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Suspicious case of drunk driving

like this

This case smells like bad fish.

This of course is the time of year that people drink to excess and many still drive.

It’s therefore a good idea to stage collisions to scare the pants off people who don’t get the message.

This case seems real from the photos, but the biggest tip we have a staged event is the increasingly ubiquitous publication ban. There’s only one reason in an open society to have such a ban: to hide a phony court case and not have to provide a detailed story.

Otherwise we may as well be in a backwards third world tin pot dictatorship where justice is not seen to be meted out.

The man accused of killing two 19-year-old pedestrians in an impaired driving crash in Scarborough wiped away tears and appeared emotional as he was denied bail in court Monday evening, less than 24 hours after the crash. Michael Johnson, 40, of Pickering, mostly kept his head bowed down in his hands throughout his lengthy bail hearing in a Scarborough courtroom. At times, he could be seen breathing heavily, his body shaking, before Justice Thomas Cleary made his ruling. Bail is typically denied in ca

Source: Pickering man accused of killing two 19-year-old pedestrians in impaired driving crash is denied bail |

It’s good to check the players – and since no lawyers are mentioned, let’s check the judge, Justice Thomas Cleary.

This screen shot shows he’s paid plenty. I didn’t know judging paid so well.

Google really doesn’t have much record of the judge. Is this normal for there to be next to no record of any trials over the years?

There’s only one other suspicious trial from a few years ago that comes up.

Having the case involve international students (and there are plenty here propping up our university system) allows the perps to leave the vicsim stories undeveloped and unsupported, since no family members are going to be here.

Johnson was brought into court in handcuffs, wearing a black jacket, dark blue pants and black shoes, his hair clean and short.

About a dozen people were in the audience for the hearing. One woman, seated with Johnson’s family, could be seen sobbing throughout.

As the judge read his decision, one family member put her hands over her mouth. Another fell to her knees in tears.

As is typical, a publication ban was imposed on the information introduced during the proceeding.

I thought if one was detained in our system, you didn’t get to wear your own clothes. An orange jump suit is the usual garb.

9 charges, other small clues indicating hoaxery.

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Beware of 3:30

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Clearly the most dangerous time to be on the road.

Either this story is real or

  • End of budget year, time to replace older cars
  • Scene is beside police repair center
  • Reports of 6 police cars wrecked to stop the car?
  • 33 is hoax code

I passed this scene on the way to work – they even have a road closed sign all set up. Handy for police to have that!…

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Coded vegan story

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Not sure why exactly raw fruits and vegetables and bresst milk would lead to malnutrition, but his story has some hoax code numerology.

Problem is we have a video arraignment.

Could this one be real?

Old lady Leary kept a lantern in her bed…

The toddler who died Sept. 27 in the care of his parents, Ryan and Sheila O’Leary, weighed 17 pounds, police reports indicate. His diet was supplemented with breast milk.…

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Falling air conditioners

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Something smells here.

She was our little angel

A community in Scarborough gathered on Saturday afternoon to mourn the loss of a young girl who died in hospital after she was struck by an air conditioning unit that fell eight storeys off the side of a city-owned apartment building last week.…

Crystal Mirogho, 2, died in hospital after being struck by an air conditioner unit that fell from the window of a city-owned apartment building in Scarborough. (CTV News Toronto)

face size/blurry

Update: GoFundMe goes from 11 to 33,000$.

Afghan Presidebt releases a statement.

The public housing system, of which this building is part of, is in a constant state of disrepair, including problematic air conditioner mountings.

Could this be the event required to get more public money?

Another classic problem/reaction/solution psyop.

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Checking for tears

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This story is emerging large in the Toronto media. This, by fakeology definition, is enough to raise doubt.

Are we watching reality or LARPing?

I’ve watched the first two minutes of this mother, and only saw smiles from the male to her side and an absence of tears from her.

Duping delight @ 1:25?


The mother of Devan Bracci-Selvey, who died Monday, hasn’t slept since that morning. She’s afraid if she closes her eyes she’ll have to relive her 14-year-old son’s stabbing.

On Monday afternoon, Devan was attacked in front of his mother outside Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School in Hamilton’s east end. The teen boy later died in hospital.…

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Real bridge collapse?

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The 9/11 collapse videos were fake, and so was that old Taiwanese plane over the highway crash. How’s about this one?

An oil tanker’s front wheels had almost reached safety when Taiwan’s Nanfang’ao Bridge toppled into the waterway, and the scary moment was caught on several CCTV cameras. Rescue operations are currently underway.

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Counting down the days

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Discord is popular. We use it here.

Gamers and apparent murderers, terrorists, and neo Nazis use it.

Could something be in the works for Discord? (who owns/makes money from it anyway?)

Here’s a story that took over Toronto today.

“I’ve just slaughtered my entire family, and will most likely spend life in jail if i manage to survive,” a user going by the name Menhaz posted to Discord, software used by hundreds of millions of gamers around the world to communicate online.…

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Crossbow delivery

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Not much to see here, as usual.

Peel Regional Police said Monday that, in November, a 44-year-old woman answered her door to the supposed delivery man who was carrying a large…

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Man murdered at Pickering recreational centre

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9/11 hoax code in this story.

I did drive by the area today, and did see the police with their flashing lights at the scene.

Drill/practice time?

Notice how to fairly irrelevant story items are brought in to get our favorite numbers in?

As usual, everyone is anonymous. No need for sim creation.

An unidentified man was killed at the Pickering Recreation Complex in a Sunday morning shooting that sent dog walkers in the area fleeing. Durham Regional Police rushed to Valley Farm Rd. in the Kingston-Brock Rds. area at about 6:30 a.m after receiving calls about shots being fired. “There were a bunch of shots fired — about nine, I think, if you look at the (police) markers — and there were two men and then they were gone,” said a witness, who requested anonymity. The man said he was walking his dog when the shots were fired.“I started to run dragging my dog to get behind a building,” the witness added. “A stray bullet can go a long way. It’s unnerving and something you don’t expect in your neighbourhood. I have an 11-month-old.”

Source: Man murdered at Pickering recreational centre | Toronto Sun

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Suicide is real, but is this story?

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My brother in law killed him self, the same way the lead singer from a Boston allegedly did. Suicide is therefore real to me.

This story seems extreme – two suicides in one immediate family? Identification by tatoo?

“I talked to her at seven o’clock at night. She sounded absolutely fine, as fine as she could. She said she loved me and I told her I loved her. She called back to talk with her kids, but (the) kids were at their dad. At 8:30, she had jumped off the bridge,” Wannamaker said.

At 4 a.m. the next morning, the police showed up at Bonnie’s house with the news. Nicole was identified by a tattoo that she had.…

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