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Who is Justice Ian Nordheimer?

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I’m still convinced that most or all of the Ford scandal is a hoax psyop. Who are the players in this story? Are they real, or are they actors, or sims?

A quick google search of the judge Justice Ian Nordheimer doesn’t reveal much. Is he a sim or a very quiet judge? Whatever story his name pops up seems questionable, if not totally fake, at best.

Toronto has been hoaxed and psyOped it seems for a long time now. So much for thinking we were any different from the rest of the world, or America.

A Superior Court judge became one of a handful of people Tuesday to see a video showing Mayor Rob Ford smoking what appears to be crack cocaine.

But Justice Ian Nordheimer said he will reserve his decision about whether alleged gang member Muhammad Khattak and his lawyers can watch the video until a later date.

via Justice Ian Nordheimer views Rob Ford ‘crack video’ | Toronto Star.


Here’s a profile of the Judge – with a photo from 1988. No pictures of this guy for 25 years?

Here’s a psyOp cliche phrase:

“He’s extremely fair and he’s also got a really good sense of humour,” Clewley said.



77 seconds of Ford

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Another highly degraded video showing “proof” the Toronto mayor is a _____. Fill in the blank. What camera takes video this poorly in 2013?

Their occultist numbers are all you need to know that this is a stage show. Whether it’s real or fabricated, you’re watching a show while the till is being cleaned out.

In this profanity-laden, 77-second video, Ford is seen pacing about the dining room of a house, threatening death to an unnamed enemy. A person off-camera, who is encouraging Ford’s behaviour, tells him to wait until “after the by-election,” an apparent reference to the by-election Ford wanted the city to hold to replace departed deputy mayor Doug Holyday.

Video: bcove.me/1q0ci1qr

via Rob Ford caught on video in violent rant | Toronto Star.

Ford scandal – distraction or real?

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The world-wide Ford media event has grown far bigger than it deserves to. Is it:

  • a real event, and the mayor really has a drug problem
  • a distraction, so that legislation can be passed and frauds can be ignored safely by the media (Ontario was recently defrauded of $1 billion for unbuilt gas plants
  • a public masonic humiliation of Rob Ford by Police Chief Master Mason of Ontario Bill Blair? (here’s a link to a possible music version of this:  vigilantcitizen.com/musicbusin…)
  • all of the above
  • none of the above

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is negotiating with police through his lawyer for a private showing of the video that apparently shows him smoking crack cocaine.

via Ford’s lawyer seeks to sway police to give private viewing of crack video – The Globe and Mail.

There is so much more to this story. On the surface, it is a charade. Figuring out what it’s really about is a far more difficult task.

Who is Rob Ford?

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The bergs of Toronto want to know if they are watching an act out of a play or if something real is going on. The question was asked in my email box,

Can take a look at what Ford is wearing….is this a masonic thing?

That is just the Chain of Office.
But if you look closely, it is Templar/Masonic in the engravings of the city of Toronto medallion and the one above it.

Now obviously he isn’t going to say each medallion is Templar/Masonic, so one has to know the truth to the symbols used in each medallion and their origins in order to see it. You might not find the compass and square out in the open but the other symbols, like the Templar Maltese crosses, Zoroastrian engravings, Hermetic engravings, Latin and the use of other deeper meaning symbols are there.

He’s in on it for sure.
If not, he slipped through the cracks and they are forcing him out any which way possible.
But slipping through the cracks seems tough to believe with Ford, considering his background, upbringing, Notre Dame, Carleton…
The guy is a son of a man who built a 100 million dollar company. So I think he is in on it, but he’s just too damn dumb to complete the job given….not that you have to be a rocket scientist. But David Miller before him, was definitely a mason, a semi-heavy hitter when you do the detective work. So all in all Ford is probably more of a liability for the overlords than they initially thought, so they are creating profit because there is no news like bad news, in trying to cancel him out. These little psyops are probably generating enough revenue for a little nest egg for him, not that he needs it…the rich little spud.

Here is another example of some outside fitting, inside hugging by the masons.
Slightly less than halfway down the page you will see Chavez arguing with King Juan Carlos and Aznar. Yet in reality they are all allies.

Who is Toronto Police Chief William Blair?

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After watching the above linked video of our police chief, I tend to agree that him getting involved in this affair and commenting on the mayor brings his integrity and role in this smear/fakery into question. Why is a chief commenting on a video that no-one can verify, on a mayor who hasn’t been charged with any crime?

Just who is this guy? What is his role? This is the second suspicious event he’s been part of – the first one being the Sammy Yatin streetcar hoax, that Johnny C. and I tried to deconstruct earlier. http://fakeologist.com/wp-admin/edit-tags.php?action=edit&taxonomy=post_tag&tag_ID=191

Robin Fisher will help me deconstruct his role and the Toronto police’s role in keeping Toronto at the forefront of psyOps.


Toronto video mayor “scandal”

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The country of Canada is being paralysed by this latest “capital of Canada” media event.

Johnny C and I are both looking at this event with 9/11 media fakery glasses. It’s clear to me that the much of the implicating imagery is fake.

That fact is quickly being ignored and pushed aside in the court of public opinion. The mayor has not been charged with anything in any court. Like the mayor or not, this is case of how a powerful media can be used to manipulate a situation.

The Toronto mayor is more of a symbolic rather than powerful position, unlike American cities. Since Ford could easily be real due to this fact, it’s a testament to his internal fortitude that he would put up with such a Fabian-style war against his character.

The question then becomes who is pushing this fake video? Is the Toronto police chief an active player or an unwitting dupe? Lots of questions with few answers. A major distraction that has fakery roots.

Toronto Star reporter on Ford video scandal | Watch the video – Yahoo News Canada.