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The virus myth

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YumNaturals Emporium Amandha Vollmer, [12/4/2021 10:30 AM]
1) The idea of viruses existence was created after observation of bacteria. Some of them died, and there were small elements that were called “phages” because it was thought they were responsible for the “death” of the bacteria.

2) “Phages” is from the Greek ?????? (phagein) meaning “to devour”. In reality these phages were small elements that indeed form when bacteria does not get enough nutrients, or has to process toxic materials. Phages are not the cause of the death of the bacteria, but its way of survival.

3) Since there were “bacterio-phages” or “bacteriological viruses”, or so the first virologists believed at least, it couldn’t and wouldn’t be different for that viruses in human cells. This is a non sequitur (a logical fallacy “it does not follow”), but it was the basic hypothesis.

4) However, these are and remain hypotheses because “viruses” have never been photographed in isolated form or biochemically demonstrated at once from the “isolate”. This has been a legal fact since the Oberlandesgericht (German higher court) of Stuttgart (verdict 16 Feb 2016-12 U 63/15)

5) The reason we do think viruses exist is because the academic community, based on what they think what a virus should look like, given the false analogy with the model of the “phages”, constructs these viruses themselves based on pieces of previously described genetic information, and store them in a database.

6) These genome descriptions, i.e. are not based on direct observations, but on a conceptual model that exists completely virtually in the heads of virologists, and through consensus process certain genetic sequences are attributed.

7) Real science, however, does not work through consensus, but through control experiments. These experiments not yet been done yet, and even the scientific institutes that are legally obliged to implement them have not yet implemented them.

Dr. Lanka did have it done at its own expense, and it shows that the hypothetical factor “virus” cannot be responsible for the death of those cells. They also die without the so-called “virus” being given.

9) This is deliberately kept silent, for obvious reasons. Researchers who come up with results that contradict the consensus are excommunicated, and their findings are completely ignored and, despite a court ruling, banned from the news.

10) Finally, the PCR test used to test people for the “virus” is unscientific because they are adjusted in such a way that no, multiple or many positive cases will be demonstrated depending on the number of times the test cycle is restored.

This is the short summary of what Dr. Lanka says:

One more thing to add to this is a horrific aspect, and that is the suffering of animal. All that people think they know about the alleged “infection” diseases come from animals testing.

To cause the effect that one wants to see (the results of a so-called “infection”), they are indescribable atrocities done to animals, of which I will spare you the details. Read the article for that.

If this still makes any sense – namely to isolate the virus as a cause of illness – there is still a conclusion somewhere that can be drawn. But even here, every control experiment is missing!

Conclusion: until today, there is no scientific evidence that viruses make people (or animals) sick.


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Hopium for type 1s

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A miracle therapy for the tsunami of victims of the Covaids injection who will likely have their pancreas, among other vital organs, destroyed, making them chronic, highly dependent customers.

Modern day alchemy.

I am very skeptical of turning lead into gold, because it’s always an illusion and of course impossible.

Let’s see if it can be duplicated.

These stories of hope are rarely true and are never followed up on. Why?

How about finding out what kills off end vascular tissue like the pancreas?

Ironically, my suspicion is it comes from the contents a syringe.

We wouldn’t need the cure if we stopped the poisoning.

A new treatment using stem cells that produce insulin has surprised experts and given them hope for the 1.5 million Americans living with the disease.

The company will not announce a price for its diabetes treatment until it is approved. But it is likely to be expensive. Like other companies, Vertex has enraged patients with high prices for drugs that are difficult and expensive to make.…

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How We Really Get Sick

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Amandha has a blog that you should bookmark.

To assume that you’ve caught a random organism floating in the air is a mythical idea – it is a superstition. It comes from the superstitious background of demonology in believing that if people get sick that demons or spirits have entered them and taken them over and that they are bad people. This belief has just altered slightly with its causation, but the same mechanism.…

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Plot clot shot

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Latest amateur stats from the unreliable and underreported VAERS shows 1/200 get the clot shot. This number makes sense based on my own informal surveys.

Are you up for those odds? They’ll only get worse as time goes by and they get more blood thirsty.

h/t Topochico

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Recycled history in Germany: Unvaccinated unwelcome

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You’re wondering what the German on that shop window says, aren’t you? It says, “UNVACCINATED UNWELCOME!” It’s a familiar message here in Germany. Some of you might remember it from the 1930s, although it referred to a different group of people back then ……

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UK data shows the vaccines are NOT saving any lives at all. Zero. Zip. Nada.

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Steve has a $3 million dollar reward for proof that VAERS stats are NOT 1/41st of the likely totals.

Mathew Crawford just did an analysis showing that the data from the UK shows that the vaccines aren’t saving any lives at all. Zero. Zip. Nada. So we’re killing over 150K people to save no lives. Wow.…

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Bring proof you want to die

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This is one mandate that makes sense.

Anyone wishing to be euthanized now has to first present proof of vaccination or recovery from Covid, as per the new guidelines issued by Germany’s euthanasia association.…

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Contagion and infection are different and non interchangeable words

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The most common question people ask when confronted for the first time with the information that ‘germs’ are not the cause of disease is: If it isn’t a germ, then what is it? This question is clearly based on the idea that there is a single identifiable causal agent for each disease; but it is an erroneous idea.…

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Good moronic virus coverage

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Another month, another phony contagion.

[No Agenda] 1403: “In Silico” @adamcurry… via @PodcastAddict

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