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Peggy Hall, fakeologist

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The coronavirus hoax has awakened millions. Welcome to the psyop hoax world Peggy we’ve been expecting you.…

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Okay, it was fake. And maybe we should bet on the Bills winning the Super Bowl with Damar running out of the tunnel, first on the field. A miracle.

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The Damar Hamlin False Miracle

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And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. Matthew 24:4 Thank you for your support. Bitchute:… Patreon: Paypal:

Source: The Damar Hamlin False Miracle

More by IPS on the Masonic 3rd degree ritual

[INFINITE PLANE RADIO on Odysee] LIE WORLD ORDER 1/10/23 Infinite Plane Radio @realtimozman… via @PodcastAddict

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Larpers/Sims and Niagara Falls posing

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We’re told their was a mass shooting north of Toronto the other day.

There’s little doubt this is another ICE (integrated capstone event) or whatever the Canadian equivalent is.

Here’s tag the perps often leave that they dropped into this video that I’ve written about before.

Here’s my post on the topic:…


The Red Star even uses the pic as the thumbnail.

Agenda 21 dictates that citizens have no guns – period.……

These events use the nudge method to completely brainwash an entire generation to eschew guns. Events like these just add to the pile of “evidence”.

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The antisemitic psyop

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Hellywood’s actors are used to scare the gentiles and the Jews that there is a big divide when there is not.

Classic divide and rule to put a tiny minority in charge of the majority to keep everyone in check.

Any discussion of this psyop is considered “hate” speech that is outlawed.

The King’s methods can not be discussed and therefore exposed, so the discussion my be made illegal.…

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Sam Bankman Psyop

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If this was real, he wouldn’t be talking.

I’m starting to wonder if any part of this story is real, including whether even one person invested in this elaborate hoax to bring in regulation if not elimination of decentralised crypto.

I’ve always said that crypto could be the kryptonite of the entire banking system and the bankers want to put the genie back in the bottle or at least keep it close.

This is a OJ level psyopera that will play on for years.

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