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Is JLB missing the point?

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There’s many ways to look at Tycho Brahe. Some of the outrageous stories may be made up to make him look ridiculous, in order to distract from his theories.

That said, none of that really matters if Simon’s model works to explain the light movement in the sky. He says it does, and Hoi agrees. Let’s see what those that enjoy studying astronomy have to say.


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9/11 and Geocentrism with Chris and Damon

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Chris starts talking 9/11 around 45:00.

Damon talks about Geocentrism and the Copernicun theory/heliocentrism starting around 1:20:00

At 1:50:00 Damon talks about (goat) herd management with sweet food…

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Is the earth spinning or not?

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With 4000 comments in just under a year, you’d think if this guy was so wrong and delusional that people wouldn’t care. Clearly commenters/trolls/shills/intelligence do care. Why?

I’m not sure, but let’s remember that geocentrism is not the same as flat earth research. The only thing they have in common is questioning what we are told about earth. So turn off Sochi and start thinking!

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