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Stern on Ford

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Listening (still) to the King of Radio who got me into 9/11. Howard Stern is a leading instrument (although he likes to play stupid, but he’s clearly highly intelligent) in psychic driving all the psyOps. His 9/11 show on 9/11/2001 was THE radio coverage of the day, and he did his best to reinforce the official story. I’ll put more examples up later of his constant reinforcing of the psyOps of the day.

On his 11/19/13 show, he played a Matt Lauer interview with Rob Ford, asking if Rob Ford would be fit to lead the city while binging on crack, if, get this, a terrorist attack occurred.

Meet Martin(e), satellite radio inventor

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…and transgender transhuman. This entity appeared bizarre and unbelievable even when I was asleep back in 2006 when I heard it speak on the Stern show. Of course now that I realize the deception that is NASA and satellites does this entity make complete sense. Throw in some of social engineering nonsense and you have one complete and busy entity of deception and psyOp hoax.

Martine Aliana Rothblatt Ph.D, MBA, J.D. (born 1954 as Martin Rothblatt) is an American lawyer, author, and entrepreneur. Rothblatt graduated from UCLA with a combined law and MBA degree in 1981, then began work in Washington, D.C., first in the field of communication satellite law, and eventually in life sciences projects like the Human Genome Project. She is currently the founder and CEO of United Therapeutics and in 2007 was the second-most highly compensated executive in the District of Columbia.[1]

Rothblatt left college after two years and traveled throughout Europe, Turkey, Iran, Kenya and the Seychelles. It was at the NASAtracking station in the Seychelles, during the summer of 1974, that she had her epiphany to unite the world via satellite communications. She then returned to UCLA, graduating summa cum laude in communication studies with a thesis on international direct broadcast satellites.

In 1994, she underwent sex reassignment surgery and changed her name to Martine Aliana Rothblatt. She has since become a vocal advocate of transgenderism.[3]

via Martine Rothblatt – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Martine invented Satellite Radio in the early 80s when satellite dishes for TV took up half of your backyard.  Martine somehow got the car satellite antenna down to the size of a matchbook.  Visit our site to see what Martine has accomplished and what exciting projects are coming up in the next 20 years.  It reads like a Sci-Fi movie!