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Jan 6 “riot” was a hybrid event psyOp

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Only the willfully blind cannot see this was a staged addition to a real event – a real, peaceful march with a planned (and previously recorded) entry into the Capitol building.

The hybrid simulation isn’t done often – but it’s another layer of deception most wouldn’t even consider.

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Over 100 murdered or missing microbiologists psyop

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If you are a microbiologist, you’ll likely read this paper more closely than the average person.

Purpose: control all microbiologists, using fear, to not “go there” and spill the beans about the virus hoax.

There’s a good chance this is just another psyOp/hoax operation.


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The PR Hoax of the Marco Arturo Vaxxer Viral Video

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Welcome to the world of the pro-vaccination-at-all-costs Pharma government machine. This brief video explains how A+ Media, Google, Walgreens, Disney and other pro-profit, pro-vax zealots put a video on the fast track to Internet hits.

Levi Quackenboss asked the initial question, “Who is this kid and how did he go viral so fast,” on his site.…

Original video from Marco Arturo

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Recycled crisis actor Gabby Petito

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When she was 14 years old, Gabby Petito starred in a music video titled “Irreplaceable” to help spread awareness about violence against children after the Sandy Hook massacre.…


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August lone man

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Any chance this is a real story? Most iconic photos, complete with a tragic love story, are fake.

The photo was taken at the launch of a German army vessel in 1936, during a ceremony that was attended by Adolf Hitler himself. Within the picture a lone man stood with arms crossed as hundreds of men and women around him held up their arms in salute and allegiance to the Nazi Party and its leader, Adolph Hitler.…


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Infinite Papers released a new document.

The general public is less suspicious of private enterprise making hundreds of billions of dollars these days, because it doesn’t look like the normal taxation type of fleecing and money laundering crime that it actually is, and that the Public has actually begun to push back against … in Elon Musk’s SpaceX example, they have simply transformed NASA into a private company. But the same people are still in control and these front men are just playing a role. The Global Simulation Agenda is easier to navigate without all of the bureaucratic red tape and public scrutiny that Governments have to deal with…private companies are simply that … more private, and much easier to accomplish their goals, away from the public’s criticism and suspicious eyes. My opinion, based on the evidence, is that these companies are actually military /government fronts and these CEO savants are actors.

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Jonestown, introduction

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Surprised I haven’t covered this. Luckily, Mark has.

The complete five-part Jonestown series:
Jim Jones: The Fake early years
Jonestown: Introduction
Jonestown: More Questions than answers
Jonestown: Not so remote after all
Jonestown: The end

I have long wanted to explore Jonestown and all of the suicide deaths by cyanide poisoning, but have been put off by the massive undertaking, the complexity and surprises that await. I have two prior projects behind me:…


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Why can’t we get updates from ANY major murderer?

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I was a capital punishment advocate – I campaigned on the beginning www with repealing faint hope clauses, life means life, no parole – all the tough stuff.

As a fakeologist and older man, I am now softer in my approach – and now that I know the system itself promotes noble lies and psyops, it can never be trusted with any real cases.

Therefore, state sanctioned murder can never be allowed – ever – since the system itself is corrupted by a few high profile lies that it never admits or refutes.

How can we know what judges are real – or are acting out for psyops? How do we know what lawyers are real – or are acting out for psyops? How do we know what police are real – or acting out for psyops?

This is a huge integrity problem for the system, but luckily for the system, few are aware.

That led me to wonder what chance if any the psyop industrial complex would develop a story 35 years later and actually let the public talk to the (new) actor?

Stories of Bernardo being in solitary confinement for 10,000 hours are beyond cruel and unusual punishment. Does the lie system put this story out to test the public on their tolerance for such a ridiculous figure? Do they bring up vicsim stories as paramount to justice, to test whether the public even knows that emotion should have no part in black and white right or wrong justice?

Are these emotional stories just to whitewash the entire case? Are they there to misdirect you from the idea that this story is completely fake, and have you ignore all the inconsistencies that flare up 30 years later – with absolutely no fresh proof that Bernardo exists at all?

I love a good crime story, but without proof, we have had no recent clues that any of this fairy tale is true.


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Osman Osman

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I’ll let you guys (Xilefelix) look up the lawyer/law firm involved in this spooky, likely fabricated case full of the magic numbers.

You won’t be surprised the cases attributed to them.

Julia Ferguson, 29, died in hospital on Sunday after a man entered the Hicks Adams law firm in downtown Toronto on Sept. 2 and stabbed her while she was working, Toronto police say. The suspect, identified by Toronto police as Osman Osman, 33, of Toronto, fled the scene but later surrendered to police. During a press conference about the case on Monday, Toronto police detective sergeant Tiffany Castell said that while she could not comment on Osman’s links with Hicks Adams, the attack was “not random.” “

Source: Family mourn ‘kind and selfless’ woman killed at downtown Toronto law firm | CBC News

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Sandy Hook shots

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Even Vox thinks this is just another chapter in the simulation, including any future “trials”.

Of course there is a perfectly conceivable way those records, or rather, their sudden and comprehensive disappearance, will assist Remington in its defense, and the response of the plaintiff’s attorneys proves it. Because it is obvious that Remington’s lawyers are aware of the possibility that those “murdered children” did not even exist in the first place, or that they were crisis actors who never actually attended the school. And the burden of proof that they did attend the school lies squarely with the p

Source: Prove the Damages – Vox Popoli

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