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Fetzer Sandy Hoax trial was blackwashing

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Miles Mathis reports.

Click to access jones3.pdf

I found another Supreme Court document dated August 31, 2022 (about two weeks ago) that is equally
fishy, since it isn’t written in the expected language. I guess we are supposed to believe Fetzer wrote it
himself, with no help from an attorney. That form is addressed to Justice Barrett, but Fetzer refiled it a
week later to Justice Gorsuch. He also must have filed a similar appeal on May 16, since that is the
date of the appendices linked above. I finally found it here, and it is not addressed to any specific
Justice. So it looks to me like Fetzer is making himself look stupid on purpose, peppering the Supreme
Court with multiple and poorly written appeals. He has become an Anti. First he questions the Sandy
Hook event, then blackwashes himself. It’s textbook. If you will remember, Fetzer tried to rope me
into this mess, asking for permission to use my research in his book on Sandy Hook. I said no, not
because I was afraid of a lawsuit, but because I didn’t want to be tarnished by association with Fetzer.
Good call, eh?

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Sep COVID-19 is earthquake (drill) day

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If you don’t believe in amazing coincidences or earthquake machines, what else could it be? How about a great day to do major mining or fracking explosions? Fill in some extra fear and a few fake stories and you have a major earthquake.

I do know people that did sustain some major shaking and interior damage due to falling unsecured objects in their house in the coastal area. This doesn’t mean it’s a major earthquake, however.

“Today in astounding coincidences: Mexico had a nationwide earthquake safety drill today to mark the anniversary of the Sept 19, 2017 M 7.1 quake and the Sept 19, 1985 M 8.0 quake. An hour after the drill, a M 7.6 quake struck,” she tweeted above a link to Mexico News Daily‘s earthquake drill story.

Note: ‘astounding’ in a human perspective doesn’t mean anything geophysically strange is up! Mexico is no stranger to large quakes (especially on the subduction zone), and the probability of date coincidences can be surprising, as in the Birthday Problem,” Labedz added, referring to probability theory.

For his part, National Autonomous University physicist José Luis Mateos, said that the probability of having three large-magnitude earthquakes on the same day was one in 133,225, or 0.00075%.…

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Oil is scarce hoax

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Ditto for diamonds.

Oil is the 2nd-most prevalent liquid on earth after water – not a ‘fossil fuel’, a term coined by J D Rockerfeller to create the idea of scarcity. Oil & gas will not run out. Carbon dioxide cannot warm the climate, but is in long-term decline, a true risk. All parts of a UN hoax.…

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Human Vibrations awesome JonBenet thread

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Uranians: the born gay hoax

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The Born Gay Hoax pdf

Ryan Sorba website

Uranian (from Ancient Greek ???????? ???????; Aphrodite Urania) is a historical term for homosexual men. The word was also used as an adjective in association with male homosexuality or inter-male attraction regardless of sexual orientation.


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