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The Apollo software could not power a calculator let alone a spacecraft

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Once more, the millionth piece of truth in plain sight, waiting to see if the masses can do basic research.

You know the answer.

I came across the source code for the Apollo flight computer. It seems some guy has bothered to scan the printouts so that they can be compiled and executed in a emulator:…
Forgiving the fact that a computer with 24Kbytes and a 2MHz clock would hardly have the muscle to perform the complex calculations needed for stabilizing a rocket, guiding it in a complex trajectory to/from the Moon and even controlling all the onboard systems, I’ve peered into the code looking for what should be the most complex part, that is, the rocket control and guidance algorithm… and the conclusions for anyone who has even a bare minimum of programming knowledge is that it is an absolute fake!

Apollo, and more space hoaxes • Re: The MOON HOAX….

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If you believe in spacex/NASA, then enjoy your covaids

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No one hanging out here believes in NASA, the moon landing, the ISS, or any type of space travel.

We know, based on their own contradictions, that all of it is simply Hellywood special effects.

Here the script writers tie covaids and masks with their phony space story.

Trump / Pence, the right’s false prophets, are also doing nothing but going along with the fakery.

With COVID-19 still surging, NASA continued the safety precautions put in place for SpaceX’s crew launch in May. The astronauts went into quarantine with their families in October. All launch personnel wore masks, and the number of guests at Kennedy was limited. Even the two astronauts on the first SpaceX crew flight stayed behind at Johnson Space Center in Houston.…

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Here’s the seasons reason and the earth tilt myth

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Basically we’re clumped hard rocks that stuck together and got wacked around 11 times to knock us off our keel and make a moon.

Is it any wonder we believe in the coronavirushoax?

Wapo link

Small clumps of debris gathered into larger clumps, which merged into small planets, which then collided to form larger planets.

Scientists estimate that Earth suffered around 10 of these giant collisions. Each altered the tilt of the Earth by knocking it one direction or the other. In the last of these encounters, a rocky orb roughly the size of Mars smashed into the Earth.

Hamilton said that scientists may spar over the details of the collision, but they broadly agree on what happened next. The Mars-sized planet hit the Earth at such an angle and with such force that it sent pieces of both celestial bodies flying into space. That debris settled into orbit around the Earth and eventually coalesced into the moon.

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Admitting there are no satellites

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Apparently satellites don’t really do much to predict the weather, especially since they don’t exist. This article illustrates that.

Data reports from aircraft are combined with other information obtained from manned and automated weather stations, weather buoys, radar, radiosondes, wind profiles and satellites.…

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Double the fakery

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Combine the space fake narrative with fake contagious virus and you’ve got astrovirology. Of course NASA is in charge of this illusion.

Since the dawn of the Space Age, astrobiologists have worked to determine whether neighboring planets harbor life forms, particularly microbes like bacteria, archaea, and fungi. Some scientists are wondering if they left something out. Now, the search for extraterrestrial life has landed on viruses.

Source: Scientists are searching space for extraterrestrial viruses

h/t DirtyBenny

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