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War on Epidemics

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Great list of the reasons for the Ebola hoax.

“In any major covert op, there are always multiple objectives and levels of opportunity, and they are not wasted. The interesting thing is, 99.99% of the players who benefit don’t even realize the whole thing is a planned op.” (The Magician Awakes, Jon Rappoport)

This is not a complete list of benefits from the Ebola op. However, it does cover a significant amount of territory.

via The Ebola covert op: 30 answers to “who benefits?” « Jon Rappoport’s Blog.

Ebola – a media event – AIDS 2.0

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Salient points from a fairly dry video. The bottom line is people are dying in Africa, but for reasons that are twisted or fabricated by your military media. Africans are afraid of being treated by modern medicine – should you be too?

  • ebola is patented by the US Government. Only the CDC and WHO can talk about it, since independent scientists cannot research it
  • only front line workers in the health care industry can report on mass casualties. So far there have been none
  • virus comes front the latin poison
  • death by medicine is not a joke – it is real
  • Africans have history of being guinea pigs for vaccines (with 200x the dose)
  • viri don’t cause disease
  • proven causes of diseases: intoxications (chemical,radiological), overdose of bacteria in anaerobic environment (dead tissue), injuries, malnutrition, biological special programs,
  • director of CDC is former member of the E)pidemic I)ntelligence S)ervice – medical biological agents

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