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The body is a complete system

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Peter Sharpen is by far the sharpest knife in the health drawer. I love his writing and brain.

I have been looking into the notion of autophagy. It seems to me that it is a very complicated way of saying what I have been intoning since the beginning; it is that the body is self-healing.

Allow me to make an observation. Take your average butter, for example (not the fake ones or margarines). It is churned from milk. That milk is what they called ‘pasteurised’ after Louis Pasteur (an entrepreneur chemist, not a biologist). It is no longer natural milk and is therefore compromised. It does not take long to ‘go off’, as they say and becomes unusable and certainly not healthy. In contrast, if you buy butter that is unpasteurised (cru in French and available in France but difficult to find elsewhere, I believe) I can leave this upon my counter-top (in a glass dish!) for months and nothing will happen to it. Bread, in France is also made from sun-dried flour and lasts (on the counter top) for weeks without going rancid. The green mould one sees on products is merely the milk attempting to heal itself until it returns to the ‘earth’, so to speak…Bechamp’s ‘microzymas’, if you will.

The so-called ‘science’ of autophagy is merely a way of maintaining the notion that the body is made of various types of ‘cell’, which are regarded as separate entities. They are not, until you remove them from the body (even that would be in doubt), subsequently changing from what we call a living ‘living’ thing to a ‘dead’ thing. Self-healing is automatic (as it were) and is only part, as I keep saying, of a continuous process. Removing a bit of tissue and putting it under a microscope (having added any sort of ‘fixing’ to be able to view it) removes its real meaning and presents us with nothing that was ‘real’ in the first place (separate from other cells).

For example, if you have a bowl of water, remove a drop with a pipette and place it onto a glass slide and look at it, there is no way you can deduce that the bowl of water is made up of individual drops.

With biological living forms, which are continuous, pulling them apart will never explain anything in real terms.

Parts of the body require (of course) wear out, as it were, that is the process of life forms. They, as part of the whole process, are then dispensed with, usually without let or hindrance and you don’t notice.

As if have constantly said before (and I am not claiming special rights of knowledge of any esoteric nature), if our terrain is compromised (lack of sunlight, unsuitable nourishment, for example), including injury and poisonous substances for that particular individual, the body will simply get rid of it as fast as it can by pustules, vomiting, diarrhoea or any other means possible. The fact that a number of people may have similar ‘symptoms’ is because a general lack of a decent ‘diet’ (for whatever reasons) and or lack of decent atmospheric circumstances. This is what we call ‘dis-ease’ (note the hyphen please) and is complicated by various fancy names which make them separate, when in fact (so far as I believe, anyway) they are variations on a theme. In other words, we all react to our environment in different ways determined by how we can (or cannot) maintain our terrain.

None of this is ‘rocket’ science it is the failure of the K.I.S.S. principle.

The present notion seems to be, so far as health, is concerned at least, only to over-complicate possibly simple continuous processes which we attempt to understand. Anything else is a vested interest; at least in my view.

Be well.

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