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Remember I don’t know your listener unless you send me an email. Server stats are next to useless.

I started listening to your content recently and wanted to thank you for the fantastic work you’ve done!

I was wondering if you could give me a tip on how best to navigate your video episodes listed with the “FAK” + 3 digit label. Is there a list somewhere I can easily scan and search?

Let me give you some info about myself. I am 38 year old professor in electrical & computer engineering and am transitioning from the Seattle area (which was driving me crazy) to Texas where my family lives. Would you be up for connecting and chatting sometime? I have put a lot of thought into the rampant fakeness and would be keen to share my story and maybe pick your brain on a few things.


All fakeologist archives are at

You can also search fak at

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Feedback from a Patreon

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  1. 10:45 PM
    Hey, Ab. I’ve been following your channel for years. Embarrassingly, I only started financially supporting channels the last year or so. I like Patreon because it puts all the content in one place and one total charge each month. I’m also subscribed to non-Patreon sites Higherside Chats and Crrow777, but never go to their website to listen to the second hour. I listen to all my podcasts on Apple podcasts for convenience. Anyway, glad you’re on Patreon. I also sub Peekay and Russianvids on Patreon even though they don’t put out any content on Patreon – basically legacy subs for all the work they did 2012-2020. My other Patreon accounts are Infinite Plane Radio, The Quash, and Zach Hubbard. I’ve been following this stuff since 2012 and I’m very discriminating about whom I trust. I also like the Dollar Vigilante and JLB. Anyway, I feel like it’s a bit of a curse to see the world the way we do. So, it’s good for my sanity to hear content like yours. I have a few more people I need to subscribe to, namely: Veritas with Mel Hostalrich; The Free Zone w/ Freeman Fly. I love Geopolitics & Empire podcast. Anyway, you seem like a great guy, and I sincerely appreciate your courage and the effort you have put into maintaining and sustaining your channel.
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Make my day

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This one did:

 Hello from Tucson! You interviewed my Fb friend and ViroLIEgy creator, Mike
Stone, recently. I am now going back through all your shows and loving the
content and the dialog. I woke up in Mrach 2020 after reading a paper on
PCR by the late, great David Crowe. I am now a moderator of The Infectious
Myth Facebook groups. I was always suspicious of MSM, grew up questioning
many things. My father teaching me at a very young age to not trust the
government EVER and we had the book The Rosevelt Myth in our house, my dad
knowing that Pearl Harbor was no surprise attack. He was a fighter pilot in
WWII, BTW. After the Covid hoax was exposed to me along with germ theory,
then fell HIV/AIDS, 9/11, the moon landing and the fallacy that we live on
a spinning water ball hurtling willy-nilly through the cosmos. OMG, what a
ride it has been! “The truth shall set you free” – and it has! So just
wanted to send you some love from the desert SW and let you know how very
clueless most folks are in my neighborhood. I bought a Maple Leaf about a
month ago, started flying it at our house while the truckers were doing
their thing in Canada. Three neighbors asked me why, one even a Canadian
born gal. None had any idea of what was going on, the criminality of
Trudeau, the suffering of you folks up north. All totally clueless! Glad to
be on the good side of woke. Thanks for all you do, I will continue to

-Lynn from Tuscon

Remember, I don’t know if you’re a listener unless you contact me.

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Thanks Gibby

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Remember to send feedback to me here!

Hey, just wanted to fire off a quick note to let you know I’m listening to your podcasts although a bit later than they get posted. I’ve been a subscriber (localherog2) and monthly donor to your site for quite some time but just got into the podcasts in earnest recently. I started with a random show that you posted around late November have been absorbing 1 or 2 a day and am currently on number 463 so I’m getting to the point that I’ll be listening as they’re posted.

Keep up the high-caliber work!
Gibby (from Michigan)
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Car kill switch

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Hi, I think your show is very good.
I wanted to take a moment to tell you about something. The other night I read that all new cars will have a kill switch. Which leads me to something that I may have figured out. I have a 15 year old ford car. Ford has been sending me a recall notice for the air bags almost weekly for 4 years, and still sending them. I had lived in Mississippi at one point during this time period , and they went so far as to mail me a fake warning from the Mississippi state safety dept stating that I would be fined if I didn’t comply with this recall. In the fine print at the bottom of the letter was a copyright for Ford. My car was recalled twice for the airbags back when it was new in 2007. Long story short I think these recalls on older cars are for a kill switch . I mentioned this recall to a few people and they all said , yeah I’m getting recall letters in the mail too. All different makes and models . These people have older cars too. I may be very mistrusting these days, but I’ll never go in or have them come over(which they offer) ever. Just another angle I wanted to possibly point out.

Mark H.

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My Journey – Hyrum Jones

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Found this link via‘s Bonversations.

I used to have a good back link checker but it’s been broken for a while.

Backlinks were a staple of the net before social media took over.

One of these podcasts was an interview with this guy who called himself the Fakeologist, AKA Ab. In the podcast, he was talking to the one, Jesse Waugh, who supposedly was the first to propose the nuclear bomb hoax. Ab, as I discovered later, runs, devoted to the study of fake media stories. As an aside, this topic of Fake News is neither left nor right politics, and predated the stain on its name by US President Donald Trump.

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The patrons that left

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When I stop being a patreon, I usually skip the exit survey.

Just noticed a few custom comments of those that left my patreon  – patreon doesn’t say who they were (and it doesn’t make it easy to find out who left when).

  • A’ole
  • Rather waste 3.11 somewhere else
  • Your censorship is disgusting and will be the end of your platform. Truth will always prevail. You are on the losing side.
  • will be back in the future!! thanks for all you do ab
  • filled with liars – fakes – and bs – it;s like a child day care in the discord – not ab’s fault – but he does nothing to stop that behavior which doesnt help – IPS is the only one who deserve supporting imo
  • Taking a break for a while.
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Thanks Tracey!

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Remember I don’t know if you listen to my broadcasts – the only true poll is direct contact!

Hi Mr Fakeoligist Thankyou so much for all that you do for so many.
I sure there are many quiet participators like me , that simply listen in and read the blog regularly.
It’s an enormous help and a one stop first aid kit for sanity survival in this time.
Know you are valued

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More feedback

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From Pam D.

Comment: Hello, I’m enjoying your live radio chats! Thanks for doing what you do! I appreciate you for logging important docs I can always return to.

What to make of this story?? To me seems highly unlikely and fake news.…


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Velocet — 09/09/2021
Just started on the latest FAK, on your game tonight man! Good vibes in your voice. The essence of fakeologist is not audio chats or forums, it’s YOU sitting behind your microphone! You deserve a lot more than what you get for what you do. Keep it up dude.
Feel free to quote me btw lol

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