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‘The house is obliterated’: One dead following blast that levelled home

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Update 2/4: 22 houses affected. Caledon is right in line with Toronto’s urban sprawl, as adjacent Brampton reaches capacity. Is this an urban land clear?  I still don’t know what to think of these exploding houses. We never get followups or answers, even years down the road. As far as I can tell, they all go unsolved. Is natural gas dangerous? Since most houses in Ontario use natural gas, doesn’t everyone who is a customer deserve an answer? How is the demolition so complete? How does this speak to the quality of houses built? Is the gas explosion so powerful even a brick house stands no chance? I have no answers, and leave the post open for speculation, fakeology or arranged crime.
One person has died following a devastating house explosion that levelled a home in Caledon, Ont. Emergency crews rushed to the scene Sunday just before 6:30 a.m. and evacuated a large perimeter around the blast site. “The house is absolutely gone, there’s no other way to describe it. The house is obliterated,” OPP Const. Ian Michael described the scene of devastation to CP24, Police have identified the deceased as 54-year-old Joseph Westcott. Caledon’s fire department told reporters there was no reason to believe anyone else was in the destroyed home.
Source: ‘The house is obliterated’: One dead following blast that levelled home | CTV News Google street view House number is 9. Apparently the fire chief has been busy and in the media with a two-hatter dispute, and won an award for solving it.
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Brian Staveley on 100 + Explosions Rock Massachusetts

like this

Is this a real Boston bombing? We’ve talked about exploding houses all around the world but this looks like an epic land clear. 

Once more I ask is natural gas safe? Is this just a staged event to get the public to pay for gas infrastructure?

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Exploding Kitchener house

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I’m posting this not because I don’t believe this happened, but because we never seem to get an explanation for why they happen.

In one of the youtube videos, someone says the house was hit by lightning. If it was, and it stormed today in the area, can lightning hit a house’s natural gas line and blow it up?

Should all homeowners using natural gas be concerned?

A woman was killed and a man was airlifted to hospital after an explosion destroyed a home and started a fire in Kitchener, Ont., early Wednesday, police said. The blast took place at a home on a residential street a little after 8 a.m., police spokeswoman Cherri Greeno said.

Source: Kitchener house explosion leaves one dead, another in critical condition | The Star

Dramatic youtube video.

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Exploding houses 

likes this

John Adams and Chris talk about exploding houses at 1:35:00. 

They’re probably mini controlled demolition jobs. 

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House Explosion Caught On Tape 

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Video looks as real as the explosion on 9/11 of the pentagon “plane”.

A video doorbell caught the moment a neighbor’s house exploded. The blast was so powerful it caused damage to several nearby homes.

Source: House Explosion Caught On Tape – WCCB Charlotte

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We can never know

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Time for a worldwide investigation into house explosions – it appears we don’t have the technology to figure out what causes them.

The cause of an explosion that leveled a house and claimed the life of a 77-year-old Newcomerstown man in early 2016 has been ruled as undetermined..

Firefighters were called to Taylor’s home just before  p.m. on the evening of the blast. The residence was destroyed by the explosion, which also heavily damaged a neighboring residence and garage. Debris was scattered across Beaver Street and onto the property of West Elementary.

Source: Cause of fatal explosion in Newcomerstown ‘undetermined’

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That washed out look

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Nothing much to see here, except inconsistent lighting in grandpa’s face and the dreaded gofundme page link. Some (actor) crying in the video.

I’m still trying to comprehend why they promote the exploding house meme.

I wonder if grampa has his ear protection on when the explosion occurred.

WHITE COUNTY, Ga. – The family of a man who died in a gas explosion says he had warned the provider about a possible leak.Edgar Brummett died when his grandson’s house blew up on Friday in Sautee Nacoochee in White County. Brummett’s family says the explosion was felt in three counties, with debris scattered over several acres.

Source: Family says propane tank was serviced before deadly home explosion | WSB-TV

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Suicide suicide exploding house

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Toronto’s most famous exploding house to date (psyOp) wrapped up today.

The Christmas holiday season is the best time to conclude a fishy story or pass laws, as most are too busy with family to notice anything.

If you (thought you) had cancer and were going to die, along with your spouse, is your first thought to write a note, hold each other tight, disconnect the hot water heater gas line and light a match or flick a light switch? Does this sound at all plausible or efficient?

This is the official story that the linked 9:11 in length video tells. Do any of these officials look or sound like they’re telling the truth? Why don’t we get to see the suicide note?

Why do the critical documents used to “solve” the case always emerge unscathed? Remember the intact passport of the 9/11 suicide bomber? Do these ridiculous memes fool the public each time, over and over again? The answer is of course is yes.

As usual, this story is full of occult numbers (including 65 witnesses interviewed!) I suspect that the vicsims may have been used as sims in past psyOps, and that maybe this event was used as a multipurpose (as always) drill to begin an urban land clear or redevelopment.

If you follow this story as a non-fakeologist, it makes no sense, and the final press conference serves up nothing but confusion and contradiction, with an official smile.

If you look at the whole event as a fakeologist, everything fits beautifully. The press conference doublespeak with no firm conclusions leaves the perps guilt and incrimination free. A perfect non-crime with no victims yet all the goals and results are realised as if it was real.

Double suicides are a perfect, Canadian way to absolve guilt on even the “dead”. Double suicides are an almost impossible, most improbable crime with almost no history. Here’s a story from a 1940s museum entry to illustrate how unlikely the concept is.

Police in Mississauga, Ont., say a house explosion in June that killed two people and forced hundreds from their homes was a double suicide.Peel Regional Police Chief Jennifer Evans told reporters Friday that “the cause of death was determined to be blunt force trauma consistent with having been near the epicentre of the explosion.”She said a team of investigators “ruled out accidental, double murder and murder suicide” in the deaths of Dianne Page, 55, and her husband Robert Nadler, also 55, on June 28.

Source: Notes, witnesses lead police to conclude Ontario house explosion was double suicide | CTV News

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3:30 house explosion

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3:30 is such a dangerous time to be, well, alive.

While waiting for her three children to come home from school, a woman was somehow able to climb out of the rubble after a massive explosion destroyed her house on Tuesday afternoon. Homeowner Denise Kunisch told police that a few minutes before 3:30 p.m. on Nov. 22, she arrived at her house at 91 Walling Road in Pine Island, let out her dog, and then noticed an odor she described as a rotten egg, sulfur smell in her house, according to Lt. Thomas Maslanka.

Source: Woman escapes house explosion in Pine Island | Warwick Greenwood Lake NY | Local News

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Exploding house of numbers

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Another house full of people with occult ages. I wonder if HowIseetheWorld could check and see how these people are doing in the hospital.

The explosion – which investigators said more than likely started from propane that built up in the basement – leveled the home of Carl and Sandra Johnson and sent everything from personal items and pink insulations to shingles and siding across neighboring yards and into the roadway.“ When we got up there, people were frantically screaming to get them out,” Robert Swiney said. “The adrenaline rush was so high, I knew we had to find whoever was trapped inside and get them out as fast as we could. I didn’t want to watch someone burn up inside their home.”With the minutes ticking by, both Carl Johnson, 69, and Sandra Johnson, 55 were still trapped.

The couple’s 33 year-old son, Jason was also inside the home at the time of the explosion and was injured. He was taken to BRMC and was treated and released on Thursday afternoon. He is currently staying with family members while Carl and Sandra Johnson are in the hospital.

Source: Neighbors of house explosion victims speak out – News

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