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Some ICE for Langley

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Integrated capstone events are in all 5 eyes nations.

The fact that this is a worldwide story is the main evidence.

Bringing the “unhoused” into the media makes one look to the UN SDGs to see what they’re up to.

Digital IDs are one goal to capture them into the system to be tracked, traced, and monitored – and monetized.

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There was no blood in Buffalo

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Alex Jones is still calling everything false flag. Why doesn’t he know about crisis actors? Deliberate this info is the reason.

[Infinite Plane Radio] “SPACE JUNK FALLS ON INDIA, HELTER SKELTER 2022”, iNFINITE PLANE RADIO 5/16/22 @realtimozman… via @PodcastAddict

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The Buffalo Shooting Psyop INFINITE PLANE SUNDAY 5/15/22

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“The Buffalo Shooting Psyop” INFINITE PLANE SUNDAY 5/15/22

2022-05-16 by Infinite Plane Radio

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From The Desk of Tim Ozman 5/15/22: The MSM uses fear and shock to deter scrutiny. I overcame the shock of their agitprop after the Christchurch shooting. Here are my observations so far which constitute a preponderance of the evidence justifying my claims of hoaxery.
My initial impression upon hearing of this latest shooter was how it was clearly patterned off previous fake shooters like Brenton Tarrant, Anders Breivik, Patrick Crusius, Dylan Roof, and
Nick Cruz.
The shooter was compared to Kyle Rittenhouse (who was trending today) because he traveled for several hours to get to the location.
Like the El Paso Wal-Mart shooter Patrick Crusius, he was motivated by anti-immigrant sentiment learned on the Internet.
His Manifesto is plagiarized from Anders Breivik and Brenton Tarrant.

The MSM had an immediate and unified response: this was an Internet radicalized terrorist and a product of Fox News, specifically Tucker Carlson.
The agenda-driven response was immediate: the Government needs to act, Minority Report-style, to stop these preventable shootings. Preventable, of course, by monitoring “free speech” on social media.
The timing of this event with the election cycle is too perfect. It’s especially convenient that Tucker Carlson can be effectively scapegoated here.
We witnessed here an example of “Scooby-doo justice”: the villain was caught, exposed, deconstructed, and in court in the span of one episode of Scooby-doo. There is no need for the presumption of innocence because the MSM is the judge and jury in the court of public opinion.
Brenton Tarrant and Payton Gendron need to get refunds on their GoPro lenses. Gendron’s camera pixelated and made it very easy to cover up the fakery. There is little reason to think it wasn’t pre-produced and streamed as though live. The glitchiness of the video is part of the ruse to make it appear live. It was exaggeratedly and comically glitchy. The platform Twitch is obviously in the crosshairs of big censorship. One of the victims magically appears from the pixelation only to fall headfirst, only he stops moving and falling, as though frozen in time. His hat floats down but then freezes in mid-air before debris appears all around this levitating/ suspended presumably dead person, and then the pixels wash it all away. Others were already posed on the ground. There was a “squibbyness” to the bullet impacts. The bodies were left for live streaming witnesses to broadcast. None of the responders decided to roll one of them onto her back to check a pulse. The bodies weren’t covered and no efforts were made to check for signs of life. (Did NASA produce this?) This shooting was in part retaliation for the Waukesha truck attack, which itself was retaliation for Kenosha. This mirrors the Boulder King Super’s supermarket shooting which was retaliation for the Christchurch shooting. On October 19, 2021, the Buffalo shooter Tweeted “Q sent me” from the account @Qanon1062021. This is a reference to 1/06/2021, and the Qanon Shaman who proclaimed “Q sent me.” Even more interesting: the Qanon Shaman had “buffalo” horns. Tim Ozman, IPR Host

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Guess the search for bodies is over

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Part 2 of the controlled demolition done early last night.

Clearly the building was completely wired BEFORE Part 1 of the collapse.

This event is another land clear to simply build back better for a smart city condo complex.

Insert some crisis actors to continue to fool the people of the world – no different from the 9/11 psyop.

Watch for surrounding buildings to be controlled demolitioned as they are “unstable” from initial collapse – similar to the 9 buildings of the WTC.

No one dies and no one gets hurt in these events. #NDNGH #HRDPAR


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