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Show me some DNA, genes, or even a chromosome

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D.N.A. is the basis from which we are supposed to accept that it is the genesis from which all so-called ‘life-forms’ have developed and continue to do so. Thus the notion of entities called ‘genes’ was developed from the notion. These ‘entities’ (genes) are supposed to establish our ‘make-up’ from our direct progenitors and those before us.

General World Affairs • Re: THE DNA/RNA DECEIT….

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The Molecular Path to Shamanism | Watson, Crick and the Double-Helix Delusion

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GENETICIST JAMES WATSON AND FRANCIS CRICK, a molecular biologist, biophysicist, and neuroscientist by trade, conducted no DNA experiments of their own, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine. And yet in 1953, in the final few years leading up to the space race, they discovered the DNA molecule known as the Double Helix by “drawing upon the experimental results of others” and relying on “brilliant intuition, persistence, and luck.” But there is a missing ingredient here. As the story goes, Francis Crick burst through the front door of his Cambridge home spouting barely-legible gibberish to his wife about “two spirals twisting in opposite directions from one another.” Being herself somewhat of an artist, she put vision to paper. And like Walt Disney with Mickey Mouse, the coiling double helix was promptly born. To celebrate, the couple met up with research partner James Watson, and the trio drunk themselves silly at a local pub. It should be noted that Crick was a devoted fan of author Aldous Huxley. He famously threw nude parties throughout the 1950’s and 60’s. But most importantly of all, Crick was a devoted connoisseur of LSD.…

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The DNA double helix hoax

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Crick was an LSD popping, Aldous Huxley loving theorist who didn’t do one experiment to “discover” DNA.

His wife painted his hallucination.

He’s simply another scientistism character used to sell a myth.

H/t Jan Erik

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POP101: A primer on the future of planet Earth – Overpopulation is a myth

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Great website.

Perhaps the eugenicists should review it before they prick the population into a precipitous decline.

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The DNA deceit

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From Sharpstuff:

If you remove any substance from a ‘living’ organism it may be part of that original but immediately must become something else.

We cannot, then, therefore make any reference to it as a ‘part’ of the original (since the original is now also a part of the original and deplete of its ‘wholeness’ and the removed ‘part’ is now a separate entity). Any results of ‘experiments’ or studies upon the removed part can (in simple) only be a form of conjecture as to its part in the original .

If, for example, let us make an analogy, say, making a fruit cake. We may work from a known recipe or create one from any several parts, which we call ingredients. We take those ingredients and mix them into a bowl. Now we have a ‘dough’ comprised of the ingredients all mashed up, therefore not recognised as separate entities. We then place this into a cooking vessel (e.g. a cooking oven, or even an ice-box) and after a given period of time we are presented with a structure (comprised of the individual ingredients but now not recognisable as such) which we might say is a complete object we will call it a ‘cake’.

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Dig into Peter & Pete 

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SMJ and Ricky recommend this site. I’ll start watching – you can too and report back.

Since April 2015 and realising the Earth is not a globe, the channel has gone through significant changes and after researching numerous areas of science (especially chemistry) we’ve arrived at the conclusion that mainstream’s understanding of the natural world is fabricated; it’s literally made up with a plethora of information and contrived demonstrations that only attempt to convince people the understanding is true. So, through the education we receive to the food we eat, to the medicines we take, to th

Source: Peter & Pete – YouTube

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DNA hoax

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They came from Cambridge.

They can take an electron microscope “photo” of an atom, but not a picture of the much bigger DNA molecule?

QOR finds:

DNA, does it exist or not? Is it truth mixed with lies? If you read about it, there is a lot of big magical terminology like what is employed in the Western Medicine to make people feel dumb and then impressed. There probably is some code in our blood but why do we need to know this anyways? What good purpose can this serve? I can think of the nefarious purpose of convincing people to get their “DNA” in a government database. Also whenever these doctors suggest to do operations to remove body parts, the explanation is because according to your DNA test your genetics are predisposed to this disease or this cancer.

In this video they point out how the magical electron microscope is heavily used to sell DNA. You can put anything under the electron microscope and come up with whatever bullshit you want. I’ve used one in high school and it’s just like a microscope but using a lot of light. It’s just razzle dazzle and they cost a shitload of money.

You have to question this bullshit.

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Cybernetician eugenicists are rising

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Coronavirushoax has so very little to do with viruses.

Amazing Polly does some great research into the characters behind this maskolution.

Stop fiddling with your mask and pay attention.

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Is helium another military hoax?

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The appropriately numbered podcast is a Fakeologist’s delight.

It starts off with an astroNOT.

It has a sketchy origin story for helium’s discovery.

It’s taken over by the military.

It’s stored underground in its original rock, even though it’s impossible to contain.

Only one storage/source in the entire world.

It’s new price is now $119/unit (up from 65), as the government divests itself from its exclusive control.

It’s going to be harvested in the hotbed of fake resources (like uranium), Saskatchewan, Canada’s breadbasket.

Besides party balloons, it’s used by NASA and your super expensive healthcare industry (another industry rife with fakery and scams).

Like radioactivity and uranium, is there anything at all to helium, or is it something else that we have plenty of, disguised as a mythical occult gas?

@Smj and @jlb should en oy this puzzle.

#933: Find The Helium

2019-08-16 by NPR

Web player:

Helium is so special, and so rare, that the U.S. government once tried to buy it all up. And hide it. But the government’s helium stockpile is running low. And we need it for MRI machines and NASA rockets.

The reporter in this piece is clearly younger. Whatever you call the younger generation, millennials or Gen Y, their speech patterns are aggravating. Too many likes, uptalks, and giggles to take anything they say seriously.

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Future history

like this

Here’s a juicy oxymoron fakeologists can sink their teeth into.

A future history is a postulated history of the future and is used by authors of science fiction and other speculative fiction to construct a common background for fiction. Sometimes the author publishes a timeline of events in the history, while other times the reader can reconstruct the order of the stories from information provided therein.…

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