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ISS in Toronto

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Here’s a non-Corona post: the ISS is coming to Toronto – and it looks like an airplane! Maybe that’s because it IS an airplane – a super sonic military jet with lights posing as solar panels.

NASA said the station will look like an airplane moving across the sky, except it doesn’t have flashing lights and will be moving considerably faster than an aircraft.

Source: ISS is viewable in the Toronto night sky this week | CTV News

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Where there’s a hoax, there’s an a$$trueNOT

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These psience guys know something about everything – except space.

Truly a lifetime LARPer role.

Here’s Canada’s version. Find your own depending on your country.

Anon says he’s calling from Corunna (Corona link), Ontario.

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The Challenger disaster hoax – revisited

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My original post here is already 5 years old – and I still think there is something to Simon’s post. Whether or not we can find the actors all these years later, and whether or not those at the very least dopplegangers are the original actors is uncertain. It doesn’t change the fact that the whole space shuttle program was yet another chapter in the long running NASA space hoax program.

IPS revived the story on his excellent podcast on the Corona Virus Hoax and the hoax code 33.

He highlights this video of what I think is Mike Smith, 34 years later – so called flight commander. Original Link

Skip to 11:00 here in this old archive to see if you think it’s the same guy.

The whole vid is worth watching – these are clearly actor-nots, chosen for their ability to further the whole reason for NASA – space fakery, trying to keep children interested in math and science (a noble lie I suppose).

At 11:17 he touches his ear – was this an itch or a sign/signal that he was going to lie?

I’ve posted these on faketube as all the vids are likely to be taken down, save the NASA one.

Starsnotfar432 reminds me of Chris of – not afraid to make a phone call.

SpaceX and NASA love their critters

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Great post from Simon:

Dear all,

Some of you may remember that, back in 2016, I gathered a collection of 5 different SpaceX launches which all featured some sort of winged insect or bird flying in front of the “camera lens”, only seconds before or after these rockets appear to take off from their launchpads.

Here’s the link to my original 2016 post titled The SpaceX fraudsters JUST LOVE their bugs, bats, flies, bees, birds and mosquitoes

And here follow the 5 short gifs I made of these bizarre occurrences :

CLIP 1 : The SpaceX MOSQUITO (approx 1 minute before alleged rocket launch of May 27, 2016 – and JUST as puff of smoke bursts out of rocket tower)


CLIP 2: The SpaceX FLY (25 secs before alleged rocket launch of March1, 2013)

source:… … W4#t=2363s

CLIP 3: The SpaceX BAT (19 seconds before alleged rocket launch of Oct 7, 2012)

source:… … zXU#t=583s

CLIP 4: The SpaceX BEE (3 seconds before alleged rocket launch of June 4, 2010)

source;… … Hng8#t=86s

CLIP 5: The SpaceX BIRD (1 second after rocket exits lens view of alleged launch of June 4, 2010)

source:… … HrP0#t=61s

Well, here’s what can be viewed on NASA’s Youtube channel – from a more recent alleged SpaceX rocket launch (December 2019) :

Alas, my above gif has poor resolution. To view this “thing” in better quality, please go directly to the NASA video in question. Here’ s the time-stamped link to it:… … .be&t=2064

You may also wish to read the Youtube comment section of that NASA video…

As Elon Musk would say: “it looks so fake it must be real.” :rolleyes:

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Your daily NASA lie smile.

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Terrific call with JLB and IPS – you’ll have to pay to hear it.

Two videos referenced in the call that I’ve put on faketube.


Mark Kelly, space faker (and fake twin?), confronted by We Are Change, with a weak excuse for bubbles in space ” those are pieces of the space station flying off due to the harsh environment”

IPS and his billboard campaign in Philly.

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