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Tsunami in Japan 2011 – Shocking video – YouTube

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Alan from conspiracyqueries.com asked me about this “new” video. My first reaction is that I doubt it on two counts without looking at it.

The first count is the word “new” or “recently discovered”. The likelihood of any video or audio being lost or locked in a vault for years is highly doubtful. No one is going to sit on video or audio that is “hot” in the news. It makes no sense. Like the story of Michael Jackson and Freddy Mercury having a “lost” tape that is suddenly found.  Too coincidental, and frankly, commercial.

The most likely explanation for both is that through rapidly improving technology and those that can use it, new video creations and audio compilations are made. The “lost” aspect is a marketing gimmick to incite demand. In short, it’s propaganda, and it works.

The second count is that the Japan earthquake/tsunami/nuclear meltdown was a major psyOp. Therefore all media related to this event can be assumed fake until proven otherwise. Cluesforum.info has an excellent thread here: cluesforum.info/viewtopic.php?… where they’ve completely destroyed the media fakery.

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