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Update: This story says it’s real, but I’m still not convinced.

Update: Until a fakeologist sets foot in the airport, upon review this is likely photoshopped. The sentiment is sound, however.


Medical apartheid in Vancouver, BC.

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More false idols and possible controlled opposition to deal with in the Covaids psyOp.


Telegram group of author

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If I read of another 33 year old…

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Any chance this is a real person? If so, a real story? I’m leaning towards sim atrocity propaganda, research if you can. This is an info war like no other.

So, probably not one of the brightest after all.

I have to admit, I thought really didn’t think there would be so much schadenfreude to be found in repeated incidents of relatively young people dropping dead long before their time, but then, I had no idea how obnoxious some of those who fell for the vaccination lies were capable of being.

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Mailvox: miscarriages skyrocket

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They wouldn’t be pushing their fake vaccines so hard if they weren’t horrifically bad for you. Don’t even hesitate to walk away from your job or cut ties with family members rather than submit to it. It may sound like hyperbole, but it’s genuinely possible that the continued existence of the human race literally depends on those who refuse to submit to the wickedness.…

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PCR is NOT a test 

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The FDA has allowed so called RT-PCR testing under the pretense that it’s effective for virus detection. It has been given emergency use authorization, which is set to run out in December 2021. Okay, what will take its place, or will this whole hoax come to an end?

Source: FDA Stopping Emergency Authorized PCR Tests? Not Approved In Canada Either – Canuck Law

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Arrest all CDC decision makers

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Vox says

There is absolutely no science supporting vaccinating children against Covid and a vast mountain of logic against it:

They’re risking mass heart attacks and sterilization in order to reduce a mortality rate of zero. This goes well beyond stupidity and insanity, it’s pure and unmitigated evil. The CDC should be shut down and all of its employees arrested and prosecuted for medical malpractice and manslaughter.

Of course, 33s and 11s make up their vital stats.

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I’m Afridi I don’t believe this story

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In light of the world Quaxxination program, this is a great 9/11- quaxx story.…

But what about the episode, also depicted in the film, in which CIA agents recruited a local doctor to manufacture and carry out a fake hepatitis B vaccination scheme to get more information on whether the terror leader was hidden in the suspected compound?…

What is known is that the doctor did not fare well, as Aikins details. He was disappeared by the ISI, allegedly tortured, then handed back to the civilian authorities to stand trial. He was sentenced to 33 years in prison.

Also check here…

The Obama Administration has promised that the Central Intelligence Agency will never again have its spies pretend to be doing vaccinations overseas.


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