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Corvette sales must be down

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Another native advertising piece. I hear GM is tanking again – and even their dealers (in Canada) are suing for some of the tax money that never trickled down to them.

I hope GM filled the tank for him.

A favourite pet returned safely to its master is a story that can easily make you smile. But a car that has been missing for 33 years is an equally compelling storyline and in many ways much more intriguing. How many times have you heard about a stolen car being returned to its rightful owner?

But such is the case for George Talley and his 1979 Chevrolet Corvette. His prized possession was returned to him at General Motors world headquarters, and GM reports indicate the vehicle was found just five km from where it was stolen 33 years ago.

“It was a lucky day to hear that my car had been found,” said Talley. “They told me it was running, had 47,000 miles on it and was ready for me to pick up!”

via Stolen Corvette returns home | Toronto Sun.

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Native advertising with a hoax?

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It’s getting harder to find a real story these days. Advertisers must be going nutz trying to get past ad blockers and the lack of people tuning to old-fashioned media. Who can they turn to? Who can get our attention (at least for a few minutes)? How about the psyOp hoax writers?

The hardest part was getting across the border.

The easier part was saving the life of Jon Sacker, 33, who was close to death at The University of Pittsburgh with a rapidly deteriorating lung disease.

via Late night, high-speed drive from the U.S. to get medical device from Toronto saves life of Pittsburgh patient | Toronto Star.

If nothing else, psyOp hoaxers have a business model that can generate income.

In this story, do you think a freshly created blog is all it takes to convince the masses of someone’s identity?

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Turbulence or native advertising?

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Another dull story to be sure, but is it real or just native advertising?

Native advertising is a concept that Adam Curry made me aware of in his Since people skip ads anywhere they are placed, advertisers are paying media directly for reporting on their companies. Most are positive stories, but the ones that get noticed are most certainly the bad ones (“if it bleeds, it leads” — an old media slogan). A notable negative story was the FDA’s warnings about an opiate that was recently approved. Could the drug company that is behind the new drug be colluding for publicity?

With that in mind, could this run-of-the-mill story be false? One simple error: flight attendants do NOT serve or walk the aisle when the fasten-seat-belt sign is ON. Of course, we have the usual magicK numbers.

Chapman said a medical team cleared a 27-year-old male flight attendant who received a cut on his head during the turbulence, but didn’t need stitches. He was in an aisle serving passengers when the turbulence hit.

As a precaution, responders also checked on a 27-year-old female flight attendant, who was also serving passengers and fell to the floor, Chapman said. The medical team prescribed over-the-counter pain medication.

Chapman said the captain had the seat belt sign on, and no passengers were injured.

via Sunwing Edmonton-Puerto Vallarta flight makes Montana emergency landing after ‘pretty scary’ turbulence | National Post.

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