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Declaring a sim dead

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Apparently it’s difficult to get a death certificate for a sim.

Don’t worry, these LARPers are agitating for a change of law making it easier for future sims to larp.

For months, Linda Babcock sat in a courtroom listening to the horrifying details of her daughter’s murder at the hands of convicted killers Dellen Millard and Mark Smich.

Babcock, for her part, wants to see a legislative directive that in situations where a murder has taken place, the coroner’s office will accept a conviction as a judgment that a person is dead, body or not.…

A good clue that you are looking at a psyop is that they always have one “relative” who instantly becomes an activist.

Are we all a tragedy away from becoming legislative advocates ourselves? Of course the answer is no.

As with all these psyops, you must wait months or years to see the changes in law. By then, everyone has forgotten the original story.

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Epstein LARPer killed

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I haven’t checked into the mask technology of today, but as usual, I really doubt the same person playing Obama donned a mask to play Epstein.

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Tim autohoaxes the garlic players. Garlic makes it easy to cry.


2019-08-02 by Tim Ozman

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I really prefer my psyops written in America

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I’ve been resisting following this serially really Canadian Bonnie and Clyde story. I was hoping it would end quickly but it appears the scriptwriters are going to draw this one out for a while. I think this one was written by the GCHQ. It has all kinds of phallic humor that reeks of bad British humor.

One of the victims is named Dyck and one of the perps has smegma built into his name.

The father of one of the sim villains (played by a LARPer) is busy writing to all his favorite British rags – I assure you most Canucks couldn’t name one London paper. Hell, they don’t even read our own papers anymore.

Due to some law, all this phony reporting is done out of country, and fed back to Canadian outlets. This must eliminate liability.

The father, who has given multiple media interviews about his fugitive son over the past week, sent copies of the book to 60 Minutes Australia and…

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The OJ show is back

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Now that the juice is loose on twitter, his fellow actors have resurfaced.

Kim Goldman, an actress, was used as the template to create a sim brother, Ron.

I wonder what a lifetime, one role LARPer makes.

Boring interview with psyop radio shill Stern.

To be clear, the OJ trial was the beginning of reality court TV. It was completely fake, scripted, and portrayed as real.

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A titanic hoax

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Was the Titanic script written 14 years before the media event, or is the book story also part of the Titanic hoax?

The author of the book is also credited with inventing the Periscope, an important part of the submarine hoax.

Was Oswego resident and sea-adventures author Morgan Robertson a psychic?

Or was he touched by the hand of God?

People throughout the world have pondered Robertson’s psyche for almost a century, ever since that fateful April night in 1912 when the HMS Titanic slipped into the icy depths of the North Atlantic.…


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7/7 anniversary

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It was the UK’s 9/11 event.

7/7 Ripple Effect” is a brilliant tour de force that takes the London subway bombing attacks apart, piece by piece, and demonstrates that it was a planned event. It was produced by John Hill (aka Muad’Dib), who has a web site at He sent a copy of his video the the judge and the prosecutor in a trial of innocent patsies, which led to his incarceration and trial for interfering with the judicial process. During his trial, however, the video was played and the jury, no doubt duly i

Source: The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer podcast: The 7/7 London Subway Bombings Exposed

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Hoax wheels turn slowly

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So much for a holding up a key tenet of our criminal system. Out with a jury of your peers, in with a judge who has to speak to no one. Also, no trial in a reasonable time.

Another lame, silly, pathetic Canadian psyop.

The trial of the man accused of killing 10 people and injuring 16 others as he drove a van onto a Toronto sidewalk more than a year ago will be heard by a judge alone.…

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Fetzer made the msm news today, oh boy

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Not sure what this means, but it appears nothing of you go past the headlines, which no one will.

As the Wisconsin State Journal reports, “A Dane County judge on Monday found that a longtime conspiracy theorist living in the village of Oregon, along with his co-defendant, defamed [Leonard Pozner] the father of a victim of the Sandy Hook massacre and allowed a trial for damages against the men to move ahead” (“Judge Rules Against Sandy Hook Denier” (17 June 2019)…

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Reality will never sink in

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Re: Virginia shooting hoax

PsyOps: If you can’t convince, confuse. This story is a case-in-point.

Even after the gunfire erupted, Ned Carlstrom thought the shooting at the Virginia Beach government building where he works was an elaborately staged drill for city employees. He crossed paths with the gunman three times — and survived. READ MORE: 12 dead, 4 injured in Virginia Beach mass shooting at municipal office complex Reality set in when Carlstrom looked outside and saw a team of police officers point guns at the building as they dragged away a fatally wounded contractor, leaving behind a pool

Source: This man came face-to-face with the Virginia Beach shooter twice — and survived – National |