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Is Simon Parkes and co. Q disinfo?

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Has anything he’s said come true? Are his view counts real or engineered?

He’s talking nuclear, so that on its face is complete bs.… via bitslide

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David Icke called upon again

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David’s been doing some good truth work lately. He’ll never be able to shed his reptilian crazy talk snake skin, as it’s being written into to the latest psyop hoax.

He needs a video now to recant the reptile talk and get in with covaids busting.

Most prominent among them were his ramblings about a so-called “lizard or reptilian” plot. Warner believed that shape-shifting lizard-like monsters were taking on human form, with their sinister goal being world domination.

Nashville bomber feared ‘lizard people’ conspiracy, hunted aliens: Report…

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Always falls back to 9/11

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The myth is always called upon in times of distraction.

Assisted in the clandestine travel to Afghanistan of 10 of the 12 terrorists who carried out the September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States.

MSM link

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Is YouTube the ultimate truth arbiter?

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Is YouTube doing the ultimate truth evaluation? Is their ongoing, widespread censoring campaign actually helping the real fakeologists like us?

Are they only serving up videos that pose no threat to the nutwork? Are they inadvertently showing us what is disinformation and therefore not harmful to the nutwork and eliminating all true truth information?

If so can we therefore conclude that Mandela effect, Flat Earth, 911 disinfo that’s on YouTube right now is all disinfo and therefore should be ignored?

If so, we owe them a debt of gratitude for inadvertently sorting the wheat from the chaff.

Here’s an old 911 truth chestnut video. Clearly it’s safe from asking the real questions about 9/11 and that is why it continues on YouTube to this day.

Thank you Google to for sorting all this out for us.

Speaking of building 7, did anyone officially “die” in building 7?

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TAL attacks the deniers

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One of the top podcasts elevates Sandy Hoax super LARPer Lenny to hero denier fighter. It’s a sickening piece of internet tripe led by slurmaster Ira Glass. The second part by creepy Jon Ronson is equally slanderous of super conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. It’s impossible to tell the fiction from the made up background.

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Great AA shrillcast analysis 

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Gaia spends way more time on this than it’s worth, but he did a great job. 

I have had discussions with quite some people who also listened to the Proper Gander podcast series, both the 220 “sane” ones and the about 15 “insane” ones at the end. From that, and AAMorris’s own words, I basically see three options:
1 – a mental breakdown
2 – a professional shill
3 – a piece of performance art

Comment on A Proper Glance at the Proper Gander Podcast by gaiassphere…

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An Assault by ‘Miles Mathis’! – Allan C. Weisbecker

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The Miles vs. everybody, including Allan W, continues. Truther drama is the best way to describe it.

Those of you who are familiar with the web persona known as ‘Miles Mathis’ are probably aware of my Open Letter to Miles Mathis from a while back, which outs ‘him’ as a committee of spooks, likely out of the Tavistock Institute in Britain. Well, old ‘Miles’ has mentioned me (and not too kindly) a couple times in past essays on his site, but I hadn’t realized the impact I’ve had on the psy op until a few days ago when one of you alerted me to a MM post that demonstrates how upset they are about my exposés.

Source: An Assault by ‘Miles Mathis’! – Allan C. Weisbecker

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Fake crowds are cheaper than you think

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The power of the fake person, multiplied! Curator Karen Patterson puts a fake outsider artist in the museum and artist David Levine puts on a museum show about the fake crowd. We hear from a 1937 radio play that featured both Orson Welles and the first fake crowd ever broadcast on the radio. And backstage on our Radiotopia live tour, your host turns to fellow ‘topes Roman Mars and Helen Zaltzman for help deciphering an unexpected laugh. PLUS!!!! The long awaited return of ToE’s original extra

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Neil deGrasse Tyson – a 9/11 shill

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More proof that NGT is nothing more than a lie-n-tist who’s put before us to promote psYops and hoaxes.

Last year, on the tenth anniversary of the events of 9/11, StarTalk Radio produced a special episode about that fateful day. Here’s how Neil deGrasse Tyson starts the episode: “…I lived three and a half blocks from what would later be known as Ground Zero. I was home that morning, and the entire series of… View Article

Source: Years Later… Neil deGrasse Tyson Measures the Magnitude of 9/11


His blog

h/t @Notsofreemason via

Anyone ever notice that anyone, especially media types, that lived in NYC around 9/11, is a firsthand eyewitness or has a story about 9/11? This is similar to anyone who’s lived anywhere near Germany around WW2 is a holocaust survivor. No matter how tenuous a link, the media can find and magnify victimhood.

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