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Fake oil reserves

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I’m pretty sure Saudi Arabia and its sheiks are just a front for the Anglo American empire and its Governors (ie. uber rich). Hardly anyone notices that most of their numbers, particularly the “reserves”, never change, and are probably pure fiction.

Energy is a control mechanism for the world population. I’m not sure how solar power and batteries and electric vehicles will alter the future equation of control, but I’m sure our Governors will figure out a way to control the market.

It’s long been a mystery what the real-world situation is with Saudi Aramco’s oil reserves, as the state-owned firm has been reporting the same 261 billion barrels reserve figure for the last 30 years or — with no changes, despite pumping out large quantities of oil every year. Decline rates on the firm’s major fields have remained an unknown as well, as has the quality of the reserves.

Source: Saudi Aramco Oil Reserves Being Audited By Western Groups In Preparation For IPO | CleanTechnica

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Eat your fork: is oil so crude?

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Aaron has some wild ideas as I previously said, but what about crude oil?

I believe “crude” oil exists – I know oil exists, diesel exists, gasoline exists, but the bigger question is where exactly does it all come from, and is it abundant, and why exactly is most of it in the hot desert of Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Iraq?

Energy is an excellent way to control people and their movement. Making it scarce makes it expensive, and limits mobility.

Plastic is said to be made from oil. It’s also admittedly made from plants. Where is most of it coming from? Corn, America’s #1 (subsidized) cash crop?

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Real or fake energy

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Is the only real realiable energy petroleum or hydro based?

Is this all fantasy energy or is there something here?

I’m pretty sure the John Hutcheson energy via Judy Woods is fake to promote Judy’s dissociated molecules destruction of the WTC non-theory, but I suspect Tesla may have been on to something. Bob from Globebusters talks about something in the air too just waiting to be harnessed.

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