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NASA is a noble lie

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The NASA science recruiting group create lies to get children into science and maths – with a goal that is fantasy and imagination.
That seems like a worthy goal – but it’s a lie based on Disney’s space imagination.
Is it worthwhile? Does it do more good than harm?
They think so – it’s called a noble lie.

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The Sun hoaxes the Moon – in 1835

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Long before NASA was even a seed.

The Great Moon Hoax of 1835 was the most spectacular global news event of the year, despite it being a complete fabrication. Was it satire gone wrong, or a cynical ploy to sell newspapers?

Source: The Great Moon Hoax: The Birth of Fake News?


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Follow the bouncing ball

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Very few are paying attention to NASA and its pathetic fakery.

For those that do, here’s another slip up.

Dear all, it would appear that ‘zero gravity’ acts in – uh – opposed directions – depending on which side of the Earth the ISS is traveling…

Source: Fakery in Orbit: THE I$$ – Page 105 – Cluesforum—Exposing Mass Deception


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Space programs are cults of the obelisk

likes this

Works for every country and every religion, and I’m sure they’ll customize it for the Covidian religion.

Great work by IPS.

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