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AIDS and cancer WTF?

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Just when you thought the AIDS Hoax couldn’t get any stranger, now they mix it with cancer and get some bizarre stories. I don’t believe any of it, and fear this is getting people farther and farther away from understanding what cancer really easy. 3000 Americans, we are told, die each day of cancer (usually its treatment). I just buried a co-worker last week who was diagnosed with liver cancer. He eschewed most allopathic treatment, for better or for worse.

On the heel of the news that the HIV/AIDS virus is being used a possible cure for cancer, we now have a cure for cancer possible curing HIV/AIDS.

Researchers presented two cases of presumed HIV “cure” at the International AIDS Society in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

via HIV/AIDS patients “cured” by bone marrow transplants.

h/t Banazir

AIDS myth back in news

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Every now and then you get a story like this essentially telling you that the media is used to deceive. For us media fakery promoters, it’s clear that the message IS being told, but many are choosing to ignore it.

“We lowered ourselves to yellow journalism. My publicist told me, ‘Sex, death, glamour, and, best of all, he is a foreigner, that would be the icing on the cake,’” said Shilts’ editor, Michael Denneny, in an interview. “That was the only way we could get them to pay attention.”

via AIDS: The truth about Patient Zero | Toronto Star.

AIDS – Scam, Psyop or just misunderstood?

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A pretty fascinating audio on the disease called AIDS.

Has the disease been solved? Why is it suddenly out of the media? What’s Magic Johnson’s health like? Where did he go? Was he just a non-homosexual (black) representative to give us the impression that anybody can get this disease?

This could be a very complex psyop. The lack of information in 2012 leads me to believe this “disease” is a psyop that’s run its course. Its usefulness to scare the hell out of people has ended.

Progressive Commentary Hour – 031212 – Celia Farber – YouTube.

Of course cluesforum has a lhread on this: http://www.cluesforum.info/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=1455&hilit=aids