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Admitting there are no satellites

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Apparently satellites don’t really do much to predict the weather, especially since they don’t exist. This article illustrates that.

Data reports from aircraft are combined with other information obtained from manned and automated weather stations, weather buoys, radar, radiosondes, wind profiles and satellites.…

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Double the fakery

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Combine the space fake narrative with fake contagious virus and you’ve got astrovirology. Of course NASA is in charge of this illusion.

Since the dawn of the Space Age, astrobiologists have worked to determine whether neighboring planets harbor life forms, particularly microbes like bacteria, archaea, and fungi. Some scientists are wondering if they left something out. Now, the search for extraterrestrial life has landed on viruses.

Source: Scientists are searching space for extraterrestrial viruses

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ISS in Toronto

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Here’s a non-Corona post: the ISS is coming to Toronto – and it looks like an airplane! Maybe that’s because it IS an airplane – a super sonic military jet with lights posing as solar panels.

NASA said the station will look like an airplane moving across the sky, except it doesn’t have flashing lights and will be moving considerably faster than an aircraft.

Source: ISS is viewable in the Toronto night sky this week | CTV News

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Where there’s a hoax, there’s an a$$trueNOT

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These psience guys know something about everything – except space.

Truly a lifetime LARPer role.

Here’s Canada’s version. Find your own depending on your country.

Anon says he’s calling from Corunna (Corona link), Ontario.

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