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Hey Fakeologist, this is walker. We chatted on the phone for a bit recently. I have been going through all the Afternoon Commutes from Hoaxbusters and wanted to remind you of this one. It is from 2018 and Chris gets into it about the germaphobe society and how he unregrettably doesn’t watch his hands after he pisses and eats raw meat. Some other relevant stuff in there such as veganism.

I may give you a call to talk Hoaxbusters some time. I have been an audio listener for many years and they have some of the best stuff I have heard. It’s pretty much all I have been consuming. It is great to get some truth without the covaids taint.

One other thing, that was some remarkable and unsettling audio hearing Uncle Odd detail his experience with his wife wanting to test the daughter. That is really sad and demonstrates exactly what we are up against. I totally agree with you about the scale of the propaganda machine. You can’t even compete fairly when it comes to your own wife. And, like I mentioned in our call, I think women in general are far more susceptible to the propaganda.

Take care,


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Fabulous fakeologist fan feedback

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Hi Ab,

Hope you and your family are well.

Just want to say how very grateful I am for all you do, for all your content and for giving people (like me) who are pretty much ostracised, with all the utter crap that’s happening, a safe place to listen and feel less alone. I really do appreciate your integrity.

I also appreciate that your content is free and because of that I am happy to send you a gift. Apologies, but I couldn’t find your address on your site. Would you please send it to me? If not, can you mention it in your next podcast and l’ll make a note of it.

Also, I am in the UK – do you accept British pounds? If not please explain what I can do.

Thanks again, love and blessIngs to you and your family.

‘rona’ ?? for the address

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There goes my Herose

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Some feedback is great!

Guys, this is the SINGLE BEST PODCAST on this boogie virus…EVER!

Tim Ozman, you don’t know me (other than recently shipping me a press pass…just joined as a supporter), but Ab does I go way back with Ab…and hopefully he will attest I have a pretty discerning mind.

This podcast between MY TWO FAVORITE THINKERS is pure truth-gold. It’s 4am and I’ve already listened to it twice throughout the night. Ear candy. Wreaks of truth. It’s brilliant.

The reason for this email is that I’d like to send each of you a supplemental donation. I hate Patreon. My humble request is…can you please investigate Zelle and see if this service works for you? Makes it super-easy for others and bypasses the Patreon toll booth.

My take. This podcast rivals September Clues in importance. Please treat it as THAT special, somehow, some way.

Perhaps have someone overlay supporting graphics to it. Man, I would love to simply send this podcast (with supporting graphics) to everyone I know via a YouTube link with the message, “Turn off Netflix, go for a two-hour walk, listen to this with an open mind. It is the single most important content I’ve consumed since this whole nonsense started. If you’re a critical thinker, this will answer many questions and provide absolute freedom from manufactured fear.”

Great show, guys.


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We get letters

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Remember, I don’t know you’re a listener unless you send me an email or contact form (above) submission.

Thank you for your work. I am typing on a phone and will keep it short. I am a lurker from Norway, a pretty late comer to the understanding of the immensity of our times’ “culture bearing myths” (as I have coined and like to call them), and I have been listening to a lot of your audio. I think we are pretty much om the same page on most subjects (except for your openness to even entertain earth shape “discussions”; I’m with kham on this -any such talk is shilling/trolling bs). The reason for this initiative to contact you is just listening to the garbage in your latest 669 audio chat (this and the following are, needless to say, simply my opinions). “ThetruthIam” is so obviously a troll/agent its not even challenging, and “Rollie Quaid” is obviously his infiltration partner (for some reason using voice morphing; his pitch and syllable speed is randomly varying, even children can hear this); their incoherent and ridiculous ramblings is like horrible torture, even worse than Ashika’s “laughter” (and ramblings), and their task is to discredit your work. I am sad to say that jlb is also sweet poison/agent whose task is to “divide and conquer”/”manufacture acceptance” (how dare he even compare himself to Simon and denegrade him (in an earlier audio)), and listening to his disgusting smugness at length is literally sickening. I am sorry for being so blunt and negative, but I really do appreciate what you have done and made, and I feel that the ptb are trying to break it. Best regards

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We get letters (from Canada)

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Hey Ab,

Thanks for keeping up on your posts. I know I am figuring out my Canadian hoaxes when I see you post on them. Starting to be able to spot them right away, well before the ongoing narratives of the events. Didn’t even bother to really read any of the crap on the bc murders because I could spot the bs by reading only the headlines.

Have you checked out It is like fakeologist for the history buffs. I am much enjoying reading all the posts over there. I credit your site to opening up the realm of fakeology to me so that I was able to handle all that I’ve now read without having to curl up, cover my ears with my hands and be a normie who refuses to question the world around us.

Anyways, hope you enjoy the rest of your summer, if you have had any. Too much rain and not enough days out here. ? Maybe next year will be better.

Nadine G

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I’m not gone

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Things are slow here because it’s summer and actually pleasant out.

Today I swam by (what I used to think was dangerous) my local nuclear power plant. The water was warm and clear – and not radioactive.

Here’s some feedback from a listener who agrees on my stance that all things nuclear are fiction.

He dug through the archives to listen to episode 180. You can too!

Listening to episode 180. Wow! Your breakdown on nuclear power was phenomenal. The Hollywood prop analogy is f’n spot on! We only see the prop! The rest of the construct is built in our imagination. Brilliant. The point made about politicians working for the elite and it being a rich vs poor is so simple yet so easy to lose sight of in this world of make believe.

I remember you saying sometimes you just need an atta boy every now and again to keep going. This is that time. You really are the top spokesperson for what is really going on in this world of deception.

Thanks for doing what you do brotha!!

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Fakeologist disinformation network exposed by the quotes

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Steve’s paranoia goes another level deeper. Should I be flattered by this new level of attention? I didn’t really know there were different types of quotation marks between the Americans and the British. For some reason I favor the American spelling of many words, simply because they look better to me. Many Canadians are stuck in between British and American isms, including me.

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