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The sun never lies

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Drawing attention to the Zapruder film by re-releasing it as HD may not have been the best idea if they wanted to keep the myth alive. Not with Simon’s eagle fakery eyes.

Here’s the whole post:


I don’t think this will come as ‘shocking news’ to any readers of this forum – but I thought it was about time to conclusively expose the fakeness of the Zapruder clip, once and for all – in an incontrovertible manner and beyond appeal. Half a century of public belief in that piece of phony ‘footage’ is, in my mind, an amazing achievement by whoever put together the Zapruder fraud – so let’s be gentlemanly and recognize that those Zapruder fakers did a pretty good job, after all. We may only wonder why they chose a Russian jew, Abraham Zapruder, to play the role of the alleged “amateur videographer” who purportedly shot this short clip – which has fooled the world for 50-odd years…

As always, I’ll keep it simple – and will present only two animated gifs extracted from the Zapruder clip. The two of them are, in fact, all we need to establish the artificial nature of these universally (in)famous 27 seconds of ‘footage’.

By the end of the clip, we see the limousine passing between a foreground lamp post – and a backdrop which features a row of parked cars – and a skinny running man. But forget that odd-looking running man for now. What we need to focus on is that foreground lamp post, and how it remains perfectly aligned with the cabin of that pick-up van parked many yards behind it. This, in spite of the ‘cameraman’ performing a panning shot, which means he is moving his camera from left to right, as he follows the limousine. This total absence of parallax motion (between the foreground lamp post and the backdrop pick-up van) will simply not happen in the real world, and betrays / demonstrates the limits of 1960’s imagery compositing technology, which of course couldn’t properly simulate real world, 3-D environments: 

source: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cZCHE… 

THE IMPOSSIBLE SHADOWS (the conclusive proof) 
If the sun in Dealey Plaza that day was in the upper right corner of the cameraman’s view (as ALL the shadows of bystanders and trees in the initial part of the clip clearly suggest), then these shadows should be consistent throughout the 27 second clip. The dead giveaway proving – beyond any shadow of doubt – that the ‘Zapruder film’ is fake comes in the very last part of the clip, where we see two individuals projecting shadows totally inconsistent with those seen in the initial part of the clip. The sun NEVER lies :

(Please do copy and diffuse the above animated gif far and wide. I claim NO copyrights to it!)

And this is my final take on the Zapruder clip: There is ONLY ONE rational explanation for these two individuals to cast entirely different shadows than those cast by the other people featured in this imagery: the Zapruder clip is a fake. It’s case closed. The long-debated Zapruder clip is a fraud – and there is no reason to believe that “parts of it” is real. It is a fraud from start to finish.

JFK was, most likely, never actually killed – but just removed from the scene to generate a global trauma amongst the world population which, a few years later, were to be fooled once again with the fairy tale of the Apollo program – and its six, successive & successful “moon landings” – an outlandish feat which JFK, with his charismatic speeches, had prepared everyone’s belief systems to accept. To be sure, MOST people of this planet bought into the alleged Apollo moon landings – and even today, a great many folks still believe in them. Let us never forget that it was JFK who paved the way to the public acceptance of the very silly moon landing hoaxes.

JFK Zapruder: a proven fake • Cluesforum.info.

Hoaxbusters on JFK

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Chris talks about JFK.

Myself, Jan Erik and Markus discuss the hubbub surrounding the John F. Kennedy persona 50 years and 3 days ago to analyse it from the Media Fakery angle.

We also discuss the power structure and “The Third Wave” by Alvin Toffler,



Origins of Conspiracy Theory

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This term didn’t appear by accident – it was contrived to help corral critical thinkers into a pen they may not have wanted to be associated with. John and Tom discuss a Cass Sunstein document on the topic.


On this edition of The Realist Report, we’ll be joined once again by Tom in Connecticut. Tom and I will be discussing Cass Sunstein’s 2008 public policy paper entitled “Conspiracy Theories” and other issues relating to psychological and information warfare.

via John Friend’s Blog: Search results for cass.

JFK’s secret society

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Our friend Chris breaks down the JFK speech. JFK, an actor, was clearly trying to distract people away from the fact that he himself was part of the secret society that he was warning against.

JFK: PsyOp Thread

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JFK Was in the minority of the population. IMA...

JFK Was in the minority of the population. IMAGINE if he had stooped so low to suggest that the SACRED RIGHT OF AMERICANS TO VOTE was an issue? (Photo credit: roberthuffstutter)

Time for a post to list your favorite problems with the JFK Hoax.

Chris and Markus talked about a few on a past Hoaxbusters call:

  1. Motorcycle cop seen riding in some imagery beside Presidential limo missing from Zapruder film
  2. Lack of crowd and disproportionate person size in backdrop on grass behind limo in Zapruder film
  3. Lack of blood on Jackie’s pink dress (which is apparently to be quarantined for another 100 years)

Those are just a few problems with the JFK hoax. Whether they are there by accident or deliberate, my stand is that the entire JFK event was a psyOp. JFK may or may not have died in or around that day, but it was not in Dealey plaza as we were shown.

Our radio interview with Culto:


JFK thread on LRF: letsrollforums.com/jfk-murder-…;

More JFK:fakeologist.com/tag/jfk-hoax/

More JFK:fakeologist.com/category/jrmlk…

From www.cluesforum.info/viewtopic…., Hoi starts the clues thread:

9/11 has taught us a lot about how many levels of conspiracy are created around every major event, in order to control the dialogue.

Therefore, in order to break out of the old JFK theories which may ALL be artificial constructions, let us propose something 9/11-like that might have been going on during the 60’s.

The Zapruder film is not only a known fake – it is a proven fake. True, it was released far after people were clamoring for information, but this is an argument for a few different things that may be going on.


Jean Hill (left), Mary Moorman (right) as capt...

Jean Hill (left), Mary Moorman (right) as captured in Frame 298 of the Zapruder film, just less than one second before the fatal head shot. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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FAK030-JFK Fakery

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Holland (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

Already turning into one of my favorite broadcasts:

Ep30-JFK Fakery | fakeologist.com.

What a cool guest we had, Culto. This guy knows his psyOp stuff. We even doubled down on Dutch with guest caller Pierce (who will guest next week).

No wonder us Canadians were happy to liberate Holland from Hitler (or did we…)

As per usual, our main audio server went down. As of Mar 3, 2013, it’s still down. Apparently they didn’t pay their bills. So no live streaming of past shows for now.

Update 1851h: Stream now online!

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FAK030:JFK Fakery

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Intro Music: