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War hero hoax

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It was part of a ritual, the Slaying of the King, that would play out in 1963. Prior to killing the king, the man genuinely had to be, in the eyes of the public, royalty. His supposed affair with Marylin Monroe (Happy Birthday Mr. President) was part of the grooming, a subtle message to men, hitting their fantasies square on, that the guy scored with the most beautiful woman on the planet. That was no accident. How else did it ever air for the public to see, Jackie sitting there all discomfit?…

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False prophets

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Is he doing more harm than good?

Robert F Kennedy Jr, the nephew of President John F Kennedy and a prominent vaccine sceptic, has admitted that an invite to his holiday party asked for people to be vaccinated or tested for Covid-19.…

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Moondoggie: Nobody went anywhere

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Another good piece from Mark.

McGowan is a spook.

I say “is” a spook, as he is said to have died on 11/22/15. That’s a spook date. Circumstances are, however, suspicious. I cannot locate them now, as they are not available anywhere.
McGowan, who is sporting what I think of as a shit-eating grin in the photo above, ran a website called Center for an Informed America, or CIA for short.…

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Still waiting for the JFK documents

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One of the greatest psyops in recent history, the “investigation” into his “death” still hasn’t been released.

They’re using the same narrative for the Covaids ingredients/studies misdirection today.

I like Matthew, but he still doesn’t reveal psyops, hoaxes, media fakery and phony deaths.

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Did Richard Drew take any of his own iconic pictures?

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The famous RFK shot and the Giant falling man shot. Both are likely composite photos that this guy had nothing to do with but as always they economize the players in their fabricated stories.

Cluesforum King Kong Falling man thread…


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Who wrote MLK’s speeches?

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MLK was a great speaker – but was he an economic genius?

If this speech was written by him, which I highly doubt, then he should have been at the very least an economic advisor to the President of the day.

This is some heavy social engineering thinking-only a high level think tank analyst could write.

MLK could deliver the words, but would his typical black, poor church audience even have one clue what the hell he was talking about?

Source: Say It Loud!: Great Speeches on Civil Rights and African American Identity – Google Books

If this doesn’t convince you that MLK was a puppet of the elite, a great actor, given to them to lead them nowhere, then I don’t know what will.

Here’s a link

I’m not talking about communism. What I’m talking about is far beyond communism. My inspiration didn’t come from Karl Marx; my inspiration didn’t come from Engels; my inspiration didn’t come from Trotsky; my inspiration didn’t come from Lenin. Yes, I read Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital a long time ago, and I saw that maybe Marx didn’t follow Hegel enough. He took his dialectics, but he left out his idealism and his spiritualism. And he went over to a German philosopher by the name of Feuerbach, and took his materialism and made it into a system that he called “dialectical materialism.” I have to reject that.

Here’s the speech.

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56 Years ago today

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The entire world was subjected to the first mass deception using the TV – and they didn’t see a thing. The Zapruder film wasn’t released for almost a decade later, yet people were painted a picture by the news anchors of the day. Click the link below to read the best explanation of the JFK Psyop.

Blue Moon’s masterpiece is out. Fetzer, read it and weep. A librarian has solved the puzzle (how ironic – Texas book depository and all!) JFK Word Master FINAL4LULUliesallkinds Page 35 …

Source: Penultimate JFK Book released |

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