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Molten salt lies

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The unclear/nuclear industry moving the goalposts down another generation to keep the fraud going.

Several years ago during a radio interview, the host told me that the Chinese were planning on deploying a commercial modular molten salt reactor (MSR) by 2020.

Source: Whatever happened to China’s revolutionary molten salt nuclear reactor program? – Resilience

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Markus Allen and Chris Kendall meet Jesse Waugh of nuke lies

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Another classic where Markus discusses the “new normal” – in 2011.

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Markus Allen deconstructs Fukushima 3/11/11 · Fakeotube – by …

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One of Markus’ best audios where he blows apart the biggest psyop hoax of 2011.

I just relistened and it stands the test of time.

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Chris Kendall call to Sendai Japan

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We talk about natrium, the super duper new cooling system for the new (fake) unclear reactors in Wyoming. Basically salt water replaces fresh water – not one word on the source of the heat – presumably we’re still using magic rocks.

Natrium™ Reactor and Integrated Energy Storage


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Marie Curie/Mercury

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Another complete myth to rule your world.

History is so important: it reveals that most everything we beLIEve is a myth based on the occult.

The “science” of the past hundreds of years is simple alchemy.

Now you know why the coronavirushoax is possible.

It’s just more of the same.

Nuclear science with its magic radiating rocks is a total hoax.

H/t Fakeache

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Nuclear tales (of woe)

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Nuclear stories are like soap operas. They go nowhere over decades.

Here’s a story that continues the saga about the eyesore that I live near.

My favorite line: there’s 380 (11) and that’s just too many to count. They need predictive models (think COVAIDS) to guess the condition of sed rods. COMPLETE FICTION.

Notice no names, just commenting corporations. Who knew corporations could speak?

I wonder if, and it’s a big if, humanity wakes up to the covaids lie, they’ll look for other biggies.

Unlikely, since the nuclear lie is well over 100 years old.

Magic pellets.

OPG can’t inspect all 380 tubes in each reactor – there’s simply too many. Instead, it feeds data from the small number of inspected tubes into mathematical models used to predict how long the rest can safely remain in service. (More than two-thirds of tubes will never be inspected.) One model predicts how quickly tubes will accumulate deuterium. Others estimate how much they will weaken as they accumulate deuterium, and are known as material fracture toughness models.

Source: Canada’s nuclear regulator overlooked dubious data when renewing Pickering plant’s licence, documents show – The Globe and Mail

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Another pathetic excuse proving nuclear power is fake

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Why did the perfect power that could save the world not work when the other half ass green methods failed?

Since nuclear power is as fake as nuclear science, always look for a pathetic excuse.

Why, here’s one now.

“It’s very rare for weather issues to shut down a nuclear plant,” said Brett Rampal, director of nuclear innovation at the Clean Air Task Force. “Some equipment in some nuclear plants in Texas has not been hardened for extreme cold weather because there was never a need for this.”…

Reminds me of this.

And I said, at one point, that this was a historical memo, that it was — it was not based on new threat information. And I said, “No one could have imagined them taking a plane, slamming it into the Pentagon” — I’m paraphrasing now — “into the World Trade Center, using planes as a missile.”

These people aren’t stupid, but they know the great masses are.

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