCR, GMO, epigenetics, CRISPR etc.

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DNA and Genomes:greatly simplified vulgar biologism

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DNA, as we know it, is a myth.

The genome was considered to be the unchangeable blueprint of the human being, which is determined at the beginning of our life. Science must bid farewell to this idea. In reality, our genetic make-up is in a state of constant change…

h/t Petteri

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Hoax code DNA to Iran plane crash hoax rescue

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Nothing spells hoax more than DNA.

Can someone show me the procedure, lab, and technician who takes a fragment of whatever from wherever and uses it to match one double helix to another?

Who has their own DNA profile available, especially a dead person? Watching old murder mysteries and Rockford, I remember how hard it was to dust for and secretly obtain fingerprints from suspects. Even if they had given blood in the past, no lab retains it and they do prescribed tests. No country has a DNA database, let alone blood type database that I know of.

Think about the absurdity of the above sentence. This is fantasy science, and should be dismissed OUT OF HAND as impossible.

Omar Alghabra, the prime minister’s parliamentary secretary, said for privacy reasons, he can’t confirm if the government will do any DNA testing on human remains recovered from the crash site.…

Now that the Kobe/Corona twin hoax has erased the Iran hoax off the screen, let’s ask how the investigation is going?

Even if there was a crash, raise your hand if you think a country that we have no official relations with would let our crash investigators into their country to usurp their case?

What plane crashes in Canada do our investigators get their experience from?

No names for our sim investigators.

2 Canadian investigators returning from Iran plane crash probe, say black boxes remain