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Nuclear tales (of woe)

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Nuclear stories are like soap operas. They go nowhere over decades.

Here’s a story that continues the saga about the eyesore that I live near.

My favorite line: there’s 380 (11) and that’s just too many to count. They need predictive models (think COVAIDS) to guess the condition of sed rods. COMPLETE FICTION.

Notice no names, just commenting corporations. Who knew corporations could speak?

I wonder if, and it’s a big if, humanity wakes up to the covaids lie, they’ll look for other biggies.

Unlikely, since the nuclear lie is well over 100 years old.

Magic pellets.

OPG can’t inspect all 380 tubes in each reactor – there’s simply too many. Instead, it feeds data from the small number of inspected tubes into mathematical models used to predict how long the rest can safely remain in service. (More than two-thirds of tubes will never be inspected.) One model predicts how quickly tubes will accumulate deuterium. Others estimate how much they will weaken as they accumulate deuterium, and are known as material fracture toughness models.

Source: Canada’s nuclear regulator overlooked dubious data when renewing Pickering plant’s licence, documents show – The Globe and Mail

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Another pathetic excuse proving nuclear power is fake

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Why did the perfect power that could save the world not work when the other half ass green methods failed?

Since nuclear power is as fake as nuclear science, always look for a pathetic excuse.

Why, here’s one now.

“It’s very rare for weather issues to shut down a nuclear plant,” said Brett Rampal, director of nuclear innovation at the Clean Air Task Force. “Some equipment in some nuclear plants in Texas has not been hardened for extreme cold weather because there was never a need for this.”…

Reminds me of this.

And I said, at one point, that this was a historical memo, that it was — it was not based on new threat information. And I said, “No one could have imagined them taking a plane, slamming it into the Pentagon” — I’m paraphrasing now — “into the World Trade Center, using planes as a missile.”

These people aren’t stupid, but they know the great masses are.

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Tying some myths together

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Didn’t take long to tie the long running nuke hoax to covaids.

Did you know your sticking some irradiated qtip up your nose?

Cobalt-60 is used to sterilize approximately 40 per cent of the world’s single-use medical devices, including syringes, gloves, implants, surgical instruments and COVID-19 testing swabs.

Naturally-occurring Cobalt-59 is mined, then processed into pure Cobalt-59 powder. It is compressed into slugs and inserted, via adjuster rods, into the reactor’s core during planned maintenance outages. Over the course of 26 to 30 months, the rods absorb neutrons in a process called irradiation, causing atomic level changes turning the Cobalt-59 to Cobalt-60.…

Colbalt 60 has 33 neutrons, of course.

More magic Mason numbers than you can shake a nuke rod at.

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Nuclear fraud continues

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The fraudsters are still stealing, this time in China and Pakistan.

Nuclear plants are one giant worldwide fraud all right. 77/33 hoax code.

The process of loading of the 177 fuel assemblies into the core of unit 5 at China’s Fuqing nuclear power plant has begun, China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) announced. The unit – the first of two demonstration Hualong One reactors at the site in Fujian province – is scheduled to begin operating by the end of this year. Fuel loading operations get under way at Fuqing 5 (Image: CNNC) The first fuel assembly was loaded into the reactor’s core at 3.30pm today, just after the issuance of the unit’s o

Source: Fuel loading starts at first Hualong One reactor : New Nuclear – World Nuclear News

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Time to think about Hiroshima

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August is nuke hoax month, thanks to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Scientists say the force of the Beirut blast was one fifth the size of the one caused when the Little Boy atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.¨… … test-live/Hiroshima came to mind? – tomorrow, 6th of August, is the 75th anniversary of the Hiroshima Nuke Hoax, so just two days after the blast in Beirut which apparently looked like this:….A mushroom even landed in Beirut.

Here’s a real photo of a double rainbow I took yesterday

Nuke Lies

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Vote on nukes are fake post

like this

Good comment on the nukes are fake topic.

A few thoughts on why we should not assume the existence of nukes.

1) In areas of real technology, progress is rapid. With nuclear weapons, space exploration, and even nuclear power, there has been no progress over the decades. In fact, the progress has been negative.

Supposedly we put men on the moon in the 1960s, but in the 2000s, America can barely lift a man 10 feet off the ground with a rocket and definitely can’t get a man out of low-Earth orbit. This is just not how real technology works over 50 year periods of increasing spending and exponentially increasing computing power.

We see the same thing with the nuclear program. Just absolutely stagnant, in spite of massive military spending over many decades. It seems that we’ve lost the ability to even maintain the “nuclear arsenal,” much less improve it.

And while government is inefficient, this, again, is just not how technology works.

2) Fearporn campaigns are designed to create fear. Once the campaigns have played out and become less effective as fear porn, TPTB tend to abandon them. Which is very revealing regarding the true purpose of these campaigns.

TPTB are now pumping the Virus Crisis, which has crowded out the Climate Crisis, which crowded out the War on Terror, which crowded out The Nuclear Threat. None of those “threats” diminished or resolved themselves. But they’ve all been strongly de-emphasized. Because they’ve become less effective at generating fear. Given supposed nuclear proliferation and loose nukes and rising nationalism and rising tensions and aging arsenals, the threat from nukes would be HIGHER now. If there WERE a threat from nukes.

3) A good source document which helps show (without trying to) that Nagasaki and Hiroshima wouldn’t have had to be nuked to be flattened is the documentary The Fog of War by Errol Morris, about Robert McNamara. There’s an amazing sequence talking about (and showing photos of) Japanese cities alleged to be flattened by firebombing. The pictures look exactly like the pictures of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
No nukes required to level Japanese cities, apparently. Here’s the 2 minute video:

4) Finally, as we sit here in the middle of The Virus Crisis and look around at our fellow man, it is easy to see that the old criticism of “conspiracy theories” (“too many people would have had to keep it a secret”) has it exactly backwards.

90% of the American population is eagerly embracing, promoting, and signalling belief in unproved claims about invisible particles promoted by known liars. There is incredible social pressure to “believe,” to SAY you believe, and to ACT like you believe. (Where’s my surgical mask?)

If 200 million Americans have become active promoters of the Coronavirus hoax, then it isn’t difficult AT ALL to imagine that 100,000 military people could keep a straight face about “our nation’s nuclear weapons.”

Source: Friday Morning Poll: Nuclear Weapons – Piece of Mindful

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HBC593-Nuke story originates from ancient Hindu texts

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Call 593 – You Should Have Just Went to Whole Foods™

2020-02-25 by darwinsdead

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Corona Virus, Vaccines, 320,000 Unidentified Viruses, Matthew North, Joe Rogan, Elon Musk, Mind Space Art Calls In,Suitcase Nukes, Fear Based Propaganda, Cleanse The Atmosphere with A Few Nukes, Plant Based Diets, Anti-Meat Propaganda, Bio Engineered Foods, Micro Biome, Tom Hansen Calls In, Autism Neurodiversity, Evolution put Everything on the Table, Narcissism and Psychopathy, Pizza Gate, The Left Right Paradigm, Turning Point USA, The Groyper Army, The Holocaust, Social Justice Warriors, Freedom of Speech, Hate Speech.Vegan Mythology, One Solitary Grasshopper Worth More Than a Whole Forest, Smoking, Abiogenisis, Regenerative Agriculture, Hail Caesar A-Bomb,

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No Agenda mention

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At 1:25:40, I once more support a good podcast and get in a commercial on the fakery of nuclear science.

It’s random that a nuclear shill donated two mentions earlier only minutes before.

Adam chuckles over the fact.

1218: “Eggsistential”

2020-02-20 by Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

Web player:

Executive Producers: Justin Bosar Tom Biard Kruikenstad Sir Dirt Farmer Sir Atomic Rod Adams, Baron of Florida Sir Brian Warden Calin Nistor Forbes Benning

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Nuclear power/atomic theory is fake thread on Cluesforum

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A number of issues in this thread have been discussed before and relevant to that particular item under discussion. However, I would like to concentrate on ‘nuclear’ power itself.

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