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Bones don’t turn to oil

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I’m not the biggest rap fan, but when it comes to conspiracy rap B.o.b is the best.


(Rick and Morty sample)

[Verse 1]
I think a lit a fuse..
Embryos in food
Feed them in the school
Every day at noon

Police still abuse
Pedos get excused
Flowers still in bloom

Politicians lie
Chemtrails in the sky
Clones report the news
Clones report the news
Clones report the news
Clones report the news

Fluoride in your water
Babies get the needle
Before they leave the womb
Zombies in the room
Zombies in the tomb, elephant, what?
Elephant in the muthafuckin room

Bones don’t turn to oil
Bones don’t turn to oil, nigga
Bones don’t turn to oil

Bones don’t turn to oil
Bones don’t turn to oil, nigga
Bones don’t turn to oil

Bones don’t turn to oil
Bones don’t turn to oil, nigga
Bones don’t turn to oil

Bones don’t turn to oil
Bones don’t turn to oil, nigga
Bones don’t turn to oil

I’m the creator, the operator and the destroyer, muthafucka!
I’m the bait, the hostage and the ransom, muthafucka!

[Verse 2]
Who the fuck got a problem with Bobby Ray?
Since when did we give a fuck what a lunatic got to say?
Mr. Potato head and Shill Nye behave
Quit sucking each other off and debate with Eric Dubay
Debate with C Freeman El, and Dr. Alim El-Bey
Don’t know about you, but my ancestors was never slaves
If I had a dollar for every agent they sent my way?
Then I’d have enough money to send a rocket to space
And get some of that hair gel them NASA hoes be using
That have some “pretty nice waves, pretty nice waves”

I cut my phone off and I lay low (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Cuz most these truther pages on a payroll
I’m not your leader, so don’t follow me (No sir)
Follow your own mind, and your own mythology (Yes sir)
Cuz if your mind ain’t your own, it’s somebody else’s property
So why them mocking me?
Ey, use your common sense
I don’t make no sense, I just rap I don’t know shit, BANDZ!

Produced By
Written By

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HBC:KHOAX-music that bombed – Project Nuke Hoax

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Crawl out through the fallout. Fantastic show guys make sure to support

In this special edition of the Afternoon Commute, John and Myself(Chris) , being fans of the music podcast, Project Moonbase(, do our own version with an Atom Bomb theme, Featuring:Atom Bomb by Glen Barber, Nuclear Weapon by Roland Alphonso & The Skatalites,The Bomb by Volkor X, Nuclear War by Sun Ra, Thirteen Women by Bill Haley and The Comets, Eclectic Funeral by Brass Sabbath, Loving Arms by The Bellfries, Oh Lord Donâ??t Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb on Me by

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The Fab Four Dozen

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If you like the Beatles, which I do, then this  board is worth a look. Seems fresh too.

Demonic Hypnotic Control Through Music

The Beatles were the creation of Tavistock (by simulacra?). You only have to go back to the writings of Aristotle:

“Emotions of any kind are produced by melody and rhythm. Therefore by music a man becomes accustomed to feeling the right emotions. Music has the power to form character, and the various kinds of music based on the various notes may be distinguished by their effects on character. One for example, working in the direction of melancholy, another of effeminacy; one encouraging abandonment, another self control, another enthusiasm, and so on through the series.”


“When modes of music change, the fundamental laws of the state always change with them (for) this spiritual licence, finding a home, imperceptibly penetrates into manners and customs; whence, issuing with greater force, it invades contracts between man and man, and from contracts goes on to laws and constitutions, in utter recklessness, ending at last, by an overthrow of all rights, private as well as public.”

via Tavistock Agenda – Creator of The Beatles | Fab Four Dozen.

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Faul on Paul

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Read this article with this paradigm: the Beatles were an invented entity, like Mozart, whose songs were created by a wide swath of song writers of the day, who deliberately mixed lyrics and melody according to a strict, tested, hypnotic formula from Tavistock to influence and lead people. Only then will this article make sense, for instance, here Faul is convincing himself of his own history as we are told.

So I started off with this song — just a nostalgic trip, really. I was remembering John and I in Liverpool as young boys, walking down the street, dressed in black, guitars slung across our backs, trying to get people to listen to our music. Or we’d be in the record shop, listening to new records. All these experiences were in the song. And then I got to the last verse and I thought, “That’s all very well, me telling everyone how all this went down, but there are a lot of people who are going to say, ‘Well, no — I know what really happened.’ “

His new song Early Days is mocking those that question the history of Faul/Paul, of “who did this, and who did that”.

via What Makes Paul McCartney Nervous? : NPR.

h/t Rollo

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Michael Jackson faked death?

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I tend to agree. I also agree that it’s a distinct possibility that all major bands that see steep declines in popularity or want to exit out of the public eye quickly AND ca$h in quickly on the huge bounce in sales fake the lead singer’s death. Not sure if this is valid today as much, since tickets and t-shirts are the only way for acts to make money.

Michael Jackson?

Well hoi, I think it has been proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that his death was faked, and he is definitely a master of disguise as seen in the photo below. If there was any ONE individual with enough power and money to “attack the system”, it would be him. I’m guessing his hatred of the media could be a motivator and if there’s any truth to the theory, perhaps there are other individuals behind the scenes working with him.