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From SimWars to Elmhurst in Corona, NY

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From simulation in 2019 to simulation in 2020, you only have to change the date and add the media to make it real.

Starring Colleen Smith

A Simulated Mass Casualty Incident Triage Exercise: SimWars | MedEdPORTAL…


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Jaykay gets vicsims

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The hosts are annoying, but the guest understands the simulation.

  • Legal persons and natural persons
  • Jon Bonet Ramsey was a fictional legal person

#302: The Psyop Of Jonbenet Ramsey with Human Vibration Jay Kay

2020-04-16 by Sam Tripoli

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Thank you for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode we go deep maybe too deep. We welcome twitter internet researcher Jay Kay to the to discuss her theory that Jonbenet never existed and it was all psyop special casted on all of us. Now Jay Kay went even deeper on the show so it gets really crazy. The views expressed by Jay Kay are really out there and not that of anyone else on the show. I do want to say that Jay Kay is not a podcaster, an author trying to sell a book, a fit maker or anything other than a researcher. This was her first podcast and she might not understand what can happen if you go little too deep. She didn’t ask to come on I asked her. So she isn’t a polished presenter so I ask you cut her some slack. I asked her on because I thought her thread was very interesting. If you don’t agree with something she said that is fine please just let it go. I like her enthusiasm and would love to talk to her again. Check out the thread she put together on Jonbenet that is really interesting. I learned a lot of stuff that I didn’t know about the case.

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Everything’s in the WHO manual

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If you want to know what’s going on, you’ve got to read the recently prepared WHO manual. All good drills are prepared years in advance, and one can only imagine the quantity of training material. Of course they used Bill’s Microsoft Powerpoint for most of it.

We are in a War Games simulation exercise. The only difference is you are not being paid to be in the simulation: you’re being asked to sit out.

Your only requirement is to shut up and stay home, and call 311 when you see any of the other non-paid NPCs disobeying the rules.

Establish the basis for your response based upon country specific details, data that you have on hand such as the national response plan, as well as local laws, customs, prevention and response capacity, and other information about the country.
Consider all information you receive as true; as ‘fact’
For the purposes of the simulation, any data that you receive from facilitation team is to be considered correct, true, or ‘fact’. Please do not challenge the scenario during the course of the simulation.
Do NOT create additional fictional scenarios! Use the data presented in the simulation!
The information you will receive through-out the course of the exercise provides you with ALL the data you will need. Do not invent numbers, figures etc. unless asked to.

WHO webpage

Participant’s guide Download
Generic COVID-19 PowerPoint Download


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Land of the epidemic

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File this story under the category farce upon farce.

If you trust any of the mainstream Media news after reading insanely stupid stories like this then you deserve the COVID19 abuse you get every day.

When will people wake up?

Isis has warned its followers to avoid travelling to Europe because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Reversing its previous calls for jihadists to target the area, the terrorist group advised supporters not to enter “the land of the epidemic”.…

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Learn you some virus mechanics

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If your mind is simple (like mine) then you need cartoons to understand science.

Here’s a cartoon that illustrates the absurdity of viri.

If don’t believe in DNA/RNA, like I don’t, and don’t believe in electron microscopy, like I don’t, then there’s not much here to convince that viri exist at all.

That nullifies the whole origin story of the Corona Virus Hoax, and of the current engineered economic collapse.

Everything real that is happening now is due to a myth.

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Plandemic and other new words

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So many new words and phrases to use to help reinforce the myth.

Like fakeologist, we need words to emphasize the new concept.

My favorite word so far is plandemic. This accurately describes the fakeologist viewpoint. #plandemic

Phrases I find amusing being used regularly are

  • Social distancing
  • Self quarantine
  • Self isolation

Every time you use the new terms you help spread the myth.

Everyone time you say fakeologist you help others search for the website, since Google’s 98% monopoly that we have them will not find…

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HBC596 -Corona Busters – Markus Allen returns

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It takes a #plandemic to get the dynamic duo back together.

Call 596 -Down On The Farm (Human Ranch).

2020-03-17 by darwinsdead

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The Big Corona Virus Scare, Medical Industry is the Number One Cause of Death, Joe Rogans Disease Expert , Bone Fractures Heal Themselves, Real Longevity
,Carnivore Diet, Markus Allen Calls In, Ulcerative Colitis, Coffee, Vegetables are Toxic, Magical Castor Oil, The Bates Method, Dr. Shawn Baker, Dr. Paul Saladino, Logical Fallacies, Q Anon, Cloak and Dagger, Jeffrey Epstein, Pedophilia Rings, Bill Gates Resigns from Microsofts Board and Berkshire Hathaway, Oprah Arrested, Societal Breakdown, Compliance Rituals, Google Censorship, Post-Corona America, 5G, Genealogy, Vegan Questions, Regenerative Farming, Cement Industry Biggest Contributor to Global Greenhouse Gasses, Discount Stores, Forced Medical Interventions, Title 13 of the US Code, The Constitution of the United States, Trump Going down in History as the Worst US President Ever, The Whitehouse Animated Series,

Intro Music: Down on the farm by UK Subs,
Outro Music: Rock Me by Electronic Concept Orchestra

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