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War brings reset 

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Don’t wish for war there, because it will make life difficult here.

Folks, understand one thing about the US getting involved in an actual shooting war with anyone. You immediately will have no semi-conductor anything, zero lithium batteries for anything at all from electric cars to cellphones, 75% or better of the pharmaceuticals in common use will disappear instantly, finding tires will be nearly impossible, automotive and machine parts, specifically wear parts such as bearings will all become unobtanium and more.  Even something as simple as a circuit breaker for your h

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Main idea behind destroying powerful nations in favor of One World Order

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Why Germany, now the USA, and next China cannot be allowed to get too powerful.

It’s international communism that the controllers of the USA let happen in WW2.

WW2 was not about destroying Jews.


Is there something America didn’t like about themselves that its leaders saw in Germany?…

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Appeasement: the shocking truth about the 1938 Munich Agreement

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I always enjoy alternative history, because it often makes more sense than any official story.

With escalating tensions between Russia and the west, we keep hearing about Munich and about Appeasement that led to World War II. But the truth of those events has remained widely misunderstood. As one meme going around in the social media says, “If the news are fake, imagine how bad history is!” To avoid sleepwalking into another great war, it is essential that we understand what really happened in 1938. Prepare, it is nothing like they taught us in school.…

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Where’s this movie? Eisenhower’s Death Camps

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CALL IT callousness, call it reprisal, call it a policy of hostile neglect: a million Germans taken prisoner by Eisenhower’s armies died in captivity after the surrender.…

Movie: Hellstorm

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Was Baghdad Bob Iraqi or even in Baghdad?

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I don’t think there’s any proof that Saddam was in Iraq during this time either.

This is some great footage to analyze and look for clues of Hellywood and fakery.

There’s no proof any of it was recorded in Iraq.

The sound effects sound completely out of place. Velocet does a better job.

The embedded reporter idea is absurd.

The video quality looks like the very degraded 911 “live” footage.

Love the references to the gold bathroom fixtures. Reminds us of Mr. Trump.

We are told that the Pentagon and Centcom were getting all their information from the embedded Fox news reporter. Does this make any sense to anyone at all?

Enjoy the fakery.


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We’re in a 5GW war with China, and we’re losing

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Not cellular frequencies.

As an example… first, the Chinese immigrated to the country I was assigned. Over time, this built a small base of support to operate. Then the “businessmen”, criminals, and intel started operating. Chinese organized crime had the country divided into operating sectors. Human trafficking, theft, smuggling, indentured servitude, probably drugs were some of their operations. One tactic they used was to buy small “mom and pop” shops. Then use those shops to sell the stolen merchandise (food, household goods, etc…) they were using local proxies to steal from warehouses and trucks, profits fund their operations. These stores are in almost every small town/city and were used as little intel hubs…

Mailvox: the southern front…

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