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Chris Kendall, a real Mike Wallace

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Chris does what everyone who has a chance should be doing: make public officials, who have been subjugated by a tiny tyranny of fear directors, answer real questions.

Advice to Chris: always speak with confidence. Never let these professional PR people put you down. Give yourself a title and wear it proudly. How about Chris Kendall of HBCJ in Lawson, OK? (Hoaxbusterscall.com citizen journalism). Tell them you don’t want to go to the website,  you want to speak to the person in charge.

Everyone should support Chris in getting real answers anyway they can.

I made a few calls to the “authorities” to ask them a few questions about the drills in coordination with the Charleston church shooting. Do you really think that this is the first time that these people have heard about this drill?Here’s an article about Federal agency response to the Charleston shooting….nodisinfo.com/hard-absolute-pr…………..Here’s a link to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers drill schedule……