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Beirut was no ANFO bomb

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Strategic relocation and controlled demolition.

This was Beirut’s 9/11 – and they’ll get a new, foreign owned port out of it.

Your donations will help pay for all the relocations of the people living in and around the demo area that were probably moved out days or weeks before.

I am not a demolitions expert. I don’t know much about fertilizer. But I know when I smell bullshit coming from the American media. Funny how they try to sell us the plausibility of an explosion like Beirut’s from just ammonium nitrate.

Source: Death By Miracle-Gro? – Piece of Mindful

Beirut and Covid links

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Interesting find.

Beirut Explosion and the Virus?

What would the Virus have to do with this tragic explosion in the middle of Beirut?

Oh, nothing really, except perhaps that right across the epicenter of that explosion, runs Pasteur Steet and pretty much the closest building on Pasteur Street to the epicenter is the Coop d’état Pub.

Recently, on the 31. of July 2020, a comment was posted about that cozy Pub with a sunsymbol as its logo:

¨Coop d’état is a rooftop pub in the Gemmayze area, on Pasteur street, and a few km away from Martyr’s square in downtown Beirut.


www.google.com/maps/place/Coop… … 35.5162787

Btw. Coop = Cooperative coup d’état (?!)

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Strategic demolition and relocation Beirut style

like this

I don’t know the timeline, but I’m sure whatever blew up was standing in the way of planned redevelopment. I’m sure a few pesky neighbors and stakeholders were causing troubles too.

None of this will happen in a global technocracy.

Dar Al-Handasah – Work – Beirut Port Rehabilitation and Extension


Looks like the Chinese (Anglo American proxy) will need to move in and take over the port expansion and operation, now that everything has been ruined.

“We have no choice but to resort to B.O.T. to rehabilitate and operate our port. I don’t see any reason why we can’t seek the help of China for example. China is interested in operating Beirut Port. Either this or we seek the help of the private sector better known as Public-Private-Partnership,” he explained.