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No relief from captured institutions

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Many financial reasons why the captured and biased legal and university systems will not bite the hand that feeds them.

If you choose your life by not participating in a worldwide drug experiment then you’ve made a choice not be part of the university’s beast system.

An Ontario Superior Court recently ruled that the University of Western Ontario has the right to implement its “vaccine passport” system, and to collect such information. The Judge (to summarize) said that it’s not coercion, but just a choice that people make.…

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Charities and NGOs need reform 

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These lawless entities need to be reigned in – they’ve provided a conduit for the elite to undo our society. Add “human rights” courts and you have the mechanisms for a communitarianism take over.

I suspect that once the entire globalist cabal is destroyed and the facts come out, we will find that Charities and Foundations were set up specifically for the purpose of money laundering and moving money around, such as taxpayer money, without the public catching on and without any oversight because they are tax exempt. They were also perfect vehicles for human trafficking, depopulation agendas, and pedophile networking, since it is hard for the public to grasp that charities would be doing anything but helping people.

I have found not a single charity or foundation that has done anything meaningful with the billions that many of them get in donations from one another, from the governments and rich individuals, such as he Gates. All they do is move money around to make it impossible to actually understand what they are doing and why. Many, such as the Trudeau Foundation, have had billions donated to them by political allies, all while flaunting the pedophile symbol as their logo.

They are a great place to install academics and political allies who could not otherwise earn a living doing real work. Worse, we are learning that they are a perfect cover for pedophile networks and child trafficking across the world. The UN is a huge player in human trafficking and sexual abuse of children.

If there is anything that has to go, it’s the entire concept of charities and foundations being tax and criminal code exempt.

Academia has literally destroyed this nation. We use to be hard workers, resilient, resourceful with many talented inventors. Especially, our kids were much better educated, the family units were strong and we were a very healthy population.

Once the UN took over our Universities, government, healthcare and education systems, we were turning out people who do not want to work, are unemployable except in the sex trade industry, who are extremely unhealthy and worse, the people running these Universities are often either completely insane or so well-paid by the globalist that they have no issue with making fools of themselves.

The public should be very, very scared of people like this. They use to be confined to psychiatric hospitals, but now are on the loose and running the asylum.

Source: University Of Calgary Professor Takes Action To Reinstate Mask Mandates – Canuck Law

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The real purpose of vaccines – Piece of Mindful

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The reason I want to feature the comment is that it points to a source that perhaps hints at something I’ve long suspected, that the real purpose of (pre-Covid-19) vaccines was to protect industries from lawsuits. Pharmaceutical companies have now gone nuts with vaccinating kids, so another purpose would just be a profit center. I hope it is just saline.…

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