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Ep56-Lenon Sherman Honor

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ep56-911 Mind Control with Lenon Honor

Showtime: Saturday, August 17, 2013 7pm EDT

Two of my favorite topics wrapped up into one: 9/11 and PsyOps. This is what your reality is all about! Continue reading


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Showtime: Saturday, May 25, 2013 9:11pm

9/11 youtuber Rollo, the week’s psyOps. We may even take the odd call from my new listeners, the youtube shills! Not sure if they work weekends, though.

Opening audio:

Predicting the next PsyOp

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On last night’s radio program, Ep39-More Boston Marathon Hoax | radio.abirato.info, we discussed drills, and how they were an integral part of the military media hoaxes. With that in mind, we decided to be on the lookout for the next advertised drill, and get ready for the next big psyOp, or drill that goes live.

The first simulated test of a terrorist attack on a nuclear power plant was a success, federal officials said on Friday of the event that was coincidentally scheduled a day after the Boston Marathon bombing on Monday.

via First terror drill at U.S. nuclear plant a success: officials – Yahoo! News.

Haskell Indian Nations University will hold an “active shooter” drill on May 1 to practice safety procedures to be used in a campus shooting.

Haskell University to conduct campus shooting drill May 1 / LJWorld.com

Make sure you listen to last night’s show. We had 6 very diverse callers on at once – all with some pretty fascinating opinions of Boston and other “events”.

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Demand-A-Plan! Demand Celebrities Go F*ck Themselves~ – YouTube

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Demand-A-Plan! Demand Celebrities Go F*ck Themselves~ – YouTube.

Oh hypocrisy thy name is Hollywood celeb-u-tard. Could it be more obvious how these actors must sell their souls to be in their positions? The psychic driving of the various psyop events is dramatic and endless.

Original video:



Reagan Assassination attempt

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Chaos outside the Washington Hilton Hotel afte...

Chaos outside the Washington Hilton Hotel after the assassination attempt on President Reagan. James Brady and Thomas Delahanty lie wounded on the ground. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wanted to do a little research on the Reagan/Brady shooting to spice up my Friday night. Not surprisingly, most of the interesting info turned up here:

Reagan Assassination Attempt, US 1981 • Cluesforum.info cluesforum.info/viewtopic.php?…

Many anomalies to contend with, not the least of which is whether John Hinckley Jr. exists

James Brady in August 2006

James Brady in August 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

or is a sim. My guess is they used an influential Bush friend family (if that’s true even) to prevent questions and investigations. It seems Brady was a model for the Giffords acting job. Lack of blood, strategic positioning of gun prop by his head. I was leaning towards Reagan being shot by his secret service protector who pushed him into the car, but now I don’t see any reason for him (or anyone else) to have been shot. Like JFK, I doubt anyone was injured in the making of the made for TV movie. Frank Reynolds and Sam Donaldson were completely over the top in their dramatic presentation. The purpose of all this fakery is simple fear mongering and anxiety inducement. Create laws to make order out of chaos.

Now I’ll watch some more Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory Season 3 to really get my fear factor up.

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Another odd story

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Once more, not easy to see why this would be fake, but there are just too many references to known fake events that make this seem like another hero removed from the sim-story. This simply saves future questions from being asked of him.

Superstorm Sandy lifeguard who saved lives drowns in Puerto Rico   thestar.com