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OKC bombing was a controlled demolition psyop

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AC-Introducing Abyz

like this

Another great discord session, with new member/donor Abyz joining in to the ever-growing Audiochat.

Featuring Tom D, Typo, Ab, Justsayindude, the AC bot and Abyz

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Over 350 Passengers Canceled Their Reservations or Didn’t Show Up for the Hijacked 9/11 Flights

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I thought I linked to this post, but couldn’t find it.

911 blogger is acting up.

I grabbed it from the google cache and will upload it here for posterity.


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Titanic story pre-written

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I believe the Titanic myth was a big psyOp of the day – and Miles Mathis says it was pre-written. Call it predictive programming, I call it a script for a fake event. Reminds me of the pre-written Oklahoma City/McVeigh story.

If that isn’t weird enough for you, try this: Leo starred in Titanic, right? Well, a guy named Morgan Robertson wrote a book about the sinking of the Titanic 14 years before it happened. In his book Futility, or the Wreck of the Titan, Robertson had his ship crash into an iceberg 400 miles from Newfoundland in April around midnight. His ship was 800 ft. long, 3 propellers, 2 masts, 3000 capacity, British owned, and “unsinkable”. Since we now know the Titanic event was managed, we see how Robertson knew what would happen before it would happen. He was just setting the table.


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Revisiting the OK City bombing vicsims

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Simon and Sacredcowslayer do a good job revisiting the Oklahoma City bombing vicsims. Clearly a 9/11 trial run with all the same psyop components.….

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KHA40-Mind Control in Odd Places

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 K Ham Radio Episode #40


Date: June 25, 2015


Subjects include:

  • Tiger Woods and the US Open in Tacoma, Washington. Was it worth $200 a ticket?
  • Words we say

Does it matter?  Should we be checking our word usage every time we have a conversation? Adam Curry and John C Dvorak think we should.  Or are we just mind controlled by them?

  • Hoods, are they just mind control

A hood has a specific purpose in the movies; going incognito, turning on stealth mode.  In real life, you look guilty as heck if you wear a hood in public.  Could the use of hoods in the movies be a mind control technique for petty criminals to point themselves out or self identify to the authorities?

  • Alex Abella, and the RAND Corporation

Cuban born national, interviewed by Chris from Oklahoma, found on Alex is known for his Rand Corporation expose. What is going on with the Rand Corporation and all the information Alex Abella dug up on them?  Alex is the author of Soldiers of Reason: The RAND Corporation and the Rise of the American Empire.  The more I heard Alex talk the more I was convinced that this book was really a commercial, advertising the RAND Corporations services to those power brokers who hire companies like RAND to get their goals achieved. Peppered throughout Ale’s talk was double speak, reverse logic, meaningless slogans and odd titles of ideas all to confuse you.  Alex wanted to stop you from thinking the obvious: RAND Corporation is hired to conceive of and perform psychological operations.


The Third Offset Strategy

Alex Abella: Inside The RAND Corporation, from PrisonPlanet




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Audiochat – April 20, 2015

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Who? Sami, KHam

It’s blood sacrifice time. That means Waco, Columbine, Oklahoma city, Hitler, Boston bombing.

Telling noble lies for movies and book deals.


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On Hitler’s birthday: from deity to demon in a few short years

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All seems to be quiet on the most famous demon of the past 100 years’ birthday.…

He was man of the year in 1939 – in time magazine’s volume 33, number 1 edition no less!

It seems Hitler anniversary psyOps mainly lent themselves to Nazi sympathizers/home grown terror/militia/gun nuts events.

Of course Oklahoma City Bombing Hoax was the biggest in the past 20 years to occur on or right around this date.

The point of this post is to show how leaders are used or converted to actors of those that control the planet. How else can it be explained that one day they are promoted and the next they are pilloried? To wit, Qaddafi, Saddam, The Shah, to name a few biggies.

Clues: Major leaders are pretty much all actors?

As real as many Hitler fans wish him to be, it’s doubtful that Hitler was acting for the rebirth of the German nation any more than Clinton or Obama are on the peoples’ side. The business of leading has never changed.

An ill looking past actor memorializes in OK (always invoking the vicsims, their biggest and last illusion):

Zach with his numbers:

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Oklahoma City bombing 20th anniversary

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Chris from Oklahoma in stellar form on this call I must listen.

5 frames of footage say that nuclear bombs are a big lie.

Marsall McLuhan,The Nuke Hoax,Oklahoma City Bombing, The Final Jihad, Martin Keating, The Jesus Factor, Edwin Corley, JFK Assassination, JFK and Lincoln Comparison, Agenda 21, Ethanol, Jay Leno,Cash for Clunkers, Vietnam, Counter Culture Revolution, Stuart Brand, Dallas Goldbug, Government Authority, Sovereign Movement, Magna Carta, Constitution.

* Duration: 3:05h, Played: 51:58

* Published: 2015-04-06 8:31:46 PM

* Episode Download Link (64 MB):…

* Show Notes:…

* Episode Feed: Hoax Busters –…

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