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Vicsims of war

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Rebooting an old thread.

ARE MILITARY CASUALTIES SIMULATED? – Cluesforum—Exposing Mass Deception

We have seen how the alleged 9/11 victims were fictitious/simulated entities made up out of thin air – and entirely crafted in the digital domain with facial morphing softwares (today readily available to consumers) such as this. This discovery has led me to ask myself: so what about the US military casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan – and other war zones? Could they possibly also be – at least partly – simulated ? This will of course sound like an extreme, “unthinkable” supposition. Well, I have finally brought myself (to be sure, this takes some serious courage!) to take a deeper look into this issue – and have recently found a great resource to work with:…

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They faked it all

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Stephen Wells, Fakeologist.…

They faked Climate Change. They faked it so completely that Harvard University physics graduates are deluded into believing that a cold atmosphere can increase the temperature of a warmer surface. The whole concept of a Greenhouse Effect, nothing more than a pseudoscientific con from which millions of scientists, including those skeptical of the most alarmist claims, are sucked into.

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The Lincoln civil war hoax

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Surprise! It was about a usurious 40% tax on the southern producing states that lived in harmony with blacks and Lincoln wanted nothing to do with blacks in the north.


The Perfect Triangle 124

2022-12-17 by Speak Free Radio

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Episode 124 : ?? * To download this show directly as an mp3 click the Play in new window link above. RSS feed for this podcast series is:…

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The War of Terror hoax

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Corbett does some very good documentaries, this one is no exception.

Remember, pick and choose what truthtellers material you agree with and promote, and form your own collage of truth.

Discounting everyone wholesale will only isolate you on your own tiny island.

False Flags: The Secret History of Al Qaeda – Part 3: The War of Terror

2022-09-11 by (The Corbett Report)

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Waged on fictitious grounds against a shadow enemy

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, the great military campaign of the 21st century was not a war on terror at all. It was a war of terror, a pretext for the construction of an international security grid in the name of fighting a bogeyman that never existed in the first place. And by that metric, the war of terror was successful beyond its planners’ wildest dreams. . . .

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Fake war for corporate land

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Part of the terms of the 17bb IMF bailout after the 2014 Ukraine coup was to dissolve farm inheritance/ownership rules.

Now the corporations can take over the land with their GMOs.

Ukraine Agrees To Monsanto Land Grab For $17 Billion IMF Loan

The new conquerors are corporations owned by the black nobility – funded with your tax dollars.


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FAK581-Monika Schaefer

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Greetings. On the 17th of June 2016, I went through a door. I released a short video on a taboo subject. The video is called “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust”. A few days later I released the German edition entitled “Entschuldigung Mama, ich hatte Unrecht was den Holocaust betrifft”. The purpose of this blog is to chronicle life

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