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My life is way more peaceful knowing that almost everything is staged by the Legacy Media

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Those that are fretting over every media story that comes their way must live a stressful and very negative life. I live just the opposite and enjoy picking apart all the fear stories that are supposed to scare me and make me upset. This is a good thing.

It’s been 5 years since I was a hit on their show.

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Fakeologist Donation to Noagendashow

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I have a list of places I donate to – including one of my favorite podcasts, the

Here’s a clip of my latest donation.

You can donate to my show at

Support non-msm content creators!

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Fakeologist disinformation network exposed by the quotes

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Steve’s paranoia goes another level deeper. Should I be flattered by this new level of attention? I didn’t really know there were different types of quotation marks between the Americans and the British. For some reason I favor the American spelling of many words, simply because they look better to me. Many Canadians are stuck in between British and American isms, including me.

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Anonymous webtroll

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I get a mention in the great Miles Mathis’ latest paper.

Now anyone who links or dares discuss MM is a troll? Get over yourself, man.

I don’t have this website for the fame or hits. I do it because I enjoy studying media, and how things work.

I don’t “promote” anything or anyone I have on this site. I simply blog what I inquire and wonder about.

I retain my semi-anonymous nature to simply save my family of any unwanted attention due to  my otherwise misunderstood views – not to mention people climbing all over my family tree, which I can assure you would yield nothing of interest.

Since Fakeologist is promoting Weisbecker as well as Flat Earth and Trannies, I think we have him pegged, too. And remember, Fakeologist is another anonymous webtroll, with no given name and no biographical information available. Why would you listen to anything he says? His rank in Arts and Entertainment>Music and Audio is 15,137. In the US it is 229,194. In the world it is 810,348. My art site by itself ranks almost 3 times higher worldwide, and far higher in Arts and Entertainment.


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Humboldt and Dread

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I had a private conversation with humble Howard today. He did not want want be recorded so I respected his wish. He still thinks I need help and is worried about me. He stuck to his guns and sees no reason to even look at the evidence that we have presented here of a hoax. He wished me well and said he will not be communicating with me again. This has been quite a week for breakups at

Nobody said giving people an alternate version of the media would be easy. This week is proof.

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Welcome Hoi plug

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While Clues is busy solving the solar system, we are still doing fakery.

Hoi gives one of the first directly quoted plugs for us at Cluesforum – ever. Hoi is also the only fakeologist I’ve met in person. Fantastic man.

As for the speed of the site, it is on a shared server. I don’t have that many doodads to slow it down but if you are concerned feel free to read the site off of the feed using a feed reader such as You’ll be able to whiz thru the comments, the forums and the posts in three different feeds at record speed.

Local psyops – and minor media scams • Canadian Hockey crash — April 2018….

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He’s just sick in the head

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Having unpopular views has never been so… unpopular,

The hockey bus crash is escalating in importance here. All our major media and leaders, up to Elizabeth R., are validating an event that doesn’t even pass the first test of a realistic crash scene.

Why are people so eager to embrace death and not hope and life?

DaveJ is correct in his harsh spiritual murderer assessment, but after time, harsh words are all I think people will notice to wake them from their slumber to see how far the deceivers are willing to go.

Start at 21:00.

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PG12-fake nuclear edition

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AA Morris Presents: The Proper Gander At Propaganda Podcast Episode 13 â?? Hey Let’s Fake A Nuclear Attack! Forget about fake alien invasion- forget about Orson Welles and 1938 and think Hiroshima instead. The history of CGI is also discussed. SHOW NOTES: 1984 Computer Chronicles Computer Chronicles – “Computer Graphics” 1984 (Part 1) â?¢ c c arc â?¢… Chronicles – “Computer Graphics” 1984 (Part 2)

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