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Finding garbage nemo

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More silly NASA fiction.

Surprised Greta doesn’t get angry about NASA dumping its fictional space garbage.

Last week, NASA announced the retirement of the International Space Station (ISS) by the end of 2030. After floating in near-Earth orbit for nearly 30 years, the ISS will plunge into a remote region of the Pacific Ocean known as Point Nemo, which lies between New Zealand and South America.…

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Here’s your satellite

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Google Earth’s satellite imagery for Toronto is years out of date – empty fields show where new warehouses now stand.

If there were really satellites taking pictures 24/7, the site would be continuously updated.

No, the real reason is it’s simply photo mapping by plane like these, which only take footage every few years.

A plane scheduled for a short flight in Ontario this week took a winding route that kept it in the air for more than four hours. CTV News Toronto looked into the flight after a post gained attention on Reddit, questioning if anyone else in Toronto “was being kept awake at 3 a.m.” by the aircraft’s noise Wednesday. The Piper PA-31 aircraft was flying at around 1,150 feet for the duration of its flight, flight tracking website Flight Radar 24 shows.

Source: Plane loops for hours over Toronto in middle of night |

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Sophisticated visualization ie fake

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More excuses from NASA fraud center.…

But the story behind the much-admired image that introduced the world to the iPhone—known as the “Blue Marble”— is worth telling in its own right. Simmon, a data-visualizer and designer at NASA’s Earth Observatory, created the image in 2002. He told Quartz it’s not a photograph, but a sophisticated visualization.

NASA is always in the media. Now we’re subjected to their constantly shifting dates of its fake rocket launch, which is actually a giant balloon with pyrotechnics.

I’m starting to think they constantly change the dates to likely explain why there’s rarely if ever a live audience. Who would show up at Cape Canaveral every single time to be told the launch is scrubbed?

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Bring in the drones

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The ISS is being impersonated by 3 drones.

Those three solar-powered drones cruising at about 740km/h at an altitude of 22km (where the air is idyllically calm) would then be made trackable on websites such as “Heavens Above” – and sold to the public as “ISS passages”. Is it technically plausible? I would say that the answer to this last question is “yes”.

Or perhaps you prefer to buy into NASA’s official story, i.e. that the “ISS” is a football-field-size machine weighing 450 tons (408,000 kg) which was built piecemeal thanks to several Space Shuttle missions – and that now keeps revolving around Earth every 90 minutes at hypersonic speeds, without fuel nor engines – and without ever being reclaimed by Earth’s gravity? By all means, you are free to buy it – and eat it too! Would you like some cream-topping on that?….

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