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LARPER Smart isn’t such a smart story

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Oh how I was engrossed in the made-for-TV Larry King live show Elizabeth Smart saga of the 90s.

It was such a perfect crime, with endless, unbelievable twists, that I was totally sucked in.

Never in a million years would I ever suspect it of being fake – but it was!

9/11 has taught me that you can fool the whole world with a movie, with a little cooperation from the MSM and a few LIVE graphics placed on the screen.

A kidnapping LARP event would be a piece of cake.

Here’s Miles to help blow it apart – and another Smart case I’ve not followed.

Today, all of 24 hours later, we find that Elizabeth Smart is also back in the news, again pushing the men-are-pigs project. She is the one allegedly kidnapped and repeatedly raped by fellow Mormons in 2002. She is now claiming some guy groped her on an airplane last summer. So why are we just hearing about it now, some seven months later? We are told she filed a report with the airline at the time, but that is pretty hard to believe. If so, it should have made headlines then. This story, like the older ones, makes no sense.


That Smarts

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A traumatic event, another story that seemed off and full of holes, a foundation, a speaking tour, occultist numbers, wall to wall coverage on CNN when it dominated. All the characteristics of a psyOp. Now there’s a book – can a movie be far behind (perhaps there was a made-for-TV one I missed)?

Elizabeth Smart Speaks About Overcoming Trauma

Elizabeth Smart Speaks About Overcoming Trauma (Photo credit: KOMUnews)

Elizabeth Smart, kidnapped as teen in Utah for nine months, recounts horrific ordeal in new memoir

SALT LAKE CITY — Minutes after 14-year-old Elizabeth Smart was snatched from her bedroom in the dead of night, a police cruiser idled by along a neighborhood street as she was forced to the ground at knifepoint. “Move and I will kill you!” her captor hissed.

It was one of several fleeting times Smart watched a rescue slip away during her nine-month ordeal, she recounts in “My Story,” a 308-page book being released by St. Martin’s Press on Monday.

via Elizabeth Smart, kidnapped as teen in Utah for nine months, recounts horrific ordeal in new memoir | National Post.

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