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Cartoon time

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Coronavirus, DNA, RNA, virus, bacteria.

I just entered the field (!) ‘Corona Virus’ into Google images. If anyone can explain how any of these have a possibility of being ‘real’, then please let me know.

Let us take a look.

The ‘Covid’ virus….

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You want a lockdown? Try a voluntary one

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The mayor of Criciúma (a city in the Brazilian State of Santa Catarina) has found a cure for lockdown devotees:

full link:…
Full link here.

Summary of the audio:
Many have asked me lately if I intend to declare a lockdown.
I have been saying, not if I can help it.
But you could allow essential activities, proponents say.
No, I say, all activities are essential. If you adopt adequate safety measures, there is no need for lockdown. We all need to continue working.
However, many people in the civil service keep telling me I have to declare a lockdown.
So, in response to their insistent pleas, I have decided to declare a lockdown.
Look: I am signing the municipal executive order now.
It´s executive order number 539. Hereby made public.
“Lockdown in the city of Criciúma”.
But there is one detail: it’s lockdown without remuneration.
If you don´t want to come to work, that´s all right.
If you want to protect yourself, great.
You may stay home, but you will not receive wages.
It´s easy to demand a lockdown when your fridge is full and your wages are guaranteed.
So, I am hereby declaring a voluntary lockdown.
Let´s get back to work, folks. It´s much better.


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There are no space satellites

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Now, to address your above-mentioned issues of attitude control, would you like to speculate (I know, neither you or I are rocket scientists – but give it a try!) as to exactly how this would be achieved for this “GAIA satellite” hat-shaped contraption? Can you see any which is depicted (with its fancy fold-out solar panels) on ESA’s official website as follows

Apollo, and more space hoaxes • Re: Satellites : general discussion and musings….

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The DNA deceit

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From Sharpstuff:

If you remove any substance from a ‘living’ organism it may be part of that original but immediately must become something else.

We cannot, then, therefore make any reference to it as a ‘part’ of the original (since the original is now also a part of the original and deplete of its ‘wholeness’ and the removed ‘part’ is now a separate entity). Any results of ‘experiments’ or studies upon the removed part can (in simple) only be a form of conjecture as to its part in the original .

If, for example, let us make an analogy, say, making a fruit cake. We may work from a known recipe or create one from any several parts, which we call ingredients. We take those ingredients and mix them into a bowl. Now we have a ‘dough’ comprised of the ingredients all mashed up, therefore not recognised as separate entities. We then place this into a cooking vessel (e.g. a cooking oven, or even an ice-box) and after a given period of time we are presented with a structure (comprised of the individual ingredients but now not recognisable as such) which we might say is a complete object we will call it a ‘cake’.

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Simon Shack state of the union

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From one of my favorite truthers and writers of all time.

Dear all,

From the perspective of, I dare say that 2020 has been the most ‘productive & awakening’ year ever. It has undeniably produced and awakened millions of people to the utterly crass and cynical antics of our lovely planet’s psychopathic rulers. As the incurable optimist that I am, I wish to apologize here and now to all gloom-ridden doomsday-sayers, in case my present words make them cringe. In any event, it can hardly be denied that the (incredibly silly) Moronavirus Scam has done wonders to lower the (sadly far-too-high) percentage of people – a.k.a. “normies” – who dismiss offhand all critical / alternative thinkers as “conspiracy theorists”.

Yes, I’m confident that what I like to call the Nutwork clowns (a.k.a. “the powers that shouldn’t be”) have grossly miscalculated this last psychological operation of theirs – as sold to the masses through their mainstream news channels. A strong indicator of this fact is that MOST people are not buying this Covid pandemic narrative. As of my personal survey studies, more than 70% – in Europe and the USA – are NOT willing to let their bodies be injected with the various proposed “Covid vaccine” concoctions. As much as I hate to sound like a preacher, I will nonetheless (from the bottom of my heart) solemnly ask the remaining 30% (i.e. those people apparently still willing to take some type of “Covid vaccine”) to reconsider: the very fate of humanity is at stake. Mind you, not because these “vaccines” are necessarily going to kill us all – but to go along with this game forced upon us by our governments is simply not a smart thing to do. Here in Italy, we call such people “Covidioti” (Covidiots) – and rightly so.

Lastly, I will just hope that we all manage to keep our spirits strong and high – since the Nutwork’s main plan is evidently to push dissenters into despair and depression.

So there. This was my humble yet sincere “state of the union address” for this 2020-2021 transition. May reason prevail.

And now:


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Beirut and Covid links

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Interesting find.

Beirut Explosion and the Virus?

What would the Virus have to do with this tragic explosion in the middle of Beirut?

Oh, nothing really, except perhaps that right across the epicenter of that explosion, runs Pasteur Steet and pretty much the closest building on Pasteur Street to the epicenter is the Coop d’état Pub.

Recently, on the 31. of July 2020, a comment was posted about that cozy Pub with a sunsymbol as its logo:

¨Coop d’état is a rooftop pub in the Gemmayze area, on Pasteur street, and a few km away from Martyr’s square in downtown Beirut.

Links:… … 35.5162787

Coop d’état – Roof?op chill

Btw. Coop = Cooperative coup d’état (?!)


Here’s the useless COVID test

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…at least in Brazil

For those who are interested in the Covid testing rationale (Rusty?), the PCR-phase of which was instrumental in creating the pandemic narrative, I have scanned the insert which accompanies the rapid antibody test kit adopted by the public health care authorities in my area:… … sp=sharing

Here is a list of kits cleared for use in Brazil:… … irect=true).

The above kit (which claims a specificity of nearly 100%) has no Portuguese-language insert for the benefit of the local health care workers administering it, but the website of the Ministry of Health (through ANVISA, the Brazilian equivalent of the FDA) has some interesting things to say about the purpose of rapid antibody testing:

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Medical terms we need

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Sharpstuff is on the tip of the spear when it comes to figuring out the nature of illness. via Clues


I am posting this in Chatbox as I would hesitate to de-rail any ongoing topics. Please feel free to delete this or, repost, if you think it worthwhile.



Firstly, the definitions (from Cambridge Dictionaries) :


Adjective: especially of a disease or a condition, regularly found and very common among a particular group or in a particular area.


Noun: the appearance of a particular disease in a large number of people at the same time.


Adjective: (of a disease) existing in almost all of an area or in almost all of a group of people, animals, or plants.

In all, the bad, the worse and the worst.


Noun: a combination of medical problems that shows the existence of a particular disease or mental condition

It appears, then, that all these terms are related to ‘diseases’ of some kind.

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