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The Future Of Medicine

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Northern Tracy discusses German new medicine. I hearin invite Northern Tracy on to my interview with German new medicine Canada representative Ilsedora on September 25th.

I’ve mentioned German New Medicine a few times in my articles but now it’s time to take a closer look at where it stands now and going forward hopefully with a better way of taking care of the sick than what we’ve all just been intensively subjected to in the last 2 years.

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Uranians: the born gay hoax

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The Born Gay Hoax pdf

Ryan Sorba website

Uranian (from Ancient Greek ???????? ???????; Aphrodite Urania) is a historical term for homosexual men. The word was also used as an adjective in association with male homosexuality or inter-male attraction regardless of sexual orientation.


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Mould, like cancer cells, is the solution

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Sounds inverse, but the inverse is usually true in our upside down world.

Terrain Theory, [6/30/2022 12:13 AM]
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It’s the mould making me sick! Or is it?

These are just some of the toxic chemicals in building material.

When building material gets wet, these toxic chemicals begin leaching into the air. For example, leaching of formaldehyde increases by up to 1000% when building material gets wet.

The symptoms of breathing in these chemicals are identical to those of “mould related illness”.

There’s not a single controlled experiment showing mould inhalation causes symptoms in humans, but there’s countless experiments where people get sick from inhaling these toxic chemicals.

It’s well established that mould biodegrades these toxins into non-toxic substances. For example, mould converts formaldehyde, into non-toxic organic acids, which can be recycled back into the environment and used by other micro-organisms as an energy source.

Mother nature is cleaning up our mess and then we blame the problem on the mould!

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On Lyme disease

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ON LYME Notes:
Lyme is NOT caused by any micro-organism. This has not ever been proven. I used to think so, but that cannot be so, as we have many other ways in which to have Lyme. The issue is in biotoxin exposure and how that individual DEALS with the biotoxin. Lyme is akin to IBS, a catch-all of a list of various symptoms to describe something doctors can’t understand:

How Do You Know If You’ve Been Exposed To Biotoxins?

When you’ve been exposed to a biotoxin, your symptoms could be acute or chronic depending on the biotoxin, potency, length of exposure, your genetic status, and more. One thing is certain though – you want to address it earlier rather than later. The longer you go untreated (especially if you’re still being exposed to the toxin), the more complex your symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment will become.

Symptoms of biotoxin illness include:
• Shortness of breath
• Cough
• Sinus problems
• Memory difficulties
• Headaches
• Numbness
• Muscle cramping
• Metallic taste
• Fatigue
• Weakness
• Nerve pain
• Light sensitivity
• Weight gain
• Night sweats
• Excessive thirst
• Gastrointestinal related issues
• The inability to distinguish between subtle differences in color

Find a functional medicine doctor who has experience in biotoxin illnesses.

Biotoxin Related Medical Conditions

Biotoxins themselves can cause medical conditions and their inflammatory hijacking of the detoxification pathway system can cause serious illnesses. Biotoxin related medical conditions include:
• Chronic inflammatory response syndrome
• Lyme disease
• Autoimmune disease
• Hormone imbalance
• Alzheimer’s disease

It’s quite possible we are only beginning to fully realize how harmful biotoxins are. Only recently a subset of Alzheimer’s disease was identified as being caused by mycotoxins.

Lyme is supposed to cause migrating joint pain and have that bullseye rash. Now it’s a catch all for any “mysterious” illness with a laundry list of signs and symptoms.

I do think ticks and other biting insects can cause an issue but not due to a spirochete or bacterium but due to the salivary toxins excreted at the bite from the insect. Similar to say a spider. There is some research on this and they call it Tick Paralysis in which they recognize certain neurotoxins that get excreted at the site of bite.

There are cases of people becoming paralyzed from it if tick is attached for several days but the paralysis resolves after tick is removed. My hypothesis is that many cardiac and neuro symptoms can be instigated by a tick or other insect who attaches for less time but the symptoms wouldn’t be so severe. And you get complicating factors when a person is already impaired and already has a difficult time with detoxing waste out.

For those who never got bitten by anything (lets say if we could be sure about that) then their syndrome is from all the other variables we know cause dis-ease. Not to mention if they were treated with antibiotics because they were Dx with Lyme.

As you can imagine, just with everything, they never have proven the spirochete is the causative agent and of course Borrelia and the other “co-infections” are found in people with no symptoms, too.

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Chlorinated water saved millions – but is it also toxic?

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It may not just be fluoride but its valent cousin chlorine that is harming us.

Get it out of your water before drinking or bathing in it.

Studies have shown the amount of chlorine we ingest is 300-600 times more than is safe for us. Chloramine unlike chlorine does not evaporate, so leaving our glass will not get rid of chloramine, nor will boiling, it may actually make it worse by condensing the chemical.?If we shower for just 10 minutes, we absorb water through our skin. We will also absorb 6 times more Chlorine than when drinking, as it goes through the pores of your skin straight into your bloodstream. You will also be breathing Chlorine and Ammonia gas from the steam.…

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