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(pre)Conditioning Coronavirushoax in Unlocked

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Michael Douglas looking more like Kirk as he ages in this clearly designed movie Unlocked, directed by a favorite director of the Up series Michael Apted – conditioning us to expect and accept the Coronavirus hoax script.

Medical martial law.

As previously stated, we are in a medical martial law coup.


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Where’s your mask?

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Great preconditioning programming for what’s here/what’s to come regarding covidiot masks.

Kramer won’t wear an AIDS ribbon


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Unseen Enemy – more preconditioning

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The predictive programming has been out for a while.

This one is sponsored in part by the Johnson and Johnson group of eugenicists.

I can’t find the movie on youtube, but apparently it’s on Netflix. If you find a copy, I’ll post it.

Here’s the magnet link.

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Simpsons predictive programming

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They are not prophetic. The script writers of the best and most popular TV shows and movies are used to write your reality script. Predictive programming is used to condition people to accept absurd ideas, including today’s coronavirus script.

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Everything Contagion got right on the Coronavirus outbreak 

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Coronavirus Hoax 2020 is a composite of the past movies. The scripts are merged for today’s reality.

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