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33 is simply hoax code

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33 is the most blatant way for them to message that they’re faking the numbers – all of them.

Here’s an almost 33 minute! video showing the thousands of hours of worldwide hoax messaging.

The medical military coup is worldwide.

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Ring of fire and Covid conspiracies

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A fine blend of covid/conspiracies/Qanon/middle aged/military/white/guns/Trudeau/celebs to link crazy with anyone questioning the coronavirushoax.

This toxic mix of tropes and memes is more obvious than the future mess that will be part of the mythical covid vaccine.

More pathetic psyOp writings for the Canadians who even bother reading the “news”.

The jalapeno sausage part of the story is a particularly puerile poo poo pee pee joke.

He is also the owner of a small meat company with a flagship garlic jalapeno sausage he is proud of. A father and a member of the local Lions Club, he was described as “a community-minded personality” in the local paper, back when his only notoriety was how spicy his “Ring of Fire” sausages were. The COVID-19 pandemic and its emergency restrictions brought considerable change to Hurren — to his work, his military life, his public pastimes and, perhaps, his state of mind.

Hurren was charged Friday with 22 criminal offenses: one of uttering threats, the rest relating to his four firearms and ammunition brought into the Rideau grounds.

Source: Man who allegedly crashed truck through Rideau Hall’s gate with four guns is soldier troubled by COVID conspiracies | National Post

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Overdose of 33

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I’m sure they did lay off thousands but was this number really necessary? Endless masonfitti signaling.

WestJet will lay off 3,333 workers and is planning to consolidate and contract out much of its operations as the pandemic continues to sink the majority of demand for air travel.

Source: WestJet lays off 3,333 workers as pandemic continues to wipe out demand for air travel | CBC News

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Legislature is gelded, nullified – rule by decree

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COVID has crowned a new king – our former Prime Minister.

Even though he has a minority in parliament – meaning he needs co-operation from the “opposition”, he has emergency COVID powers, which means, like a king, he can rule by decree.

The #HRDPAR staged hoax shooting in Nova Scotia is so fresh that no government could react with such lightening speed – unless the legislation was already written and unless the government had given itself dictatorial powers.

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair has drawn up a list of 11 firearms that he is recommending be banned in Canada and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is now reviewing that list, sources said. Trudeau’s final approval could come as soon as today, the French-language arm of CBC reported.

If enacted, the bans would be imposed through an order-in-council — a cabinet decree — not legislation, sources said. Parliament’s attention is entirely on the pandemic right now. The government could still introduce gun control legislation down the line when the current limits on parliamentary work are lifted.

Source: Federal government could act on gun control as early as Friday: sources | CBC News

What exactly is the rush to pass new gun laws? Since it’s not about a staged hoax, it can only be because all western governments are worried about armed citizens. At least in the USA, citizens were given the right to bear arms to protect them from tyrannical governments, like the ones that have suddenly emerged overnight in wake of COVID.

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If you thought the Nova Scotia shooting was fiction…

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… then you were right.

It was.

Episode 11 of FBI: Most Wanted.

Psyops are a mind game where are you are the played.

The sooner you see that there are no coincidences but scripts, the sooner you will be free from the manufactured Terror.

FBI: Most Wanted’ episode days before N.S. shooting rampage features eerie similarities
In the episode, a man named Gabriel goes on a murderous spree while wearing his police uniform. Whether it influenced Gabriel Wortman may be unknowable…

Miles Mathis also agrees this is fake – and good news that the is winding down. Link

The good news is that to me this means the coronahoax is slowly being phased out, to be replaced by the weekly faked shootings again. We haven’t seen any in a long time, which is strange in itself. I guess all the crazy mass murderers were being good citizens for a couple of months, staying home, social distancing, and stocking up on toilet paper. You would have thought the stress of corona would have made more piggy men go postal, but we saw the opposite phenomenon, with no one playing shoot ’em up for many weeks. Why? I’ll tell you why: all the agents were busy on their coronahoax assignments, and none were spared to manufacture these fake shootings.

Update 4/27:

Here’s another video showing how – guess what? – shared crisis actors/LARPers came to Nova Scotia. The live ones participating in these staged events are LARPers – the rest are sims.

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911… a busy day

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The blog stats show its been busier, even if many discordians don’t even know it exists.
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I’d prefer if they did, as I don’t own or retrieve the lost content.
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COVID magic numbers

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Every single number in this (massaged) story is occult.

It’s off the charts in your face.

It’s not magic – it’s just in-your-face scripting, graffiti for the scriptwriters to tell tell each other that their audience is as dumb as rocks for (not) noticing, and not being able to do a damn thing about it.


Ontario’s regional transit agency says ridership on its bus and rail network is down to approximately 33,000 people per day, a 90 per cent decrease since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Metrolinx, which operates GO Transit in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, says ridership dipped to those levels last week and has stayed there as people continue to work from home and self-isolate. ‘A glimmer of hope’: Health officials expect number of COVID-19 cases in Ontario to start going down soon A spokesper.

Prior to the pandemic, daily ridership on GO Transit was approximately 330,000 people.

Revenue has also plunged for the agency, down to $1.1 million a week from $11 million weekly prior to the pandemic.

Three GO Transit workers have tested positive for the virus, with another three having probable cases.

Source: GO Transit ridership down 90% as people stay home during COVID-19 pandemic | CBC News

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