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Trumping a plane conspiracy

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Trump tends to foul conspiracy research, being a dabbling 9/11 truther and all.

This Iranian speculation helps make me quite sure that we’re dealing with a fake event.

If the President, the “most powerful man on earth” can’t know, then he’s confirming there certainly is no way you can know.

Speaking to reporters in Washington on Thursday, U.S. President Donald Trump said he has “suspicions” about the cause of the crash.

“I have my suspicions. I don’t want to say anything because other people have their suspicions also,” he said.

Trump says he has ‘suspicions’ about Iran plane crash amid reports of missile strike globalnews.ca/news/6388127/ira…

The Iran nuke deception

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At 1:13:00 Adam explains the Iran deception. The “nuke” deal is a total distraction (as nukes don’t exist) from the reality of including and excluding different countries from doing business with Iran.

A deception using fear for money. The oldest trick in the book!



* Show Notes: 569.nashownotes.com/

While you’re at it, go to 2:24:00 of the podcast, and here the many anomalies of the Sandy Hoax Report. I don’t normally go deep into the rabbit holes of these psyOps, but there are some very important “confessions” in the “evidence” that essentially tell you that the whole event is a hoax, and let the perps off the legal hook.