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NASA is a noble lie

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The NASA science recruiting group create lies to get children into science and maths – with a goal that is fantasy and imagination.
That seems like a worthy goal – but it’s a lie based on Disney’s space imagination.
Is it worthwhile? Does it do more good than harm?
They think so – it’s called a noble lie.

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Staging a crash for vision 2.0

like this

A broken fire hydrant with no water. A dead woman with no blood. A car with damage unrelated to the crash, and no skid marks. No names of victims or perps, just a story.

If you were just skeptical, and not a fakeologist, you might even wonder about the paucity of information and how things don’t add up.

A woman is dead and a man is in custody following an accident in Regent Park. Emergency crews were called to the area of Dundas Street and Regent Park Boulevard just before 1:30 p.m. Thursday. Police say a woman was attempting to cross Regent Park Boulevard at Dundas when she was struck by a car travelling eastbound. The vehicle mounted the curb and struck a fire hydrant before coming to a stop. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver been arrested for suspected impaired driving.

Source: Woman dead after hit by vehicle in Regent Park

On the very same day, we have a major announcement that speeds across the city will be reduced to help prevent crashes just like this one.

A staff report that will be considered by the city’s infrastructure and environment committee next week recommends that the speed limit be lowered from 60 km/h to 50 km/h on 41 stretches of road as part of Vision Zero 2.0.

The staff report also recommends that the speed limit be reduced from 50 km/h to 40 km/h on five other arterial roads that have been designated as pedestrian safety corridors.

The arterial roads that would be in line to have their speed limits lowered are largely clustered in the city’s east end and include portions of Finch Avenue, Eglinton Avenue, St. Clair Avenue, Victoria Park Avenue and Warden Avenue, among others.


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Knocked her crocs off

likes this

This one looks staged, with all the symbolism to make you salute the gang.Purpose: highlight pedestrian traffic awareness as the weather warms, galvanize support for bike lanes and slower traffic on yet another Toronto artery.

A woman believed to be in her 60s has died after she was struck Friday morning by a TTC bus near Bloor St. E. and Sherbourne St.Emergency services were called to the intersection shortly after 6:30 a.m. after receiving multiple calls about a woman struck and lying in the roadway, said Sgt. Brett Moore, a spokesperson for Toronto police traffic services.…

Some badly needed advertising for flagging attendance BlueJays, with a nod to peace.

Earlier, investigators could be seen taking photographs of a pair of Crocs-style sandals and a faded Blue Jays cap left lying in the middle of the intersection. A yellow button with a peace symbol could be seen pinned to the cap.

Haven’t seen staged shoes for a couple of weeks since Ethiopia.

They also used an old bus, that’s likely being furlowed for repairs or recall.

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Magic number speeds

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Hoax code numerology in all high profile speeding cases. Speed, ages all conform to the 9/11 that we look for. We get ages, where they live, but rarely names.

People do go fast, they do race at night, but why make up the numbers?

This is probably a noble lie in anticipation of spring drivers pulling out their faster summer cars.…

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PSA/Noble Lies/Just in time for summer

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Don’t lock your kid in your car and leave for an extended period of time – especially if you’re going for a long prayer.

It wasn’t that hot Wednesday, especially by the lake. Today it was hot, and tomorrow it will be. How timely of this fake story – even if it is for a good cause.

As usual, no names/charges etc. Not necessary – just focus on the teddy bears.

An autopsy has confirmed a toddler pulled from a hot car in a Burlington parking lot Wednesday evening died from being exposed to high temperatures “for an extended period of time,” Halton Regional police said in a news release Thursday.

Source: Autopsy confirms Burlington toddler pulled from hot car died of exposure to heat | The Star

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Satellite simulation:to the point 

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As hoi says, a lot of time can be wasted easily trying to find the answers. But I give you a short reply to your questions.

There are some ‘windows’ in the atmosphere so, depending on the frequency, the radiation emitted from Earth is reflected, propagated or escaped to outer space. The same goes for radiation coming from outer space. Then, the explanation goes like this:

– radio waves up to 30 MHz reflect in the atmosphere;
– radio waves with a frequency higher than 3 GHz escape through the atmosphere;
– in the middle, radio waves are propagated through the atmosphere;
– infrared radiation is mostly absorbed by the atmosphere;
– then visible light and some UV radiation pass through the atmosphere;
– the rest of the spectrum (X-rays, gamma rays) is blocked by the atmosphere.

That’s all. You can search all the details and graphics that you want. And this explains radio astronomy, satellites communications, GPS, etc.….

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Teaching noble lies 

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Once more blurring the lines between what’s real and fake, we have an admitted noble lie. 

Interesting how only half of the people think #hrdpar is wrong. 

Just after the morning Pledge of Allegiance last Wednesday, students at Brodhead High School received a startling announcement.

Four of their classmates had been killed in a car crash involving texting and driving…

9/11 was an #hrdpar. Soon, all will realise this. The majority won’t care, and our controllers know this. This guarantees it will keep happening until it is an ineffective farming technique. Then maybe they’ll have to go back to the old tried and true threat of violence. 

H/t questioningourreality.blogspot…

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Furnace maintenance time

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It’s been a warm fall so far in the Great Lakes Megaregion. Now’s the time to check your furnace as temperatures inevitably fall.

Here’s an exploding house to remind you.

I suspect it’s an engineered explosion for rebuilding/insurance. Many 11 factor numbers. A noble lie.

Estelline Black Feather, 66, was taking a nap on her couch Thursday afternoon when her house shook and woke her up.It was about 3 p.m., and the sound of a massive explosion rocked her house in the East Ridge neighborhood about a half mile from the center of Pine Ridge.

Source: Pine Ridge explosion that killed four leads to sadness, and more fear | Local |

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Backyard antics? Where are the jaws of life?

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On my way out to pick up my child, a road in front of me was closed.

Here’s the media story. Normally, when one comes across a collision in one’s own area, one is not skeptical. After all, can we be fooled in our own neighborhood?

A 19-year-old woman is dead and two other people are fighting for their lives in hospital after a collision between a dump truck and an Acura sedan in Pickering.

Source: Female driver killed, two others critically injured in Pickering collision

I take this scene, since I know it was there, as real. However, I didn’t see the collision, therefore, I don’t know if it was real. Some problems I have verifying if it was not staged.

  • no skid marks  I did see a photo with skid marks (but didn’t check road with my own eyes)
  • dump truck’s identifying company markings (required by law) obscured or perhaps absent
  • occurred within 500m of a fire station, normally the first respondents
  • no jaws of life

Does anyone remember the jaws of life? I am on Toronto roads daily, and see results of what look like real collisions all the time. These were/are staples of serious collision scenes. They took often hours to use to extricate passengers. (Apparently they are still in use world wide – link)

In the last few years, I have not even once heard them referenced around here. What’s changed? Do cars now crack open like walnuts, allowing passengers to fall out? More likely, the lack of their use is proof that so many of the recent collision scenes are staged for drill purposes and noble lie shows. After all, they take much time to use, and if the media were at a real scene, and they were doing a real job, they’d show the extrication process. This would be much harder to stage (but possible) – and what’s the point? The end message is all that matters, and no-one is looking into big events, let alone small ones.

Remember, just because it happens close to home, or you see it, doesn’t make it real.

Once more, if this was real, condolences to all families involved. If not, shame on the media and its controllers for lying. Lying is never ok, even for a noble cause.


I’m still investigating, but a few clues that this was real are emerging. She has an iffy facebook profile, but she was found in a local yearbook. The intersection is a dangerous one, and apparently will now get a serious shot at a traffic light. As usual, we will have to wait and see what other evidence of it being real emerge. This is the state of our media – unreliable and complicit in too many psyOps to get a free pass. Real events do occur, they’re just harder to find. I’ll keep looking, and will be willing to admit if I’m wrong.

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