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Sexing up the nuke hoax

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Won’t even comment on the features of mis-america, but this unholy alliance of using long legs and one eyed symbolism to sell us the myth of nuclear power is just silly.

I note in her Instagram flashes of 1960 Disney nuke control rooms.

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Nuclear bomb footage

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This season’s fear p0rn is centered around nuclear war.

Let’s hope the footage is better than the original footage, which makes it clear that nuclear is a lie and we’re just using tnt and Hellywood graphics.

Share this to your scared friends and family.…

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Diesel generators at largest European nuke plant

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Of course their plausible deniability excuse is they are used as “backup”.

There is no such thing as nuke power. It’s a dump load facility and the reason they can take them on and off line on spurious grounds is because they are not producing anything ever.

Then all the stories make sense.

An energy official who declined to be identified told Reuters that the two reactors that had been disconnected were being powered by diesel generators. Each power unit that includes a reactor, a cooling system, and other equipment has three Soviet-era diesel generators that “are not able to work for weeks”, the source said.

Source: Europe’s largest nuclear power plant was ‘DISCONNECTED from power grid’ as fears of major crisis looming

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Trump’s nuke hoax

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Trump’s hoax soaks up all the searches for years. Just like fake news captures all the searches for fake xxx and hoax xxx searches.

Here is the video they don’t want to to find.

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Put your head between your legs and pray

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NYC bringing back the nuke hoax just in time for 911 or trauma based mind control programming.

I recommend you watch this.

Then go through this thread

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Silkwood and the nuke power hoax

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Miles does more to blow holes in the nuke power hoax, which was always just there to promote the nuclear bomb hoax.

I didn’t know they always preheated the water to the boiling point conventionally before letting the nuclear rods do the rest of the magical heating? Question is why would they need to boil water past the boiling point to turn turbines? Once it’s a gas there’s nothing left to do!

Look closely at that. It isn’t what you thought, is it? The towers are open at the bottom. So what’s inside? Absolutely nothing, for the most part. It’s just an empty shell, with some steam generators at the bottom, so they can boil some water and make you think something magnificent is going on there.
You see steam coming out and you think nuclear power is being generated. Except for one thing:
nuclear fission doesn’t create steam. Boiling water creates steam, and if you look it up, they admit that is what is going on there. They will try to convince you heat from fission is heating the water, but there is no evidence of that. In fact, they admit the water is already preheated to a high temperature, above the boiling point, before it ever comes in contact with anything nuclear. The nuclear component only adds a few more degrees, allegedly. So, once again, suspicious in the extreme. But I will hit that in more detail later.

The nuclear hoax was also used to create government sanctioned nuclear waste, which is simply oil and gas waste that they could then legally dump without any accountability and government sanction.

Also remember what I just reminded you about Kerr-McGee: they were already illegally dumping huge amounts of toxic waste long before 1965. But if they could convince the government, government regulators, and the public that this was nuclear waste, it might be forgiven as part of the Cold War and “defense”. So they were basically hiding behind the military and its budget, which was shielded from questions about waste. While nuclear waste was given a bye due to “national security”, waste from oil refining or other mining wouldn’t be. So, upside down to expectation, Kerr-McGee was probably labeling non-nuclear waste as nuclear, to avoid being found criminally liable for it. Besides, disposal of nuclear waste was a government project, not just a private enterprise like non-nuclear waste. So by working with the government on the nuclear fake, Kerr-McGee was shielding itself from responsibility, or trying to. I imagine that in exchange for Kerr-McGee pretending to be working on nuclear fuel rods, the government agreed to instruct EPA to look the other way for another decade on Kerr-McGee’s toxic dumping, guaranteeing billions more in profits before the final reckoning.

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