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The Venetian takeover of England: a 200-year project

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It was one of the most well-known “secrets” of the British oligarchy, that the model for the British Empire was Venice.…

The oligarchical system of Great Britain is not an autochthonous product of English or British history. It represents rather the tradition of the Babylonians, Romans, Byzantines, and Venetians which has been transplanted into the British Isles through a series of upheavals. The status of Britain as the nation foutué of modern history is due in particular to the sixteenth and seventeenth century metastasis into England and Scotland of the Venetian oligarchy along with its philosophy, political forms, family fortunes, and imperial geopolitics. The victory of the Venetian party in England between 1509 and 1715 built in turn upon a pre-existing foundation of Byzantine and Venetian influence.NOBLE VENETIAN: …pray tell us what other prerogatives the King [of England] enjoys in the government; for otherwise, I who am a Venetian, may be apt to think that our Doge, who is called our prince, may have as much power as yours.…

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Dezert Owl explains who are THEY

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This is the first guy I’ve ever heard who implicates every single group all at the same time rolled into one mishmash which is probably closer to the truth than anyone might think.

You’ve got your Jews, Jesuits, Freemasons, Sabbatean Franks, Babylonians, Venetians, Phoenicians, Smom, Vatican all sharing the top.


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Episode 267 : “Pathfinder Qwennebelle Discovered A Dezert Owl” with special guests Mr. Goldenpipewrench & Mr. Dezert-Owl

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Phoenician Truth bomb · Fakeotube – by Anon

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There’s a reason this has almost no views. This is the most accurate speech regarding the power structure I’ve ever heard. Interesting that it was done last year at at a suburban City Hall of Toronto.


Here’s the link to Kieran’s blog and speech.

The following is a transcript of the speech on History I delivered on November 29, 2020, in Mississauga, Ontario:

When I speak, I like to talk about things that other speakers have not been covering in the previous weeks. So I’m sure that everybody here, by now, knows that the PCR tests are unreliable, and that all-cause mortality is within the normal range of variation. We know that. I want to talk about historical epistemology – that is, how we know what we know about history. Because we know that the present that is being sold to us by the media is a lie. It’s full of inconsistencies, and unbelievable events that don’t fit together and don’t make sense. But history is no better. And just like the present, we can lean all of the lies against each other, until they all contradict each other, and force them to collapse, leaving only the truth standing.

I want to talk about history because the same families that are ruling over us now, that think they can impose tyranny on us, are the same families that have ruled for thousands of years. And once you can recognize a psyop, a psychological operation from 200 years ago, you won’t fall for the same thing when they use the same script today. Because the methods they use have remained more-or-less unchanged for a very long time. The one thing that has changed is the technology they have access to to set their schemes in motion. I am not going to make any sweeping claims, such as that the historical chronology has been completely fabricated, and I’m not going to rely on any appeals to supernatural figures – demons, Nephilim, what have you, gods – in order to make my narrative make sense. I would say that history is a palimpsest: that’s a word that means something that has been overwritten but still retains traces of what originally there. As Voltaire said, “History is the lie that is commonly agreed upon.”

To set my narrative, I am going to go back to 1200 BC, so that’s the Bronze Age, and the dominant merchant sailing empire that was active at that time was the Phoenician empire. They had formed an international trade network all throughout the Mediterranean and even out across the Iberian peninsula and into Britain. Their main cities were Sidon, Byblos, and Tyre, which are still extant cities where Lebanon is today. But they also had trading posts all across the Mediterranean where they could sell their wares. They mostly dealt in luxury goods, especially what you may know as royal purple dye, which is made from the Murex snail – the secretions of this snail – that was local to the region. In fact that is where the name Phoenicia comes from: it comes from the Greek word for purple, for the Tyrian purple dye – named after the city of Tyre – that they sold. They used Lebanese cedar – and the cedar trees in Lebanon are enormous – they used these trees to build their ships. Around 1150 BC, the Mediterranean suffered the Late Bronze Age collapse, a sudden violent upheaval that destroyed empires all throughout the region. Mainstream historians give credit for this to mysterious Sea Peoples, whom they don’t identify, but the only seafaring empire that was dominant at this time was the Phoenicians.

You can trace the Phoenicians because they founded Carthage in around 800 BC, and they founded Thebes in Greece as well. You can trace their influence through Cyrus the Great, who founded the Achaemenid Persian empire, through the Peloponnesian Wars of ancient Greece, through the conquests of Alexander the Great, who destroyed the Achaemenid Persian empire, through to the Punic Wars between the Roman Republic and Carthage – again, founded by the Phoenicians – up through to the present day. Historians would have us believe that there have been countless empires that have risen and fallen throughout history, but for the past 3,000 years it has mainly been the Phoenician empire that has conquered and reconquered itself countless times, rising like the phoenix from its ashes. In fact, their symbol is the phoenix, and it is often depicted as a two-headed eagle, which can be seen in the heraldry of empire worldwide. If you look up the coat of arms of the Holy Roman Empire you’ll see a double-headed eagle.

Some people will say that it’s the Vatican, or it’s the Knights Templar, or it’s the Jesuits, or the Freemasons, or the Illuminati that secretly run the world. It’s none of them. All of these organizations were either created or later infiltrated by these Phoenician families, the Merchant Princes you could call them, who run these trade networks. How did they come to rule? Through trade, through banking, through conquest, and most importantly through intermarriage with other ruling families throughout the world that they traded with. To elaborate on the Knights Templar: they ran a large commercial infrastructure – again, commerce – throughout Christendom, and in fact they developed an early form of banking. The real name of the Knights Templar, the full name, is the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon. If you have read the Bible, you will know that the Temple of Solomon was built with the aide of King Hiram of Tyre, a Phoenician. King Hiram provided cedar and teams of masons and architects to construct Solomon’s temple. The role of the Knights Templar would later be taken over by the East India Company, the Hanseatic League, and other proto-capitalist organizations.

I’m going to jump ahead to the Vatican. The Medicis were an Italian banking family in the 15th century – that’s the 1400’s – and they basically bankrolled the Renaissance. Which is one of the few good things these families have actually done throughout history. If only they would support real art now, instead of putting slashed canvases in museums, and having us live in concrete boxes. In 1513 Lorenzo de’ Medici bought the papacy for his son, Giovanni. Giovanni became Pope Leo X. The Medicis put four popes in the Vatican this way, and they did everything they could to defile and despoil the Vatican, and be as corrupt as possible. The Borgias, another Italian banking family centered in Rome, whereas the Medicis were in Florence, did the same thing a few decades earlier when they held orgies in the Vatican after buying the papacy for one of their sons. The reason they did this is because religion gets in the way of trade. Religions posits a morality that says you can’t take advantage of people and that you can’t commit usury, which is the charging of interest. Obviously that gets in the way if you want to have an international trade network and defraud people, as is happening today.

The reaction to all of this obvious corruption in the Catholic church was the Protestant Reformation. But the leading players in the Protestant Reformation were the cousins of the southern Phoenicians that were defiling the church to begin with. John Knox, who founded Presbyterianism in Scotland was the cousin of the ruling Stewart dynasty of Britain. John Calvin, who founded Calvinism was instrumental in changing the contemporary definition of usury charging of interest – interest, period – to the charging of excessive interest. Thus allowing interest to continue to be charged within Christianity. The common people were rightly fed up with the Catholic church, but their anger was redirected by the northern Phoenician cousins in order to mount a coup on the southern ones. So as with everything else, it is the elites fighting for dominance among their own families, and what we see, not being members of these families, is what happens afterwards. We see the aftereffects, we don’t see what’s really happening. All we see are the shadows on the wall of the conflict that’s happening behind closed doors.

As the industrial revolution in the 18th century progressed, it began to displace the strategy of landed aristocracy in favour of the strategy of industrialism. By 1848 there were revolutions all over Europe promoting republicanism – that is, the governmental structure of a republic, not the Republican party of the US. Karl Marx published his communist manifesto in 1848. This is not a coincidence. Marx was promoting a dictatorship of the proletariat, and a class struggle against the bourgeoisie. He was funded by Engels, who was himself an industrialist from a family producing textiles. But what is not commonly known is that Marx was independently wealthy. His uncle was a Philips, of the same Philips family that owns Philips Electronics. His wife, Jenny von Westphalen, was also a wealthy noblewoman. So why, then, were these wealthy industrialists promoting communism? That doesn’t seem to be in their interests. Because they were controlling and misdirecting the opposition. Rather than republican ideas, which may have been successful, they were promoting communism. They were setting the middle and lower classes against each other, and promoting a dictatorship of the proletariat, which no one with any sense would actually want. That was set up as the ideal. We can see that Marx later took over the First International, which was a workers organization, and he neutered it, and it later fell apart. That is what he was doing: he was infiltrating and making sure that these workers revolutions were not successful. And this is why he is still lionized by the establishment today. He is still promoting the same misdirection 150 years later.

With the rise of industry, we brought about technocracy. Technocracy – the rule through technology by so-called experts who know better than the public and can act on behalf of the public, telling them what to do, because the public is not trusted to know better. In the words of Aldous Huxley, “Under a scientific dictatorship, education will really work with the result that most men and women will grow up to love their servitude and never dream of revolution. There seems to be no good reason why a thoroughly scientific dictatorship should ever be overthrown.” That is the end goal of these ruling families. I have shown you how their strategy has evolved throughout history. That is their end goal, and we are in the final stages of this now. The only reason these lockdowns have worked is because people are contented with their bread and circuses, because they have Netflix at home and because they can order in food on Uber Eats. The only reason we have over 90% compliance with these mask mandates is because people are glued 24 hours a day to the media which tells them over and over again to wear their masks and to be afraid. But do not be led astray by false idols, who speak out from one side of their mouths against Covid, but with all of their efforts push forward this agenda in their actions. Elon Musk has spoken out against Covid, but at the same time he is promoting Neuralink, which seeks to create microchip brain implants for anybody who wants it. This is the essence of transhumanism – combining with machines. And if we allow the transhumanist agenda to come to fruition, it will be the end of freedom and humanity as we know it.

And I haven’t talked about the East in this yet. I am more familiar with the European history. But don’t be lead astray thinking that China is its own power, seeking its own ends. It is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Phoenician empire. You can trace this back to the Opium Wars in the mid 19th century when the British used their naval power – gunboat diplomacy, as it’s called – to force China to accept their opium imports and demoralize and drug the population. Later on at the end of the 19th century the Rockefellers came in with the intention of displacing traditional Chinese medicine in favour of their own allopathic medicine. Which, I think we can all agree, has been a great success on their part. Xi Jinping’s handler is Robert Lawrence Kuhn, you can look him up, he’s from the Kuhn banking family. He has written many books on China and where China will go in the future, and has been instrumental in bringing bread and circuses to China.

The first president of South Korea, Syngman Rhee, was educated at Harvard, and met Theodore Roosevelt. So he was also being controlled by the same Western powers as Mao was. Mao was funded by international banking interests, and Mao had his troops trained by OSS, the Office of Strategic Services, that was the precursor to the CIA. Later Kissinger, under Nixon, came in and opened up more trade with China. China was rapidly industrialized under Mao’s reign with horrible effects on the actual population, and you can see the same pattern of industrializing countries in this way. In fact Japan suffered the same fate, when in 1854 it was opened up, again with gunboat diplomacy, by admiral Matthew Perry, who opened it up for trade with the West. The Meiji restoration that followed, which was a period of rapid industrialization in Japan when Japanese society came to be controlled in large part by family owned monopolies called zaibatsu, which were basically [vertically integrated holding companies] that were owned by one family1.

So the elites have a vision for what they want to bring about in the world. It’s a vision of Mordor, as seen through the eye of Sauron, but it is there and it is coming. Do we have a vision? We cannot afford to simply react to their plans. We need to be proactive in bringing about a future that we would all want to live in. And that doesn’t mean a return to the old normal, which was not normal in any sense of the word. It means we need a vision for something positive that we can try to bring about, something for our kids. We need to gather with likeminded people, whom we would be proud to call fellow citizens. The people walking down the street in their masks are too far gone to help us. You cannot save people who do not want to be saved. We need to voluntarily separate from them before they drag us off a cliff, running blindly like lemmings in their ignorance. To do that, we need to pool our resources. We cannot afford to be scattered everywhere, where we can be singled out and taken out one by one. It is too easy to break up a small group. The reason that people in certain places in the US have been able to resist this agenda as much as they have is because they as a community have the same values, and their sheriffs are not willing to execute the undemocratic, illegal orders that their governors are pushing forth.

You can do this in various ways. You can start living more closely with other people. You can start only shopping as businesses that share your ideas. Because as we have seen with Adamson Barbeque, people who are normies are not even going to go to him anymore. His actions have destroyed their trust in his business. But they’ve not destroyed our trust. So see if you can begin living more closely – live together, buy property, and not in a communist sense, but live more closely together where you can defend yourselves. We need to be able to defend ourselves, and to bring the cops on our side we need to offer them an incentive to actually join with us. What incentive to join with us is there, if they’re going to lose their jobs, and ultimately we could possibly lose. I’m not going to sugarcoat things and say that we’re going to win because god is on our side. That’s naive. We need to actually fight. And we need to fight in a way that’s going to actually work. We need to offer them incentives to join with us. If we can offer them a paycheque, if we can offer them that they could be police in our communities and not have to do immoral things and commit immoral acts, and bow to overloads whom they don’t respect, then they might actually do it. Ultimately it comes down to strength in numbers. If we are scattered, we can be broken up easily. If we unite, like this, we are much stronger.

Thank you.

1. One of the four major zaibatsus of this period was the Yasuda zaibatsu, which was founded by Yasuda Zenjir?. I will quote from A Frog in a Well Knows Nothing of the Ocean: A History of Corporate Ownership in Japan by Randall Morck and Masao Nakamura :

“The Yasuda zaibatsu began at the end of the Tokogawa era, when Zenjiro Yasuda (1838- 1922), the son of a poor samurai in Toyama, moved to Edo and obtained work in a money changing house. In 1863 he began providing tax-farming services to the Shogunate, overseeing the collection and transport of silver and gold. After the Restoration, he provided the same services to the Meiji. Yasuda profited from the delay between the collection of taxes and their forwarding to the government. He greatly magnified his wealth by buying up depreciated Meiji paper money that the government subsequently exchanged for gold.”

We see the same Phoenician themes of money changing and tax collecting. It is not explained in the source why the Meiji government would exchange gold for a depreciated currency, but it was likely a form of state-sanctioned theft, similar to US Executive Order 6102 that in 1933 made it a criminal offense for US citizens to own or trade gold, and was shortly followed by the Gold Reserve Act of 1934 and FDR unilaterally raising the statutory price of gold from $20 to $35 per ounce. It also claims without providing a genealogy that Zenjir? was the son of a poor samurai, but as with other rags-to-extraordinary-riches stories I hesitate to believe it.

After greatly magnifying his wealth Zenjir? went on to co-found the Third National Bank in 1876 and found his own Yasuda Bank in 1880. By 1912, the Yasuda zaibatsu contained 17 banks and 16 other businesses, including multiple insurance companies. The economic reordering that took place in Japan in the aftermath of WWII is beyond the scope of this footnote, but through name changes and mergers the Yasuda Bank has evolved into the contemporary Mizuho Financial Group, which is the 15th largest banking institution in the world by total assets, which are in excess of $1.8 trillion US dollars. Yasuda’s insurance companies followed a similar trajectory, with the Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company being one of the largest insurers in modern-day Japan.

The Yasuda zaibatsu also serves to exemplify the intermarriage of foreign elite families, as Yoko Ono is Zenjir?’s great grand-daughter. Yoko Ono was married to and had one child with John Lennon. Miles’ research has shown that Lennon very likely descends from the Stanleys, Earls of Derby and Kings of Mann, who had a deciding influence in the Battle of Bosworth Field, and by extension the English War of the Roses.

[Much of the content here is based on original research done by Miles Mathis, along with a guest author by the name of Gerry. I present a synthesis and my own take on several years of research.]

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  1. alexrimmer0973says:Not sure if separating from norms is a good idea. Every civilisation that refused to join the current system was destroyed. There were over 100 nations wiped out completely in Australia alone. I believe it is only mixing with the norms our friends and family that prevents us from being destroyed (by the norms).One of (if not the main) the main aims of covid is to drive us against each other because every day we are slowly waking more zombies up. We have found the cure to stupidity and it’s thinking and unless something is done a tipping point will be reached and con jobs will be harder to perpetrate.If the powers to be enact another ‘flood’ obviously it’s a different story but I feel like segregation is the goal of covid. And technology has gone too far to allow a separate no complaint population.I have a lot more to add but it’s already a long comment.LikeReply
    1. overduerevolutionssays:I see two plausible scenarios for a successful resistance: in the first, enough normies wake up that society as it currently exists can collectively resist the agenda. In the second, those who a willing to make sacrifices resisting the agenda organize into local communities that are in principle capable of defending their interests. Neither strategy is perfect, by any stretch of the imagination. Even if enough normies wake up to the present scam, I would predict that most of them will not have the perspicacity or initiative to understand the long game, and we will end up in the same Spatial Web digital prison through incremental technological advancement. In the second scenario, it is possible that the independent local communities are simply destroyed by the powers that be, through bombs or geoengineering or poisoning the water or something.It is difficult, if not impossible, for people who are opposed to the present system to live in a way that they would want to live within the confines of the system. That would require a majority of the population to have similar views. Just try to imagine one single Amish family living in Manhattan. It wouldn’t work. That’s why the Amish have intentional communities of anywhere from a few hundred to tens of thousands of people. That’s not to say that I’m advocating for an Amish way of life, and in fact the Amish lifestyle survives mostly because the establishment does not deem it worthwhile to wipe them out or assimilate them into American postmodern culture.We have found the cure to stupidity and it’s thinking and unless something is done a tipping point will be reached and con jobs will be harder to perpetrate.The problem is that thinking is difficult, requires training, and can be psychologically destabilizing when it undermines core assumptions of your world model. That’s why most people don’t do it. That’s just a fact of human cognitive structure, and I consider it an open question as to whether a society full of people who question everything they’re told would actually function. Certainly no such society has ever existed on Earth before. I suspect it would disintegrate in a manner akin to Aldous Huxley’s Cyprus experiment (a society composed of only alphas) in Brave New World. If everyone in society was like me I don’t think it would go very well.Modern industrial society achieves its staggering level of production through a division of labour, and that includes cognitive labour. Unfortunately we’ve gone too far, to the point where people outsource all of their thinking to establishment academics the media, all of their food production to agribusiness, all of their children’s education to public schools, etc. While specialization and a division of labour is required for advanced society, it shouldn’t come at the price of being completely helpless in all matters outside your field of specialization. The same thing can be seen on an international level, where globalization has resulted in countries specializing in the areas where they possess a comparative advantage, but being dependent on other countries to provide essentials like food or machinery.Liked by youReply


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