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How do we get to America 2050?

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The Covaids revolution is a medical military coup. It’s facilitating the biggest change in geopolitics and human organization ever.

How else are we going to dissolve nations in favour of city states and mega-regions?

America 2050

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Your NWO super store

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The Walmart story is a classic rags to riches story.

Like most stories with happy endings, it’s probably fiction.

Clearly Walmart was positioned for the coronavirushoax, and the times beyond.

Here’s an old Red Pilled classic to explain.

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Agenda 2063: The Africa We Want. | African Union

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Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 – how about this plan with an app?

I’m sure Covid will help this along. Only 43 years to go!

Don’t forget UN Agenda 2063 – it gets little press. UN Agenda 2063 – 54 African countries merged into a single soveign-less state by 2063, African Union population to be mobilized into resettlement zones – USA, UK, EU = The Resettlement Zones.(look around you – it’s happening now) Africa to be re-wilded as a playground for elitists – plus completely raped of all it’s resources by UN Big Corp. (the UN is a corporation)

Source: Agenda 2063: The Africa We Want. | African Union

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Barry Smith on the NWO from 2000

antipodeanlikes this

I love going back and checking predictions.

Barry breaks down that the Y2K hoax was a cover for the heisting of public funds (as usual) to upgrade the world banking control grid.

He also talks about freemasonry and its founding of the USA.

Two more of his videos.

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I still think Revelations from the Bible are man written blueprints from a very recent history.

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Academi (ex-Blackwater) acquired by Monsanto thanks to Bill Gates

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Bill Gates indirectly has his own private army.

Again, is there anything this guy doesn’t control?

Academi (ex-Blackwater), the world’s most powerful private army, reveals having been signed over, without indicating the name of the buyer, nor the amount for which it was bought.…

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Johns Hopkins incubates young brains to execute their world controlling ideas

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If you think the coronavirushoax just happened from bat soup, then you’ve never studied the elite and how they grab the great minds young to control the world.

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