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Is Simon’s tychos model getting attention?

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When the Miles Mathis operation takes note of Mercury’s retrograde, and it explains it with charges and Solar Minimum/Maximum theory (bunk?), then perhaps has reached high enough to attract misdirection.

Maybe things are going to get more interesting with our nearly stationary earth.

Looking forward  to Simon’s response.

Apparently it’s a hot topic because Mercury’s retrograde is being blamed, among other ridiculous misdirection, for Fecesbook’s outage. Link

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Time for some “brain washing” and “small talk” to distract from the controlled demolition of the world.

Gabby a smear to….

This missing person story has been hyped all over the US press for the past week or so.… … 410170002/

The names scream pay-op to me:

Gabby Petito = Small Talk

Brian Laundrie = Brain Washing

Is murder mystery “small talk” being used for “brain washing” the general public? What could be the point of this nonsense?

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Eureka 17 second beep beep

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Simon still honing his 9/11 work.

I just realized today that I’ve never written here about a “eureka moment” that occurred to me several years ago.
As I released my September Clues movie back in 2008, I remember thinking that perhaps “Part E” of the movie was a bit weak: that’s the part where I show that a curious “bee-beep” audio cue (at various volume levels) was heard on all the TV networks. As I lined up and synched all the 9/11 broadcasts (CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX) on my video editing software, I had noticed that this audio cue occurred 17 seconds before the “shocking crash of Flight 175 crashing into WTC2”.….

Q is also the 17th letter, and we know this is important to the perps.

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FAK374-Simon Shack on the 20th anniversary of 9/11

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Happy 20th!

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From Simon


Ok folks, so here we are… 20 years ago, we were all traumatized by the “terror attack” which allegedly killed some 3000 people in the US of A.

Today, we are all traumatized by the invisible “terror virus” that has supposedly killed 4.5 million people around the world.

Yet, most people still fall for these blatant mega-psyops clearly designed to instill and uphold fear and anguish among the general public.

Of course, the difference between the 9-11 psyop and the Cov1d-19 psyop is that the latter has made a quantum leap in depriving people of their natural, ‘God-given’ liberties. In hindsight, we can now see that the 9-11 psyop (what with its subsequent ‘Patriot Act’ restrictions) was a mere test of the public’s gullibility – in preparation for the BIG ONE, i.e. the Cov1d-19 terror deception – which is now directly affecting the lives and livelihoods of all the inhabitants of this planet.

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Simon on The CORONAVIRUS circus

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I’d add that the Lombardy area is an industrial, air polluted valley where lung ailments are prevelant. These conditions are similar to Wuhan.….


In the autumn / winter of 2019 there was a massive, unprecedented antinfluenza-va€€ination campaign in Lombardy (and the surrounding Italian regions), with what was presented by the ISS (Italy’s Superior Health Institute) as a “BRAND NEW quadrivalent va€€ine”.

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BPM anyone?

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Great question from Simon.


Wouldn’t it make much more sense if these athletes kneeling down against racism would dedicate their gesture to REAL ASSASSINATIONS OF BLACK PEOPLE? (We all know by now that the alleged police-killing of “George Floyd” was an utter media hoax).


In the last few months, we have seen the BLACK PRESIDENTS of 4 nations dying (or being viciously attacked) in mysterious ways. We also know that EACH ONE OF THEM had refused to play along with the ongoing “Covid plandemic” – and had kicked their W.H.O. representatives out of their respective nations.

Just imagine for a minute if, instead of these 4 black presidents, Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden had been killed. Just imagine this for a minute, will you please? Thank you.

The whole question of “racism” is tainted with such massive and deep-rooted hypocrisy that I wouldn’t even know where to start…

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Another dead Anti-covaids President

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Even if it’s a death hoax, it’s the thought that counts.

Resist Big Harma at your peril.

Haiti’s president Jovenel Moïse had said “no thanks” to the WHO’s offer of “antiCovid” vaccines – questioning their safety.

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Clot shot

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Simon is one of my favorite posters.

We are living in dark & silly times – so I think that some dark & silly humor is perfectly timely & appropriate…

Here’s how I suggest we should start calling, from now on, ALL of the deadly “Anticovid” shots (courtesy of the Urban Dictionary) :

Worldwide media deceptions • Re: The CORONAVIRUS circus….

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About the flu shots of 2019

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Patient 0 for the Covaids hoax was everywhere there was a mass flu quaxxination campaign.

Now, on a more serious – and tragic – note, let me state what follows, ladies & gents:

You really don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out that the FLUSHOTS are the killers. This whole drama was triggered in late 2019, when massive flushot campaigns were carried out in specific world locations (for instance in Wuhan, Northern Italy, Iran, Israel and Spain – where the first and worst waves of “Covid” deaths occurred). We now have a repeat of this deadly drama (the “DELTA variant”), directly caused by the “AntiCovid” jab campaigns. Since the post-mortem autopsies carried out after both of those death waves (in 2020 and 2021) have FORENSICALLY PROVEN that these deaths were caused by bloodclots / thromboses/ brain hemmorhages, you would have to be an idiot (or a criminal) NOT to see the obvious connection. The flushots ARE the killers.

Worldwide media deceptions • Re: The CORONAVIRUS circus….

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