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Weasel word of the day: Presumptive 

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Coronahoax 2020 has brought words to the public that I guarantee they’ve never used or even heard of before.

Weasel words is a fakeologist term given to any words that deliberately and probably legally skirt the truth. They mean whatever comes after them are words or a concept that you can choose to believe, if you’re so gullible.

1: based on probability or presumption the presumptive nominee 2: giving grounds for reasonable opinion or belief

Source: Presumptive | Definition of Presumptive by Merriam-Webster


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We go over the Corona Virus Hoax 2020 – and it takes a while.

With a huge cast of (mostly Australian as usual) characters, not in order:

Ab, Geris, Exoterick, Ashellooo, Yossarian, Velocet, John le Bon, Rollie Quaid, JamieManwoody, Willose,Beevie, Whey Farer

Dismantling the virus theory

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Corona investigators should be asking not if Corona can kill you and everyone around – but does it exist at all? Does the virus theory make any sense at all?


h/t Clues

Cluesforum thread on topic

Mrs. Fakeologist isn’t happy

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Toronto and area libraries are closed for two weeks. Link

My wife, my world’s biggest bookworm, is not happy.

She will be recycle reading her own collection during this severe interruption to her routine.

This, of course, is a main goal of world wide psyOps. Reset people’s routines, perceptions, and write new laws to guide them in the future towards a central, and dangerous, control.

My favorite LARPer on Corona

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He didn’t say much during his stage trial but now he can’t shut up.

All celebrity cards on deck for this big Hawk

All that’s left on amazon.ca

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The virus may be a hoax but the run on toilet paper is still real here in canuckistan.

The only bumwad left is getting terrible reviews, as could be expected.

RUIMING President Donald Trump Toilet Paper Roll Novelty Political Humor Funny Gift Roll Gag Prank Joke www.amazon.ca/dp/B07TXHRG4H/re…

The (NY) government will protect you

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Screw alleged gougers Amazon and GOJO, Cuomo will get his prisoners to make you Corona killing hand sanitizers. All for the low low price of 65¢ an hour! We can compete with China!

Cuomo said his plan was in response to “price gouging” of customers who are desperate for such products to help protect them against COVID-19, the disease caused by novel coronavirus. “To Purell and Mr. Amazon and Mr. eBay, if you continue the price gouging we will introduce our product which is superior to your product,” Cuomo said.


You can’t make this stuff up.

Meanwhile, the NY / county government didn’t do anything to prevent my food poisoning while eating an avacado salad in a Buffalo last Sunday. I lost a day of work and still don’t feel right, also enduring a week of Covid jokes.