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Too much cross scripting to mention.


2020-09-18 by Tim Ozman

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Was Lady DI a made for TV character?

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Was Lady Di a made-for-TV LARPer, played by many different (females) – similar to the Michael Jackson character?

It sure is possible, according to Chris Pivey.

Now, when I was writing my very in depth – yet totally fucking brilliant – article ‘Night Of The Living Dead‘, about the faked death of Princess Diana, I was forced to change track.

This was because; as well as her death in a car accident being faked (which, if you have read the above linked article properly you will know that I proved beyond all doubt), it became increasingly obvious to me that in all probability Diana never really existed at all.


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Nobody Died at Sandy Hoax

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Lenny’s at it again.

I received this notice:

Re: Unknown

Notice Type:
Court Order

Explanation of Court Order

The page is linking to content relating to the Book that a court ruled is defamatory and issued a permanent injunction – linking to “redacted.pdf” A court has ruled that Statements in the book redacted.PDF are defamatory and issued a court order and a permanent injunction. ? Those Court Orders can be read here_ ?… ?… ?…

Court order #1
Targeted URLs: – 3 URLs – 2 URLs – 1 URL – 1 URL – 1 URL – 1 URL – 1 URL – 1 URL – 1 URL – 1 URL – 1 URL – 1 URL – 1 URL – 1 URL

Click here to request access and see full URLs.

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What would happen to Trump if he opposed the NWO

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Even if Trump knows that the coronavirus is a hoax, what could he do? This is a military medical coup.

Is this what’s really happening in Belarus? Very likely.

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Who Do You Trust – great comment

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In every false flag event, there are two narratives. The official one and the alternative one. Both are put out by the perpetrators. This creates a binary. It forces people into a this or that choice. While people argue about it, both are wrong. The truth remains hidden.

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No let up to strategy of tension despite coronavirushoax

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The strategy of tension psyop, where crime appears rampant and random, is used to keep the public at large in fear and the police budgets high.

We hardly need in coronavirushoax times, but hey, they have to keep their psyOp division busy too.

Here are two stories in Toronto that appear random, violent, and laced with 9 and 11 hoax code. There’s a story for each side of the city.

They also are simulated at 3:30 – a masonfitti sign to indicate hoax.

Story 1:

A Brampton man who died after what police are calling an “unprovoked attack” has been identified as 22-year-old Surajdeep Singh.

“Surajdeep Singh was a young man with a bright future,” Peel Regional Police Supt. Martin Ottaway said in a news release Friday.

“He was simply trying to return to his residence from his place of worship, when he was the victim of an unprovoked attack that tragically took him away from his family.”

Emergency services were called shortly after 3:30 p.m.

Story 2:

According to investigators, the victim, now identified as 45-year-old John Wheeler, was waiting outside an apartment building at 1350 Danforth Road, located north of Eglinton Avenue East, shortly after 3:30 a.m. when he was approached by two male suspects.

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Beirut was no ANFO bomb

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Strategic relocation and controlled demolition.

This was Beirut’s 9/11 – and they’ll get a new, foreign owned port out of it.

Your donations will help pay for all the relocations of the people living in and around the demo area that were probably moved out days or weeks before.

I am not a demolitions expert. I don’t know much about fertilizer. But I know when I smell bullshit coming from the American media. Funny how they try to sell us the plausibility of an explosion like Beirut’s from just ammonium nitrate.

Source: Death By Miracle-Gro? – Piece of Mindful