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AI democratizing media fakery

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Now anyone can do it in just a few keystrokes. No wonder the media is promoting slowing down AI because they are losing or have lost their monopoly.

Another fantastic deconstruction by IPS.

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New shooting, new forum

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In honor of the latest ICE event in Nashville, I’ve started a new forum to keep track of all the endless events that will likely increase in April as the simulated sacrifice continues.

Source: 3/3 at 33 Burton in Nashville – Fakeologist Forums

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Schools ARE prisons

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Yes almost literally.

Creating the lie of school shootings creates a huge security business.…

School deploys ‘bullet-proof’ safe room to protect students from shooters, installation gets mixed reactions
An elementary school in the state of Alabama has introduced two rapid-deploy bulletproof safe rooms to help protect their students from mass shootings.

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Larpers/Sims and Niagara Falls posing

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We’re told their was a mass shooting north of Toronto the other day.

There’s little doubt this is another ICE (integrated capstone event) or whatever the Canadian equivalent is.

Here’s tag the perps often leave that they dropped into this video that I’ve written about before.

Here’s my post on the topic:…


The Red Star even uses the pic as the thumbnail.

Agenda 21 dictates that citizens have no guns – period.……

These events use the nudge method to completely brainwash an entire generation to eschew guns. Events like these just add to the pile of “evidence”.

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Uvalde School Shooting HOAX – 2022 Documentary · Fakeotube by …

likes this

Watch the contrasts between real and staged – although I’m not convinced the real clips are real either.

Who do crisis actors smile during a time they’re supposed the be upset?

Why are real tears impossible to fake?

Why are real tears impossible to stop?

What real police protocols are violated in (this) INTEGRATED CAPSTONE EVENT?

  • The bubble – where the event takes place that no one can see
  • The hero – the guy that saves the day that isn’t the normal savior
  • The determined parent who breaks protocols to save the children

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Forget mass school shootings – there’s hardly even single shot shootings

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How many times per year does a gun go off in an American school?

We should know. But we don’t.

We were able to confirm just 11 reported incidents, either directly with schools or through media reports.…

Via [Infinite Plane Radio] “WILL THERE BE GUNS ON MARS?” INFINITE PLANE RADIO 5/26/22 @realtimozman… via @PodcastAddict

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Who buys the drinks?

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So who buys the pizza and water (refreshments). For all these parents of the school shooting? Do the police ? No not their job. Does the school? Not theirs either. Oh it’s DHS. It says so in the HSEEP DRILL PAPERWORK…

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