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COVaids 19 passengers phony story

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A fake story to compliment the biggest fake story of all time.

Air Canada said Thursday afternoon that it’s so far blocked 19 people from flying because they were linked to the group, but that it can be difficult to screen them out.…

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Fake authors

like this

Bit of revelation of the method-my guess is that most major artists are writing teams funded by NGOs, intelligence agencies, and the elites.

All culture creators to lead society, not reflect it.

Think Shakespeare, Mozart, Steven King, and maybe the odd truther.

An anonymous writer who has been likened to Italy’s pseudonymous Ellena Ferrante was just awarded a €1MM ($1.16MM dollars) literary prize for her dazzling work as a groundbreaking female author. There’s only one minor clarification though: she’s a he.…

h/t Topochico

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Vox Popoli: Bill Gates didn’t kill himself

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There is very little that seems real with Gates and Micro$oft.

From the origin story to the deals along the way, it’s another myth with a rich family’s elite son to try and sell the American anyone-can-be-president or get rich hoax.

I also think Bill and Melinda personas have been switched and are now played by different actors – at least once.

I’ll post some pictures later. Maybe POM can help with this.…

More nonsense about Gates used to misdirect from the fact that he’s another actor like Zucks and Bezos and is the front man for the elite’s computer monopoly.

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Is North Korea a potemkin village?

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Human Vibration posed the valid question: does anyone actually live in North Korea, and if so, how many? How does their population remain static if their birth rate is below replacement?

The numbers are likely all fabrications.

They even have Propaganda City, itself a potemkin village.

There’s a good chance North Korea was turned into a UN wilding area after the Korean war, and everyone drained out into the south.

There are probably a few controlled places for people to visit, but overall, I think the country is an illusion.



[Real Eyes Radio] Episode 04: Tuned In @humanvibration… via @PodcastAddict

H/t Pete:

What Titanic event will bring in internet regulation?

likes this

Smj brought this link..and it’s full of gold.

Who knew amateur telegraph operators were buggering up the Titanic transcription service?

Likely a lie, it brought in a “hesitant” Congress to regulate the air waves thanks to the great work of Sarnoff.

Myths create laws and grow government.

While the sinking of the Titanic showcased radio’s potential value as a life-saving technology, it also raised questions about the need to control its use. The lack of clear guidelines concerning shipboard wireless equipment and interference from amateur operators had hindered rescue efforts and cost lives.

Congress, which had previously hesitated to regulate the airwaves, seized upon the disaster to pass the Radio Act of 1912. This law divided the electromagnetic spectrum between amateur, government, and commercial users and mandated that all American operators, even experienced ones like David Sarnoff, had to be licensed. To accommodate the demand for trained wireless experts, the Marconi Company recruited Sarnoff to act as an instructor at a newly organized technical institute…

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They seeded this story early

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Forgot about this story. The purpose is to soak up all searches seeking the actual death hoax of 3/22/16.

Rob Ford is dead. At least that’s what social media is saying. However the Toronto Mayor didn’t die. He’s just the victim of an Internet death hoax.

Click here for my posts on the topic that don’t come up in most searches.…

Snowbird down

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A media officer dies? Was she flying the plane or reporting in it? Remember the majority of the 9/11 “witnesses” and of course reporters were media.

This story is so full of holes and humor I have no idea where to start.

Yet another likely staged event to drag the already low morale of the country into the ditch.

The Canadian Forces Snowbirds’ cross-country tour to raise people’s spirits during the COVID-19 pandemic turned to tragedy Sunday when one of its planes plunged into the ground in Kamloops, B.C., killing one member and injuring another. The Snowbirds jet crashed shortly after takeoff and burst into flames in the front yard of a house. Capt. Jenn Casey, a public affairs officer with the Snowbirds, died in the crash, the Canadian Armed Forces said in a statement.

Source: Canadian Forces Snowbirds jet crashes in Kamloops, B.C., killing 1, injuring another | CBC News

Here’s the crash. The ejectee wasn’t injured, despite his parachute not having time to open. Is he rubberman?

Mad Mike’s fatal crash. It appears he plunged from a greater height.

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